"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obama violates the Constitution to be Policeman of the World - But what else is new?

"We Americans have no commission from
God to police the world."
President Benjamin Harrison

By Gary;

Dear Leader Obama's unconstitutional wars in Libya, Syria and Yemen or Bill Clinton's in Kosovo are unfortunately nothing new to the American experience.

For nearly 120 years now American politicians have felt the need to throw their weight around and act as an imperial policeman of the world.  Never mind that the world somehow managed to police itself for 10,000 years before an American army came along to "help".

Very early on the Republican members of Congress figured out that a legal and proper Constitutional Declaration of War was putting way too much of a public spotlight on Congress.

So starting with our four year war against  the First Philippine Republic the Congress began to let the Imperial President make the call to go to war without a public debate or vote in the legislature.

This cowardly arrangement was not only unconstitutional but worked out well for Senators and Congressmen.

With the Imperial President charging off to war Congressmen could mumble and finger point, "Don't look at me.  The President did it." 

World War II was the last gasp of the American Constitutional Republic.  On July 5th, 1942 the U.S. Declared War against Romania, an ally of Nazi Germany.

Since 1942 there has never been a proper declaration of war.  On occasion Congress passes weak "authorizations" of force which they can claim later they did not understand would be used the way the President used it.

But in many cases such as the wars against Panama, Serbia, Libya and Yemen there has been no vote at all to go to war.

Dear Leader Obama has been using the CIA to actively arm and fund the Syrian rebels through Islamist Saudi Arabia and Islamist Turkey.  So the U.S. is already actively waging war on Syria.

But don't expect the Statist Republican Party to ride to the rescue of the Constitution.  After all, for nearly 120 years the GOP has eagerly been undermining section after section of the Constitution.

Welcome to Imperial America.

In 1898 the U.S. became Policeman of the World.
The Spanish American War in 1898 is the dividing line for the "small Constitutional government" Republican Party.  Before 1898 the GOP pretty much wanted the U.S. to mind its own business around the world.  But after 1898 the GOP became the Imperialist Party with the Democrats joining in on the fun not long after.
Suddenly American troops were all over the world, such as Philippine-American War which resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths, concentration camps and American colonization, from there we have the Boxer Rebellion in China, stealing Panama from Columbia,Tangier, Morocco, the 21 year Occupation of Nicaragua, the Occupation of Veracruz, Mexico, the 19 year occupation of Haiti, the 8 year Occupation of the Dominican Republic, the American Expeditionary Force in Siberia, the US Intervention in Lebanon, the U.S. - Panama War and the Kosovo War among many, many, many others.

The Death of the Constitutional Federal Republic
The 1904 campaign for President marks the death of the Constitutional Federal Republic created by the Founding Fathers. The poster above says it all.
Theodore Roosevelt steps on the Constitution while waving the sword of militarism. Anti-imperialist Conservative small government Bourbon Democrat nominee Alton Parker steps on the sword of militarism and holds high the Constitution.

Starting with the Spanish-American War the Republican Party has morphed into an Imperial party. The policeman of the world. The Democrats claim not to be imperial, but they know a good thing when they see it. The Democrats always eagerly jump at any opportunity to use American military power around the world.
The fact of the matter is imperialism feels good. One might say it is good to be the king. Most the nations of the world bow down to your will. The policies of nations hang on your every word . . . . and done right it is good for business. It can make you rich as Hell.

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