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Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Very Strange Dr. Strange

A Magical Experience
Well worth the price of admission

By Gary;

Dr. Strange was never one of my favorite comics. If truth be told I stopped collecting the comic after a short time.

Strange rightly ranks more to the bottom of the Marvel Universe of characters. But with the enormous popularity of the magical Harry Potter franchise perhaps Strange's time has come.

But my original lack of interest did not prevent me and a theater of hard-core Marvel fans from showing up. And fans they were. We all knew the drill. No one left the theater at the end. We all stayed till the last credit knowing Marvel likes to sneak in extra footage and previews.

No spoilers here. To start I have to say Benedict Cumberbatch is a treasure. He dominates the movie screen like few actors can, and he plays a wonderful Dr. Strange.

The rest of the cast does not stand out that much. They do their job but not much more. While the special effects are good the plot is no where near the quality of The Avengers or Iron Man . . . . but then again few movies of any kind are.

Simply, Dr. Strange is a good popcorn flick. Put your mind in neutral, dive into that popcorn bag and have fun.  For two hours your troubles are gone. You can't ask too much more than that. Pure Entertainment.

Rated 7.5 out of 10

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