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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Clinton watched Trump's presidential moves in 2000

Donald Trump appears with Reform Party Governor Jesse Ventura in 2000. 
Trump was considering a Reform Party bid for president.

Independent Conservatism

  • The photo above is one of the many reasons I like The Donald. He is an independent, pro-business Conservative who wants to balance the budget. That drives the big spending Leftists in the GOP insane.
  • At the time The Donald was considering a tax on the rich to balance the budget. While I am not crazy about new taxes, the GOP "plan" has been the endless printing of money by the Fed to cover their Big Government spending.

(Politico)  -  Aides to President Bill Clinton tracked real estate mogul Donald Trump's flirtation with a White House bid in the 2000 race, according to records released on Tuesday by the Clinton Library, but there was no evidence in the newly published files of a particularly close relationship between Trump and the president or First Lady Hillary Clinton.

Despite the lack of bombshells in the records, they do call attention to some of Trump's past positions that won't be appealing to some Republican voters. A news story from 1999 entitled, "Trump has plan to soak the rich," caught the attention of President Clinton's deputy press secretary at the time, Jake Siewert.

"We may need guidance on this," Siewert wrote to members of Clinton's economic team. The November 1999 Associated Press story by reporter Ron Fournier said Trump had proposed raising $5.7 trillion in government revenues to erase the federal debt by imposing a 14.25 percent tax on the net worth of wealthy Americans.

Before a Clinton trip to California in January 2000, other White House aides gathered up poll numbers showing Trump at 1 percent in an "open primary" survey of California voters.

Other White House staffers seemed well aware Trump was mulling a presidential bid. "Donald Trump....has his eye on the big JOB," Clinton press aide Lisa Ferdinando wrote that same month to a staffer in the office of Vice President Al Gore, who was the Clinton team's preferred candidate.

Clinton's aides also prepared proposed answers to questions he might receive about Trump and other celebrities toying with bids for the White House in the 2000 cycle.

"I think it may say something about the way the media covers politics these days, but I have the utmost confidence in the American people to sort out the wheat from the chaff," aides counseled Clinton to say at an October 1999 press conference if asked about the possibility Trump or movie stars such as Warren Beatty or Cybil Shepherd might run.

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Minnesota gubernatorial candidates Norm Coleman (R), left,
and Jesse Ventura (Reform Party) debate during the 1998 campaign. (JIM MONE/ASSOCIATED PRESS)
Is Jesse Ventura’s unlikely Minnesota win a road map for Donald Trump?

Minnesota Reform Party Governor Jesse Ventura and 
Reform Party U.S. Senator Dean Barkley.

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