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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bill Kristol to run 3rd party against Trump?

Open Borders Conservatives Rebel

  • The phony open borders "Conservatives" are being exposed by The Donald and they are crapping their pants that Trump might win and end immigration.
  • The warmonger Conservative Elite is also frightened that Trump might use common sense rather than bankrupt the nation and go to war in every third world shit hole.

(The Daily Caller)  -  If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, some of the most prominent conservative voices in the country say they would find it difficult, if not impossible, to support him.

“Couldn’t vote for Trump, couldn’t vote for Hillary,” Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol told The Daily Caller in an email.
“Would have to find a good conservative to run as an independent whom I could vote for,” he added, before presumably joking: “Or will have to run myself!”
Conservative radio talk show host Michael Medved said he has begun to question whether he could support Trump as the Republican nominee.
Trump is the "Winston Churchill of our time."
Dr. Michael Savage
While the so-called "Conservative" Elites flee from Trump, talk show host Michael Savage says The Donald is a modern Winston Churchill.  Remember, the British Conservative Party hated Churchill and kept him deep in the closet while selecting "moderate" Conservative losers like Neville Chamberlain.

“On the air, I’ve repeatedly promised to support the Republican nominee, whoever it happens to be,” he explained to TheDC in an email. “But Trump’s recent reconsideration of his own similar promise should perhaps lead to re-examination of that pledge for the sake of the survival of a credible conservative alternative in American political life.”
“Voting for Hillary over Trump would be unthinkable and idiotic — a wasted vote, since she would win in a landslide regardless of how broken-hearted conservatives cast our ballots,” he said.
Radio host Glenn Beck may have been the first notable conservative to declare his inability to support Trump as the nominee back in August.
Asked whether he would support Trump as the nominee on CNN, Beck said “no.”
“I’m not a Republican,” Beck went on. “I don’t care what happens to the Republican Party. I’m a Constitutionalist.”
Of course, Trump does have many conservative commentators who seem more than willing to back him. Columnist Ann Coulter, who has become something of an immigration absolutist, quipped on Twitter she couldn’t care if Trump “wants to perform abortions in White House” so long as he pursues his immigration plan.
While they haven’t endorsed any candidate in the race, radio powerhouses Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham regularly praise Trump and seem at least willing to support him if he ends up being the nominee. Talk show host Michael Savage, who hails from a more conspiratorial-wing of the conservative movement, has even called Trump the “Winston Churchill of our time.”
“I shall vote for whomever the Republicans nominate,” R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.,  founder and editor-in-chief of the conservative American Spectator, told TheDC. “If Donald Trump wins the nomination I shall vote for him, invest in the stock market, and bid adieu to ISIS and to illegal immigrants from our shores.”
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