"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Thank You

2016 Was The Year From Hell 
6,509 Stories Have Been Published
So Far by The Federalist

By Gary;

Blogging this last election year has been a Bitch.

Emotionally drained? More than that. I feel like I have beat up and left for dead in an alley. 

The Trump People's Revolution and the defeat of the corrupt GOP Oligarchs caught everyone by surprise.

But the knock down drag out general election battle against the bipartisan open borders Washington/Wall Street Republicrat machine sucked me dry as a commentator and Blogger.

Even with all the corruption most of the the idiot Sheeple voters still enthusiastically wanted the Clinton Crime Family to run the government.

The Trump electoral college win was the narrowest of victories by slimmest of margins in key states. So sad. Our Republic hangs by a thread.

Thank You All

With so many Internet choices available I am deeply thankful to both our regular and irregular readers alike for coming by this Blog.

This is not The Drudge Report with its billions of page views. This is only a little hobby Blog of mine to scream out to an often deaf world the ideas of Constitutional Liberty.

In 2011 I got the idea of starting a non-profit Blog to cover news from a Constitutional Federalist point of view . . . a point of view that has become nearly extinct in the modern American political system that worships Big Brother more than George Washington.

I figured that few would care and even fewer would come back a second time.

I was wrong.
  • May, 2011 we stared with a "massive" 834 page views for the month. But even that number staggered me considering the rather primitive nature of the site.
  • By July, 2011 we had jumped up to 5,413 page views for the month.
  • By February, 2012 we had shot up to 27,220 page views.
  • By the election month of November, 2012 we hit an all time high of 71,021 page views.
  • In December, 2016 we hit another high reaching 73,695 page views.
  • We have been marching right along. Some months are better than others but always a steady stream of visitors: 50,000 one month, 38,000 another etc.

Thank Yous also go to Comrade Obama and the open borders big government loving Republican Party.

Without both of these bands of loons I would not have a fraction of the material I need to publish.

We Bloggers must be doing something right.  Governments all over the world are scared shitless that we even exist.  They are frightened to the point where Bloggers are arrested, imprisoned and even killed.

I will continue to speak my mind no matter what. No one is going to intimidate me or buy me off . . . . . well, let's not go that far.  If I am offered my own Caribbean Island to shut down I would have to give it serious thought.

But other than that, expect to see me here everyday lashing out against the endless incoming tide of human madness.

See you down the Internet Road.

Dancing For Joy
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I am thinking the "madness" is just starting

Anonymous said...

she`s running amok since man find the way to enforce tirany on others