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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fiorina happy Obama sent troops to Syria

Constitution, what Constitution?

  • Both Republicans and Democrats want to march off to a war in Syria without a Constitutional declaration of war, a public debate and vote.
  • Are Most Republicans just fucking crazy warmongers? We armed the Syrian Islamists and now they want to go to war against the Islamists we just armed.

(CNS News) - Republican Carly Fiorina says she's glad the president has decided to send around 50 Special Operations troops into Syria to fight Islamic State terrorists.
The White House announcement on Friday is a "recognition that you cannot have a successful bombing campaign without people on the ground telling you where to place the bomb. So, he's sort of come to reality," Carly Fiorina told "Fox News Sunday."
"On the other hand, it's also too little too late. I think this is a reflection of the reality, that when America does not act, when we do not lead as we have not the last three years under this president, our options become very constrained and the situation becomes more dangerous.
"I'm glad he did this, but we still do not have a strategy in Syria. We do not have a strategy to deal with ISIS...And so, as a result, the situation is far more complicated than it was three years ago when he started talking big about Bashar al Assad must go and red lines cannot be crossed, and now we have Russia and Iran in the middle of Syria calling the shots.

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Dem & GOP Insanity
For the trillions we have spent on the wars of Bush and Obama we could have fully funded Social Security for the next 100 years and provided millions of jobs repairing our crumbling infrastructure.
As a nation we have nothing to show for all the wars except dead and wounded soldiers and a massive debt.  But don't worry, the military-industrial complex made out just fine.

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