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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Topless Congressional Candidate

Naked Leftist for Congress
Natalia Juarez, poses topless in a campaign billboard in Guadalajara, Mexico

Naked Socialism  . . . "Look I have boobs."  

  • One of the many ways to sell the Socialist Worker's Paradise
  • Thank God the ugly Democrat American female candidates are keeping their clothes on.

A Leftist Mexican congressional candidate's risque attempt to rally voters may instead see her kill some off, if they're driving when they see it that is.

Natalia Juarez has posed topless on a giant billboard situated in bustling locations in Mexico's second biggest and very conservative city, Guadalajara, in what she calls a 'provocative, different and unprejudiced' campaign.

The University of Guadalajara philosophy professor, who is running as a member of the Party of Democratic Revolution, is shown in the ad bare-chested, covering her breasts with her right hand and raising her left fist in a call to arms.

She is joined by six of her party colleagues, all in similar states of undress, and a slogan reads: 'Dare to join a new, unprejudiced nation-building project!'
The photograph will also be used on leaflets the campaign team will hand out to voters.

The sexy billboard has attracted strong criticism from the right-wing governed state of Jalisco's many conservatives, who claim it lacks substance.     (UK Daily Mail)


Robert Hewes said...

Back row, second from right. Have her shaved, bathed, and sent to my quarters!

Gary said...

On reflection I can approve your comment. She may be the best one up there.