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Friday, April 22, 2016

Trump won 50% of Hispanic vote in New York

Hispanics For Trump

  • With each election the "moderate" GOP has been losing the Hispanic vote by ever wider margins.  But these "geniuses" lecture us that Trump will fail to win Hispanics.  We will see.

(Washington Times)  -  Despite calling for a “big, beautiful” wall at the Southern border (which Mexico will pay for), the deportation of all illegal immigrants, and labeling some Mexicans rapists and drug dealers, businessman Donald Trump won more than half of the GOP Hispanic vote in New York City, according to exit polls.
Mr. Trump won the Soundview, Castle Hill area in the Bronx with 100 percent of the vote, according to the New York Times vote tracker. That area has a relatively diverse population, primarily consisting of blacks and Latin Americans. In the Jackson Heights, Queens, area where many Hispanics reside, Mr. Trump won precincts ranging from 41 percent of the vote, to 87 percent of the vote, with most precincts clocking in above 60 percent for Mr. Trump.
All told, in areas with at least a 50 percent Hispanic population, Mr. Trump won 61 percent of the vote within the city, according to the New York Times vote tracker. It’s an unexpected victory to many political pundits and establishment Republicans who were sure, Mr. Trump would repeal the Hispanic vote through his bombastic statements and immigration plan.

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