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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Vladimir Putin Action Figure Released in Russia

Get your credit card out, 
operators are standing by.

(MCRTV)  -  Great news for all of you Vladimir Putin fans!  A Russian website is now selling an action figure of the president that features the shirtless leader, riding a bear.(Presumably into Crimea)
The toy can be yours for the low price of 2500 Rubles (About $38 American)
According to Google translator, the description of the toy reads:
"Luxurious Figurine as the head of state who tamed forest brown bear standing on a segment of a great country, symbolizes the victory, the heroic strength and power. Bear has long been considered a symbol of immense Russia, represents courage, strength, courage and rage directed against enemies – this beast could not be better reflects the position of the nation and its principles."
This is not the first Vladimir Putin action figure, but it is certainly the most exciting and realistic.
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The American action figure version.
Why do I think we got the short end of the stick?

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