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Monday, April 4, 2016

Trump Voters Screwed - Tennessee GOP Holds Secret Meeting to Choose Delegates - Trump Delegates Excluded

Fuck the Republican Party

  • I have had it with these GOP Oligarchs who look down on we dirty peasants tilling the soil for our Lords and Masters.
  • The Open Borders, Big Government loving GOP left me in 2003 forcing me to become an independent Constitutional Federalist.  These bastards have not changed.

(New English Review)  -  I just came from a Tennessee Republican Party meeting where the public was excluded. I was not allowed in to cover it for New English Review. Last night I received an email from the Trump campaign which stated in part:
There is a small group of Tennessee establishment insiders pulling a fast one.
They want to appoint people who support Jeb Bush, John Kasich and others to represent the delegate slots that Donald Trump won on March 1 FAIR AND SQUARE!

Our Congressional delegates were on the ballot with Mr. Trump fortunately, so the state party couldn’t steal those delegates.  BUT THEY ARE TRYING TO STEAL OUR REMAINING AT-LARGE DELEGATES.

As the winner of 57% of the delegates, our campaign worked professionally and fairly with the State Republican party to make sure TRUMP supporters were appropriately represented on the final seven delegates and seven alternates delegates to be voted on tomorrow, April 2.

The State Party Chairman, Ryan Haynes, agreed to that ON WEDNESDAY. Those pulling his puppet strings changed his mind and now apparently he wants to appoint delegates representing candidates who don’t support Donald Trump and WHO DID NOT RECEIVE ANY ALLOCATED DELEGATES on March 1.

Lou Ann Zelenik, who ran for Congress last term, and is a delegate for the 4th district for Trump, explained how the party is appointing delegates who are part of the #NeverTrump movement to be Trump delegates and who will vote against him at the first opportunity. Lou Ann finally was allowed in, but several other Trump delegates were not allowed entry..
Everyone I spoke to was furious because they feel their votes are being subverted by party insiders who care only for their own power and position.
By a 15-vote margin, the GOP State Executive Committee made a farce of the March 1st state presidential primary today.  Ignoring the expressed preferences of hundreds of thousands of primary voters, they created a slate comprised mainly of “reliable” party hacks who — although committed by law to vote for the candidate they are assigned for two ballots — are nonetheless free to screw those very candidates on procedural votes which could dramatically affect the outcome.
Want to know why voters are so upset with the Republican party?  Look no further than the 44 slimeballs who voted for themselves and their cronies while flipping off the voters and presidential candidates who actually earned their standing at the ballot box.
There will be hell to pay for this….
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Ted Cruz Backers
Open Borders Jeb Bush and Open Borders Lindsey Graham back Ted Cruz. If you can still back Ted Cruz after seeing this photo then you are an idiot.
Cruz is a boot-licking tool of the Establishment.

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