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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Comrade Obama "rigged" 2010 election

Solyndra (at the urging of Obama's hacks) waited until one day after the midterm elections to announce the layoffs
  • Socialists pour Billions into businesses that do not exist.
  • Comrade Obama now stops a business that DOES exist  -  the Canada oil pipeline.

By Gary;

The Department of Energy pushed “very hard” for failed solar panel maker Solyndra LLC to delay announcing layoffs until after the Nov. 2, 2010, midterm elections, contradicting claims that politics played no role in the administration’s handling of the now-bankrupt company.

Newly released emails show staff at one of the major investors for Solyndra discussing how the Energy Department was being cooperative, but “they did push very hard for us to hold our announcement of the consolidation to employees and vendors to Nov. 3rd - oddly they didn’t give a reason for that date.”

However, Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, in a memo released Tuesday, said emails produced by the major investor, Argonaut Private Equity, reference how the layoff announcement was postponed because of the Nov. 2 elections.

Oil?  Who on earth needs oil
and jobs?
 Solyndra was held up by the administration as a success story of the federal stimulus program after it won more than a half-billion dollars in federal loans in 2009, but the company filed for bankruptcy in September. Days later, the FBI raided the Solyndra's headquarters in California to search for information about customer contracts.

Solyndra waited until one day after the midterm elections to announce the layoffs and the closure of one of its facilities.

Green Marxism

Socialist Democrats have no interest in creating jobs or wealth.  I take part of that back.  Democrats are happy to "create wealth" by pumping tax dollars into the wallets of those who contribute to their party.

See our article on the Green Marxist allies of the Socialist Democrats who are shutting down the American economy.  THE FEDERALIST - "Beetles, Luddites and Environmentalists."

Now Comrade Obama is delaying the Canada oil pipeline until after the election.  If Obama is re-elected he will kill the project.

The Green Marxists and their Democrat allies use evey possible environmental law to prevent the creation of jobs.  What is amazing is private sector labor unions are still supporting Democrats when Democrats are killing union jobs.

As bad as Republicans are they at least believe private enterprise should exist.

The American Burying Beetle.
The latest "Poster Child" of Environmentalism to prevent the creation of jobs and wealth.  The "endangered" beetle is being used to destroy the Canada oil pipeline project.  So-called environmentalism is now a tool of Marxists to bring down the American economy.
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farmland investment said...

The news on Solyndra continues to drip-drip-drip out. This was clearly crony capitalism at its worst and I predict this will end up being quite a negative issue for Obama in 2012. Still, let's also keep in mind that while the Democrats may be supporting and subsidizing green energy, the Republicans are in the pockets of big oil in terms of providing the oil companies subsidies and tax breaks etc. I think these things are equally bad, at least if you believe in free markets.

Gary said...

I am sorry to say that nearly everyone in Washington is bought and paid for by special interests. That is one of the points of my Blog.