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Friday, March 10, 2017

FBI: The government owns your memories

The Growing Police State

James Comey, the head of the FBI told a cybersecurity conference Wednesday that there is no such thing as privacy in America.
Speaking at a conference at Boston College, Comey stated that all Americans should now accept that their conversations and communications may not remain private.
“There is no such thing as absolute privacy in America; there is no place outside of judicial reach,” Comey declared reports Infowars.
‘Even our communications with our spouses, with our clergy members, with our attorneys are not absolutely private in America,’ The FBI Director added.
Comey was attempting to normalise the kind of mass surveillance that the government has engaged in, as exposed over the past few years via Wikileaks documents, the latest of which were released this week.
While Comey said that Americans “have a reasonable expectation of privacy in our homes, in our cars, in our devices,”he maintained that “In appropriate circumstances, a judge can compel any one of us to testify in court about those very private communications.”
Comey also claimed that the FBI has been unable to gain access to 43 percent of electronic devices that the agency has attempted to break into, and that because of this somehow, a good balance between civil liberties and protecting security is still intact.
“We all value privacy. We all value security. We should never have to sacrifice one for the other,’ Comey said, adding “Our founders struck a bargain that is at the center of this amazing country of ours and has been for over two centuries.”

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