"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, August 3, 2017

GOP Oligarchs Rip Trump Day and Night

"We work for the American people. We don't work for the president."
Senator Tim Scott (R-SC)

By Gary;

"Conservative" Republicans. What a bunch of fucking assholes.

The problem is jerks like Scott are clueless.

The Republicans are NOT representing the American people. From Obamacare to open borders to debt to unconstitutional wars to exporting jobs to illegal 1984 spying the so-called "Conservative" GOP has fully adopted the Big Brother State as their own.

My God, I have never seen anything like this.  We have a parade of asshole GOP leaders who are going out of their way to publicly attack and destroy a GOP President.

The Republican attacks on Trump have been non-stop since January.

The GOP runs the House and Senate and they have joined forces with Leftists to run endless hearings on Russia and Trump. Add in the Republicans are vigorously defending the corrupt Russia special prosecutor Robert Mueller who is hiring dozens of Democrat lawyers to destroy Trump. Now both parties have put sanctions on Russia trying to start a new Cold War.

If any proof was needed, all this BS shows that the D.C. swamp is run by a bipartisan collection of Oligarchs who don't give a damn about the American people.

The same cast of Elitist clowns who fought against Ronald Reagan when I campaigned for him in 1976 are still in charge of the party. They just moved over to the two Bush presidencies.

Finally enough was enough for me. The big government loving Village Idiot George W. Bush drove me out of the GOP in 2003. I voted Libertarian for years as a protest.  In the last two election cycles Trump is the only Republican I voted for. The rest are traitor scum.

The Trump Nationalist Movement was stunning, but the corrupt Swamp Beast Oligarchs still control Congress. Sadly no matter how the people protest nothing has changed or will change.

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Anonymous said...

how do you thought that gonna end ?
america as the international money black hole to the underverse only allow one way ...
the criminal big capital home and foreign way