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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Muslims Have Christian Chapel Removed

From the Hagia Sophia church in Istanbul.
Christians are told we must respect Islam, but Islam does not respect Christians. Constantinople was taken by the Muslim Turks 1453. Trapped in the Hagia Sophia church, congregants and refugees became spoils to be divided amongst the Muslim invaders. The building was desecrated and looted, and occupants enslaved, violated or slaughtered; while elderly and infirm were killed, women and girls were raped and the remainder chained and sold into slavery. Priests continued to perform Christian rites until stopped by the invaders. When the Sultan entered the church, he insisted it should be at once transformed into a mosque.

Muslims Have Christian Chapel Removed
History keeps repeating itself

(American Thinker)  -  No place is safe from the long arm of Islamic supremacy as Muslims seek to dominate every aspect of our culture.  And they do so even when they are in the minority, as when most recently Muslim students at Wichita State University (WSU) managed to apply enough leverage (not that it takes much these days) to turn the university chapel into a Muslim-friendly prayer space (i.e., a mosque).

WSU has a student body of 15,000, the majority of whom are Christian.  About 1,000 of the students are Muslim, constituting 6% of the student population.  But being a small minority didn’t stop them from taking over the chapel. In fact, they had the backing of university administrators (dhimmis).

A summary of the Fox News report on this story is noted below, with a bit of commentary in parenthesis:
  • Muslim students pressured the university for a space to pray that would be “faith neutral,” complaining the chapel was a “predominantly Judeo-Christian environment.”  (This is how Muslims assert supremacy.)
  • University administrators catered to their demands, with one administrator stating: “In the spirit of today – there was belief at the time this was discussed that the space was not as flexible for all to feel welcome and included.”  (“Spirit of today” = pandering to Muslims.  “All” = Muslims.  “Welcome and included” = Muslims in, Christians out.)
  • In the name of inclusivity, faith neutrality, today’s spirit, and ensuring that all feel welcome, the pews, the altar, and Christian religious décor were removed from the chapel.  Portable chairs were brought in, making space for Muslim prayer rugs.  (This is Islamic supremacy in action.  It is not about coexisting in peace, but about supplanting all other religions with their own.)
  • Some alumni and donors spoke out about the removal of the pews, feeling that went too far, while also expressing confusion as to why they were removed.  (If these folks were educated on the core tenets of the Quran, they would not be confused, and they would have been in a better position to speak up sooner and more boldly, perhaps averting this act of Muslim conquest.)
  • The student body president accused those critical of the renovation of being “Islamophobic.”  (Useful idiots are everywhere, but they can be found in particularly high concentrations in colleges and universities.  And this was domination, not renovation.)
The gutting of the chapel at WSU is a prime example of how Muslims assert supremacy even when they are the minority.



I have this strange feeling that tolerance
is not high on Islam's list.

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