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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The GOP runs away from spending cuts

The House GOP punts the ball to the Democrats . . . again.

#1)  The Democrats are totally insane Marxists who should be in padded cells.

#2)  Republicans prove yet again they are totally incapable of any meaningful action of any kind.

By Gary;

Once again the Republican Party avoided any hard budget choices and punted the ball to the Democrats.

The Republican controlled House of Representatives on Thursday approved a plan to halt automatic spending cuts and protect military budgets next year by pretending to cut government funded social programs.
Passed on a mostly party-line vote of 218-199, the Republican plan would partially offset $97.6 billion in automatic cuts in fiscal 2013 and shrink deficits by $242.8 billion over 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

"We're controlling runaway, unchecked spending," said liar Republican leader Paul Ryan.

TRANSLATION  -   $242 Billion in "cuts" over ten years.  That is a tiny $24 Billion in cuts per year in a budget bleeding money in the trillions of dollars.
The U.S. is bankrupt right now.  We need real spending cuts right now.  Not tiny, pretend spending cuts spread over a decade.  But the GOP can't bring themselves to act.  

Sixteen Republicans joined Democrats in opposing the measure, which is set to bog down in the U.S. Senate, where Democrats have control. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has vowed not to consider replacing the cuts until Republicans show willingness to mix some new revenues with spending cuts.

In a seperate bill approved on Thursday by a 247-163, a vote sets fiscal 2013 spending for the Justice Department, commerce agencies and NASA and other science-related agencies at $51.1 billion.  A "massive" spending cut of only $1.6 billion below the year-ago level was adopted.

Calvin Coolidge Republicans  -  The hard facts are the GOP has not cut Federal spending since Calvin Coolidge in the 1920s.

Republicans since Coolidge signed on to the Marxist re-distribution of wealth model of American politics where you tax the producers of society and share that wealth with voters who have "needs".  To boil it down.  You take the money and use it to buy votes every two years.  And when you lack the cash then push the country deeper into debt or print the money to buy those votes.

Today the Coolidge Republicans are long dead and buried.  Instead the party is filled with neo-Socialists who defend to the death every possible government spending program.

The end of America is near.  There is no hope with the insane Marxist Democrats.  This is the hour of the Republican Party.  Will they act?

(Chicago Tribune)

No Republican administration has cut Federal spending since Calvin Coolidge in
the 1920s.  Instead the GOP has gone down the road of using Big Government
Spending and increasing the national debt to buy votes for the party.

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