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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Voters Don't Matter - GOP Fascism Exposed

GOP Voterless "Elections"

  • The only thing lacking with the corrupt GOP Elites rigging the voting is the one-armed fascist salute.
  • We see New York Gov. George Pataki (below) having no problem nominating a Republican who never even ran for President. Simply, voters don't matter to the Elites.
  • The Internet Media has exposed the BS of "delegate" selection for candidates. We have unelected, self-appoint Elites selecting delegates for the candidates. Trump will win a primary but the Elites select anti-Trump insiders to be Trump delegates.
  • Election Reform - Currently the GOP is a top down Soviet Politburo system where the Elites decide what is best for the peasants. There needs to be total election reform. No more insider caucuses, no more insider conventions. There should be 50 statewide voter primaries where the candidates select their own delegates to the national convention.

(The Hill)  -  Former GOP presidential hopeful George Pataki said Monday that Republicans could nominate someone at their convention this summer who didn't run in the 2016 presidential primary.
"I don't think it has to be someone who was a candidate," Pataki, who ended his White House campaign in December, said during an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

GOP leaders have for weeks pushed back on the suggestion that someone other than the three remaining candidates could emerge as the nominee at a contested convention in July.
Donald Trump, the front-runner, has argued he should win the nomination if he enters the convention with a plurality of support but is short of the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the nomination outright. 

"I think, if it comes down to the convention where Trump doesn't have a majority and after the first ballot the delegates can say, 'Who would be the best president? Who can unite the party and win?' And if that person is available, I think we should nominate that person," Pataki said Monday.
"I don't care if they ran for president or not," he added.
The former New York governor endorsed Kasich last week and is slated to appear on the campaign trail with him.  
Pataki predicted that while Trump is "going to win" the New York primary on Tuesday, the billionaire may fall below the 50 percent threshold in enough districts to allow Kasich to pick up some delegates.
"I think the key is to stop Donald Trump, to not let him become the nominee before the convention. Then at the convention, the delegates are free to choose whoever they want," Pataki said.

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