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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Saturday Sultress - Liberte Austin

Liberte Austin   -   When I started hunting, there weren’t many women in the sport. I don’t recall coming across a single lady hunter during any of my early hunting expeditions. While I’m sure they existed, they were few and far between. And there weren’t any products or clothing specifically designed for women hunters.
Times have changed.
In 2014 I posted a photo of one of my hunts on Instagram and I was amazed at the response. My growing audience reflected the growing participation — and visibility — of women hunters. At the same time, the hunting industry started catering to women, creating clothing and gear suitable to their gender-specific needs.
Like so many other women exploring outdoor sports, hunting and fishing are now a central part of my life. I feel blessed to be able to share my hunting and fishing adventures as a social media influencer.

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