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Friday, April 15, 2016

Kurdish Peshmerga finally getting heavy weapons?????

Better Late Than Never?
or Damn Lies?

  • I vote for damn lies. After Obama has starved the Kurds of weapons for years the military does a phony press conference saying weapons are on their way.
  • But deep down in the article we find out that the corrupt government of Iraq has 100% control over the arms shipments. I doubt if 10% of the arms ever reach the Kurds.

(Stars and Stripes)  -  America and its coalition partners have begun arming the Kurdish peshmerga with heavy weapons such as armored personnel carriers, mortars and anti-tank weaponry to bolster their capability against the Islamic State.
Brig. Gen. John E. Novalis II, deputy commander of the 101st Airborne Division, said this week that the U.S.-led coalition is providing the peshmerga with a significant amount of new gear as it prepares to take part in a planned assault to recapture the city of Mosul from the Islamic State.
“We have decided to give them about two U.S. Army brigades-worth of equipment – heavier stuff,” he said by telephone from Baghdad, where he is overseeing coalition training of Iraqi security forces.
Dear Leader Obama has starved the
Kurds of weapons to fight ISIS.

The new gear will likely be welcomed by the Kurds, who have long complained that their weapons are inferior to the U.S.-made hardware seized by the Islamic State when it drove Iraqi forces out of Mosul in 2014.
Iraqi officials had balked at the coalition directly arming the Kurds for fear the weapons could be used later to press longstanding Kurdish aspirations for an independent state. The Kurds, meanwhile, had complained that the central government was holding up delivery of coalition-supplied equipment.
Col. Steve Warren, spokesman for the U.S.-led international coalition targeting the Islamic State, said Wednesday the Iraqi government still approves all arms deliveries.
One hundred percent of the arms and equipment that we provide goes through the central government of Iraq,” Warren said.
There may be times when, after coordination with Baghdad, weapons are delivered to the Kurdish Regional Government, Warren said. “The central government decides where every piece of equipment goes,” he said.
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2014 Blast From the Past Cartoon.
By the way, who do you think is still providing ISIS with an endless re-supply of ammo and new weapons in a war lasting for years and years?  All together spell it out:  C-I-A.

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