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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trump kicks Cruz in the teeth - It's time to unify against the Hildebeast

It's Finally Over
The Donald Has Landed
Trump Delivers a Body Blow to Cruz and Kasich

By Gary;

The Cruz campaign is dead, but the corpse is still twitching a bit.

Cruz is insane to try and claim the GOP nomination when he racks up "massive" numbers like 14% in New York, 11% in Connecticut, 10% in Rhode Island or 15% in Delaware.

To win the November election the GOP nominee will have to carry states that have voted Democrat in the past, and Cruz can't even win a GOP primary in those key states.

Sorry Ted, but carrying the Bible Belt won't cut it in November. But actually Cruz even lost the evangelicals to Trump.

Cruz supporters and many talking heads on TV have trashed these northeastern states that voted this last week.  They forget that in 2014 New York and these other states sent 23 Republican Congressmen to Washington. They have a major roll in GOP politics and they have rejected Cruz and Kasich in landslide numbers.

It is not 1840. Those days are gone. In this modern age a candidate who lost most of the elections cannot win the nomination.

I don't care what happens in Indiana. It's over.

Playing Taps for Ted

The Donald opened the can on
open borders Ted Cruz.

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