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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Friday, September 16, 2016

Kevin McCarthy & The Death of Free Elections in America

Government of, by and for the Oligarchs

  • The corrupt open borders Wall Street Oligarchs spent $5.7 million to protect GOP House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy from primary opponents with near zero cash to spend. Even though his opponents were broke McCarthy could only rack up 55% of the vote.
  • Election Reform  -  Voters no longer have any representation in our own government. Local voters are given the "right" to select which bought and paid for candidate of the Billionaire Cartels will represent them. No more than that.
  • Until we have true election reform in the House such as proportional representation we the people will have next to zero voice in our own government.

(KERO 23 ABC News)  -  The website opensecrets.org reports Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R) has raised $6.7 million for his re-election campaign for California's 23rd District.
The report says numbers are current as of June 30th and shows McCarthy has spent $5.7 million on the campaign and has almost $3 million cash on hand.
The website says $2.8 million has come from PAC contributions and $1.12 million from large contributions. Another $2.77 million was classified under "Other".
Goldman Sachs was listed as the top contributor with $72,800 given to the McCarthy campaign, according to the website. Microsoft Corp and Koch Industries are also listed as national companies that have contributed at least $20,000.
McCarthy's opponent, Wendy Reed (D), has raised $30,097 for her campaign, according to the website. Reed has spent $20,494 and has $9,603 cash on hand.

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Like almost all members of Congress, Kevin McCarthy's
cash (above) comes from special interest groups outside his district
looking to buy Congressmen for their own ends. Local
voters have no meaning to the Elites.

Kevin McCarthy's California 23rd Congressional District

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