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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MORE open borders urged for illegal alien Muslims

Open Borders and Abortion

  • My Theory  -  Leftists and many, many so-called "Conservatives" hate their own culture and religion.  That is why abortion and birth control is funded for the native born population.  The policy of open borders is not just for cheap labor, but also to replace the native population being aborted with compliant aliens.  The issues of "Liberal guilt" and cheap labor are both resolved.

(Euronews)  -  EU nations must stand together in tackling the migrant crisis and provide a safe haven for those fleeing war and oppression.

That was the message from French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Monday as he visited the northern port of Calais, itself a migration hot-spot where thousands seeking to cross the Channel to Britain are living in deplorable conditions.

“The whole of Europe is concerned by this crisis of exceptional gravity,” Valls told a news conference in the town.

“It must get its act together. There must be close cooperation between the European Commission and member states as well as candidate members.”

“We need to go even further,” added European Commission First Vice-President
Frans Timmermans, also visiting Calais along with Dimitris Avramopoulos, the European Commissioner for Migration.

“We need a permanent mechanism for the distribution of asylum seekers, what is called resettlement, that we can activate every time there is a crisis, not under normal circumstances but when there is a crisis.”

The European Commission used the news conference to announce extra funds of
up to five million more euros for France, partly for a new migrant camp for around 1,500 people to be built at Calais, with more humane conditions.

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Hungry's fence to keep out illegal alien Muslims.
There are some Christians in the flow, but the aliens come from nations that are 90% to 100% Muslim.  Just do the numbers.

France lectures Hungary on border fence
Hungary pisses off the Leftists of Europe by 
putting up a border fence.

(Euronews)  -  Hungary’s foreign minister has summoned the French ambassador after the French foreign minister’s criticism of Hungary’s so-called anti-migrant fence.
Laurent Fabius said Hungary did not “respect the common values of Europe” by erecting barriers at its border.
The meeting was scheduled to begin on Monday (August 31) as more than 2,500 refugees and migrants on board a ship from the Greek island of Lesbos arrived in Piraeus port near Athens.
Meanwhile, several people broke free from a Hungarian refugee camp near the Serbian border over the weekend. Police detained three of them.
In all, since January, 140,000 people, including a large number of Syrians, Iraqis or Afghans fleeing war, crossed the border.
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Must See Video
Illegal alien Muslims pour into Europe

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius slams Hungary's 'migrant fence'   

And the importation of Muslims goes
on and on and on.

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