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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Gay West Hollywood Bans Donald Trump

I'd say "Screw you" 
but they might enjoy it

  • A World Gone Mad - Every possible group on the planet Earth has has gone frothing, loony toons fucking insane that Donald Trump even exists.  
  • Sounds to me like The Donald must be doing something right to piss off Democrats, Establishment Republicans, Communist Chinese, Gays, European Leftists, Islamists and so many more. If any of these groups agreed with Trump I would be worried. But they are his enemies so I am on the right side.

(Breitbart California)  -  Donald Trump is not welcome to host campaign events in West Hollywood, the city’s mayor said this week.

In an open letter to the 87 other mayors in Los Angeles County and in an op-ed for theAdvocate, West Hollywood Mayor Lindsey Horvath wrote that the Republican presidential frontrunner would be barred from making campaign appearances in her city in an effort to shield the community from the candidate’s of “hate speech and violent rhetoric.”
“I firmly believe it is the responsibility of those of us in leadership to use our words and actions wisely. That is why I took the opportunity to express how deeply disturbed I am by the Trump presidential campaign and to call out their destructive tactics,” Horvath, 34, wrote in the op-ed.
In an email to the Washington Examiner, Horvath said that both Republican and Democratic candidates had made campaign stops in West Hollywood in the past, “[but] those same Horvath courtesies will not be extended to the Trump campaign.”
The mayor also said she had instructed city staffers that they may refuse to issue special permits to the Trump campaign to hold official events in the city, and that it is “well with[in] [their] right” to do so.
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The Mayor of Gay West Hollywood demands tolerance, but refuses to extend that tolerance to others.

Welcome to West Hollywood
LA Pride Festival Parade in West Hollywood, California
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