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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Trump is planning to re-legalize light bulbs

Dim Bulbs in Washington

  • It took the fools in Washington almost three years to reverse the ban on Thomas Edison's light bulb.

Light bulbs that were set to be outlawed under an Obama-era regulation will stay on store shelves thanks to regulation rollback from the Trump administration.

Multiple outlets reported Wednesday that the Department of Energy had finalized a new rule striking a last-minute Obama regulation that outlawed certain kinds of light bulbs such as three-way bulbs, decorative bulbs, and “rough service lamps.

“This regulation gives consumers more choices, and consumers are better off with more choices,” a Trump DOE official explained to The Hill.

One of the reasons that the Obama administration offered for the regulation was that people might purchase the these light sources instead of “other regulated lamp types” like LED or compact fluorescent bulbs. The Obama administration’s 2017 regulation was set to take effect in 2020.

Critics say that the Trump administration’s latest move will end up costing consumers more because the less regulated bulbs use more electricity.

Nobody, however, will be forcing consumers to purchase and use less efficient light bulbs under the new rule, which is what the Trump Department of Energy said in the regulation.

“This rule does not prevent consumers from buying the lamps they desire, including efficient options,” the department. The department added that “the market is successfully transitioning to LEDs regardless of government regulation. Consumers are clearly taking advantage of the energy savings provided by LEDs.”


Only the morons in government would replace Thomas Edison's harmless light bulb with a bulb that emits poison and costs fives times more

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