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Sunday, February 19, 2017


Screw the Worthless Critics
This is a Damn Good Movie
Another candle is added to the Jennifer Lawrence
Shrine in my extra bedroom

By Gary;

Passengers never made it to my small Central California mountain town till now.

I caught the usual rain of shit coming down from the chattering class of so-called "professional critics" who could not make a movie if they wanted to. They hated the film. Screw 'em.

From what I gather many movie goers did like the movie.  No doubt they were looking for the latest invasion action flick with two-headed aliens blowing up New York. It is their loss.

Simply, Passengers is a science fiction love story that just happens to be set in the future.

I am a sucker for most love stories at any point in history from Cleopatra to Pride and Prejudice to You've Got Mail.  A Sci Fi love story is no problem for me.

Not every movie has to include Death Rays and Zombie beheadings.

As usual Jennifer Lawrence is in top form and as stunningly beautiful as ever.  I confess that I drool on the theater seats when Jen comes on the screen.

Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) was wonderful.

Basically Jen and Chris take up 90% of the screen time. This is a two person movie. Very, very hard to pull off, but they did it.

The required Sci Fi special effects are top quality.

Passengers is still out in 230 theaters. If you have not seen it make the effort. A good solid Hollywood popcorn flick.

Rating - 8 out of 10

PASSENGERS - Official Trailer (HD)


Anonymous said...

shes nice ... but a kind of a dull persona ... as if she is a japanese robot

Anonymous said...

ga...gar ... you find better ...
Gina Gershon in her good years fine performer , as beauty she was , or even now Jessica Biel
man ... but real out of this world , as classy they are , you got Rachel Weiss , or "hot leather pants" Kate Beckinsale ...