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Friday, February 17, 2012

San Francisco students taught how to put on condom while drunk

Students wear special "drunk driving" goggles while putting a condom on a wooden penis.

Insanity on the Bay  -  Insane Liberals use Saint Valentine's Day to teach helpless high school students how to put a condom on a wooden penis while drunk.
  • Teach reading?  Teach math?  Teach great literature? . . . . that is crazy talk to a liberal.

Galileo High School celebrated Valentine's Day in a style befitting San Francisco on Tuesday as hundreds of students lined up to "marry" their sweethearts regardless of gender, sexual orientation or relationship status.

They then learned how to correctly put on a condom using goggles that gave them a drunken view of things, and played a variety of games that promoted safer sex reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The school's annual "Love Fest" drew hundred of teens in the school's central courtyard.

At one table, health teacher Raina Meyers put goggles on students that made their vision slightly blurry, simulating a drunken state. She then told them to put a condom on a wooden penis.

Most of the students left air in the condom tip, which could lead to breakage, and that prompted an instructional rebuke from Meyers.

"You're pregnant!" Meyers told one girl who failed the drunk-goggle test, and to a boy, "You have gonorrhea."

Many students admitted they decided to participate after teachers said they would get extra credit.

District officials acknowledged the school's activity on Valentine's Day might offend some, but school officials said the event highlights the "joy and importance" of healthy relationships.

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