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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Russia to begin airstrikes against ISIS

Putin - Fighting Islamic Terror

  • As Dear Leader Obama endlessly gazes at himself in the mirror reports are coming in that the Russian military will start to bomb ISIS.  Hell, someone has to do it.
  • Maybe between the Russians and the Kurds we can kill off ISIS.

(Ynet News)  -  Russia has begun its military intervention in Syria, deploying an aerial contingent to a permanent Syrian base, in order to launch attacks against ISIS and Islamist rebels; US stays silent.

Russian fighter pilots are expected to begin arriving in Syria in the coming days, and will fly their Russian air force fighter jets and attack helicopters against ISIS and rebel-aligned targets within the failing state.

According to Western diplomats, a Russian expeditionary force has already arrived in Syria and set up camp in an Assad-controlled airbase. The base is said to be in area surrounding Damascus, and will serve, for all intents and purposes, as a Russian forward operating base.

In the coming weeks thousands of Russian military personnel are set to touch down in Syria, including advisors, instructors, logistics personnel, technical personnel, members of the aerial protection division, and the pilots who will operate the aircraft. 

Vladimir Putin taking a horseback ride in the Karatash area.
God I can't help myself from posting these Putin photos when we have
such a prissy little prick in the White House,

Past reports have stated that the Russians were in talks to sell the Syrians a package of MiG-29 fighter jets, and Yak-130 trainer jets (which can also serve as attack aircraft.) The current makeup of the expeditionary force is still unknown, but there is no doubt that Russian pilots flying combat missions in Syrian skies will definitely change the existing dynamics in the Middle East.

The Russians do not harbor offensive intentions towards Israel or other sovereign states in the area, and their main stated goal is battling ISIS and preserving Assad's rule. However, their presence will represent a challenge to the Israeli Air Force's freedom of operation in the skies above the Middle East.

Western diplomatic sources recently reported that a series of negotiations had been held between the Russians and the Iranians, mainly focusing on ISIS and the threat it poses to the Assad regime. The infamous Iranian Quds Force commander Major General Qasem Soleimani recently visited Moscow in the framework of these talks. As a result the Russians and the Iranians reached a strategic decision: Make any effort necessary to preserve Assad's seat of power, so that Syria may act as a barrier, and prevent the spread of ISIS and Islamist backed militias into the former Soviet Islamic republics.

The Russians are not the only ones coordinating their Middle East policy with the Iranians; The US has also jumped aboard that train. American government officials have been holding intensive consultations with representatives of the Iranian regime concerning a stronger joint effort against ISIS in Iraq. It seems that the US government currently views Iran as a central and necessary force in the campaign against ISIS within Iraq.

The Iranian-American cooperation is focused on two focal points: The first being Anbar province, where the Iraqis have thus far failed to expel ISIS; and the second Mosul, where the Iraqis have yet to come up with a feasible plan to recapture the city.

Western diplomatic sources have emphasized that the Obama administration is fully aware of the Russian intent to intervene directly in Syria, but has yet to issue any reaction. 

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Russian Navy Sukhoi Su 33


Anonymous said...

Once again, Obama will be going for another ILLEGAL Regime change. It won't work this time and HOPEFULLY we'll be seeing less ISIS and Obama will leave in shame!

Syria, like Libya should be left alone! They've done nothing to us in the USA / Canada.

Phuck the New World Order and the Western Mainstream Lying Media.

I am not a traitor.. I am a human being as are the people of Syria.

Fix things Putin.. we're too brainwashed in the West to stand up to the Devil!

Gary said...

Civil wars are nasty things. Just look at how much was left of the American South after our war.

But the U.S. does not need to be shipping arms into Syria. The peoples of the Middle East have proven they can kill each other without our help.