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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The insanity of Afghanistan

The insanity of Afghanistan goes on and on and on . . . . . .

  • Even our Afghan "friends" dislike us.
  • Countless billions of dollars are stolen by the warlords.
  • NATO has given the green light for massive opium production.
  • Only the arms industry is winning the war.

By Gary;

Let's cut through the Bullshit . . . . The insane Afghans hate us.  Our Afghan allies even murder our soldiers.  They don't want us there.  That sounds good to me.  Time to get the Hell out of that 4th world shit-hole.

FACT  #1)   The political hacks and ex-military talking heads on TV have lied to you from day one about Afghanistan.  Anyone with a brain who has studied military history knows there was never any way to control a huge nation the size of Afghanistan with the tiny army we sent in. . . . yes TINY.

  • The British Empire was not able to control the countryside in the American Revolution.
  • The French Army was not able to control the countryside in Mexico, Algeria or Indochina.
  • American and allied troops could not control the countryside of South Vietnam. 

But our political leaders told us there would be no problem providing security in Afghanistan.  Stupid people believe crap like that.  Those who know how to think recognize the lies for what they are.

'Koran burning US worst PR disaster in Afghan war'

FACT  #2)   It is not politically correct to talk about it, but Muslims do not like non-believers.  Period.  Given a chance they have eagerly murdered Christians, Jews and others throughout the Islamic world.  It will be a cold day in Hell when Islamists apologize for burning down Christian churches in Egypt and Pakistan and the attacks on Hindus inside Pakistan.

Just try to build a brand new Mormon Temple, Synagogue, Hindu Temple or Christian Church in newly "liberated" Libya, or in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt or even Turkey.

FACT  #3)   One reason the government gave for the Afghan war was to 'fight them over there rather then here at home.'  That was a totally Bullshit argument.

The borders of the United States are wide open to millions upon millions of people simply walking into the nation at will.  Those strolling across our borders are a combination of workers, terrorists, families and criminals.  Why is our army located deep in Central Asia instead of protecting our own borders from invasion?

It is also the legal policy of the Federal government to import Muslims into the U.S. from Africa and Asia.  It is all politically correctness gone mad.

Add in the interesting wrinkle that NATO is encouraging the production of Afghan opium production.  See our article  THE FEDERALIST - "What Drug War? NATO increased Afghanistan opium production."

Afghanistan.  The sooner we are out the better.

The Second Anglo-Afghan War of 1878.
The British Empire fought three wars in Afghanistan with nothing to show for it except
dead bodies and a more wealthy arms industry.

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