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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Walking Dead hits 14.2 million viewers for season finale

Still Pulling the Big Ratings

  • The gruesome season finale of The Walking Dead shows the program can still deliver a savage punch to the gut.
  • On the ratings front the show had millions more viewers than the shows on the so-called "major" networks.  The Dead had 11 million more viewers than ABC in the same time slot, and 9 million more than NBC.
  • The insane popularity of the show is illustrated by 6.4 million viewers watching The Talking Dead which spends one hour talking about the one hour episode you just watched.

(Comicbook.com)  -  The Walking Dead's sixth season ended with one of the largest cliffhangers in television history. For the next six months, we're all going to be wondering, asking, and talk about, "Who did Negan kill?"
Fans have taken to Facebook, Twitter, and comment sections everywhere to share their opinion of who died. No one's theory seems to match anyone else's. They're all unique, all different, and everyone seems equally confident that their theory is the right one.
Meanwhile, The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple told ComicBook.com on Monday that there's no way fans can use the information provided in the season six finale to figure out who died. "I believe there is no way," Gimple says of the finale episode. "There are a couple of things in there that might help people possibly limit the amount of people who are vulnerable but I will say, I would recommend people not to go down that route. I truly don't think there is a way to puzzle it all out definitively."

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