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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Republican attacks Democrat's support for Islamic extremism, Sharia Law in new ad

Political Ad of The Year
GOP candidate takes on militant Islam in TV ad

Virginia Republican Congressional candidate Suzanne Scholte dropped a devastating political ad against her opponent Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) on Sunday night. Pointing to the Democrat’s sympathy towards the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Scholte’s ad has a Coptic Christian explaining Connolly’s ongoing support of the MB.

“While the Muslim Brotherhood was persecuting Christians; burning churches; abducting women–while they were trying to institute Shariah law throughout all phases of Egyptian society, Gerry Connolly was adamant in defending the Muslim Brotherhood and supplying them with weapons and money to promote their cause,” he says in Breitbart News.

Connolly made his views about the military overthrow of the Morsi-Muslim Brotherhood government known last year. In a FaceBook post he said:
The violent crackdown by the Egyptian military is a serious setback in efforts toward a peaceful transition to democracy. I condemn the decision to use such deadly force against the Egyptian people and urge Egyptian authorities to seek non-violent means to begin the reconciliation process.
According to reports, an activist tied to the  Muslim Brotherhood  threw a fundraiser for Connolly in March. More recently, the Virginia congressman reportedly  said the U.S. should continue to fund the Palestinian Authority even though the organization is part of the terrorist group Hamas.

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11th Congressional District of Virginia

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