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Friday, December 8, 2017

1984 - YouTube "Demonetizes" Conservative Videos

View And Listen Only
To Approved Thoughts
Leftist filth works overtime to crush Conservative thought

(Infowars)  -  An Infowars video was demonetized by YouTube for featuring alleged copyrighted content of none other than… Alex Jones.
The content in question, discussed by Owen Shroyer on the Tuesday broadcast of the War Room show, was none other than a video compilation of Alex Jones compiled by comedy channel “Super Deluxe.”
After the War Room broadcast made its way online, YouTube removed monetization for the more than 2-hour long video due to the less than 4 minute clip featuring Jones.

The copyright claim, made by Turner Digital Studios, is yet another example of Infowars being targeted for censorship over frivolous claims.
YouTube owner Google recently announced it plans to hire over 10,000 workers to target “inappropriate content” on the platform – a sure sign that more undue censorship is yet to come.
The video hosting juggernaut has already been found to be giving warnings when users click links to Infowars that the site “may be harmful.”
A recent video from Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson criticizing radical Islam was also censored on YouTube after garnering more than 150,000 views.
“Users have to be signed in to watch the video, while comments, likes, and views have all been removed,” Watson wrote this month. This is a form of ‘limited state’ soft censorship that prevents a video from being shared or going viral.”
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