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Thursday, December 3, 2015

A "Gender Parity Stamp" may be slapped on movies

Think Only Approved Thoughts
  • Hollywood political correctness is running wild with "reeducation classes" for the Plebs and official stamps of approval for films made by the True Believers.

(From "The Wrap")  -  Dozens of ranking executives, agents, writers, directors and talent gathered for a secret two-day conference in October to formulate a plan for Hollywood’s gender equality crisis.
The event, hosted by Women in Film’s Los Angeles chapter and the Sundance Institute, drew Lionsgate co-president Erik Feig, showrunner Jenji Kohan, Marvel EVP Victoria Alonso, actress Maria Bello, HBO Films President Len Amato, CAA’s Chris Andrews, Warner Bros. President of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution Sue Kroll and producer Paula Wagner among others.
The result, which was revealed Tuesday, was a four-part plan to help balance the scales for women in Hollywood. Measures include: an “unconscious bias” educator to work with companies on developing content that represents everyone, a “gender parity stamp” that scores and approves content as balanced, a mentoring program for entry-to-mid-level females in the industry and an ambassador program to continue dialogues within studios and networks.

Daring to think non-conformist ideas can have you
labeled as a Thought Criminal by society.

The plan is listed as follows:
Advocate ‘Unconscious Bias’ training across the industry. Leaders in other businesses have determined that unconscious bias creates blind spots and leads to missed market opportunities, and also hinders access to valuable consumer segments limiting profits. Creating more content for women and people of color is not only about equality; it also makes good business sense. An expert Unconscious Bias educator will be selected to work with executives and creatives across the industry.
Develop and launch a Gender Parity Stamp to recognize films and television shows — as well as production companies, networks and studios — that show measurable progress to achieving gender equity. Mirrored on the successful work by LGBT advocates and the PGA’s producer mark, this recognition for positive progress will be a visible identifier for companies that have prioritized equal gender hiring practice and have financed or supported business opportunities for women in front of and behind the camera.
Sponsor/Protégé Program. This high-level pilot program will identify talented early-to-mid career female film and TV directors for a year-long training and fellowship program, and pair them with advocates across the industry who will actively help them move to the next level.

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