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Monday, April 25, 2016

Cruz Double Agents Inside Trump Campaign

Cruz Double Agents Inside Trump Campaign: Know Trump By His Enemies

Trump on Cruz: 

'He's bribing people, essentially' for delegates

  • This is the Bull Shit system we have. The corrupt party Elites select Trump's delegates for him.

(CNN)  -  Donald Trump on Sunday made some of his most direct accusations yet against Ted Cruz in the GOP nomination fight, saying the Texas senator is "bribing" delegates to come to his side.
Citing unspecified news articles, Trump told the crowd at a Western Maryland rally that Cruz is "wining and dining" delegates in his bid to defeat Trump on a second ballot at this summer's Republican convention.
    "He's bribing people, essentially, to vote," Trump said.
    "Now, he can't do it on the first ballot, because they're locked in to me," the billionaire businessman said to cheers and applause. "But that's all I care about. That's all I care about. I only care about the first. We're not going for the second and third and fourth and fifth."
    Trump has been ramping up his criticism of his chief Republican presidential rival in recent days, even speculating on Saturday whether super PACs supportive of Cruz are "buying" the election.
    But on Sunday, Trump flat-out accused Cruz of courting his delegates illegally.
    "I just read an article about, Cruz is working really hard to -- I don't want to use the word 'bribe' -- but, to bribe the delegates from all over the place," he said, nearly shouting out the second "bribe."
    Trump has repeatedly knocked the primary system as a "rigged" process, and on Sunday he sounded skeptical about his campaign's decision to send advisers to the Republican National Committee's meeting at a posh resort in Florida last week.
    "I said, 'Do you really wanna do this? Do you actually wanna do this and spend the money for an airplane ticket to go there?' They went to Florida. By the way, they had boats and yachts waiting to take delegates and everybody. Boy, these delegates. I think I wanna become a delegate," he joked.
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