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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Indiana GOP in massive anti-Trump voter fraud

The GOP Does Not Give 
a Fuck About You

  • The corrupt open borders GOP in Indiana is openly rigging the vote for President. Even if Trump wins the May 3rd primary the party is appointing Anti-Trump delegates to "represent" Trump at the national convention.
  • The system is corrupt beyond words and the whores in the GOP don't give a damn about the American people. The party exists only to serve the open borders interests of Wall Street.
  • The same corruption is on the Democrat side as Sanders wins states but Hillary win the delegates.

(Politico)  -  Indiana hasn’t cast its ballots for president yet, but Donald Trump is already losing.

Republican Party insiders in the state will select 27 delegates to the national convention on Saturday, and Trump is assured to be nearly shut out of support, according to interviews with a dozen party leaders and officials involved in the delegate selection process.

Indiana GOP insiders are working to engineer slates of delegates — three from each of nine congressional districts — that will turn their backs on Trump at a contested convention in July. Another 27 will be elected at a state committee meeting next week.

Indiana’s delegates will be bound to the results of the state’s May 3 primary on the first vote in Cleveland, and Trump is expected to be competitive in that contest.  But if Trump fails to clinch the nomination, they’ll be free to vote their conscience — and that means a rapid rejection of Trump.

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Carrier Air Conditioner Moving
1,400 Jobs From Indiana to Mexico

The Indiana GOP hates Donald Trump so much for wanting to protect American jobs that they are going to rig the delegates to the convention. But the open borders GOP has no problem with Carrier Air Conditioning moving 1,400 jobs from Indiana to Mexico.

Fucking American Workers
Oreo Moves to Mexico

After making Oreos for years in Chicago the company announced that the American workers were going to be fired and the plant moved to Mexico.
Naturally the morons in the "free trade" Republican Party beat their chests about how wonderful this all is for our economy. And the idiot followers of these fools have been told to oppose Trump for daring to protect American jobs.

Labor unions giving serious thought to endorsing Trump 

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