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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rick Perry pulls plug on New Hampshire

It is time to clear the decks

  • There are a lot of loser candidates cluttering up the GOP race for President.  It is way past time for them to take their egos, go home and leave us the Hell alone.  Those candidate's mothers might be interested in their campaigns but no one else is.

(Politico)  -  Rick Perry’s campaign is all but over in New Hampshire.

The former Texas governor has no more paid staffers in New Hampshire as of Wednesday. The last paid staffer, Michael Dennehy, told WMUR reporter John DiStaso that he hadn't been paid since June.

Rick Perry's window of opportunity
closed in 2012.
In a follow-up email to POLITICO, he added, "I remain a steadfast supporter. But I have not talked with, nor seen Gov Perry, since he left NH on Aug 4, nor have I been asked for my advice from the campaign so it is disingenuous to call myself an advisor or to say I’m working for the campaign."
He said that Perry has no plans to visit the Granite State as of now.

"All that said, to this very minute, I believe Gov Perry is the best qualified, most experienced candidate and understands middle class America better than anyone running for President, " he continued.

Earlier this week New Hampshire political director Dante Vitagliano left and joined John Kasich’s team,and Dennehy, a prominent Granite State operative, took to Twitter to congratulate his former colleague.

The defections are the latest blow to Perry, who has also suffered major staff departures in Iowa, another key early-voting state where he once had 10 paid staff members but is now down to one paid staffer and one volunteer adviser after losing both Iowa co-chairs in the last two weeks.

The shake-up stems from serious financial troubles -- for a time, Perry was unable to pay staffers, and his campaign signaled that they were free to look elsewhere -- though his campaign more recently said they have resumed some payments.

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Maybe the next to go
Senator Rand Paul's campaign is in free fall.  In an old Rasmussen poll Paul peaked at 20%.  The current PPP poll has him at a staggering 1%.
Paul is a powerful voice for the Liberty-Constitutionalist Movement.  He needs to end his embarrassing campaign today and announce that he is seeking re-election to the Senate.

(Real clear politics)

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