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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, April 7, 2016

CORRUPTION - It is time to blow up the Convention system

1880 Republican National Convention

The Convention System is Dead
Both the GOP and Dem Oligarchs are 
exposed rigging the vote

By Gary;

In its present form the political convention system has long out lived its usefulness.

Your vote has no meaning. We see the corrupt open borders Billionaire Cartel Elites rigging the delegate selection process in both of the parties that they own.

The convention system began way back in 1831 when the Anti-Masonic Party met to nominate their candidate for President. That system was fine in the primitive pre-pony express days when communication was limited, but it is totally obsolete today.

By the early 20th century the Republican Progressive movement opened up the process with primaries where voters could directly vote for candidates for President.  The slow cutting out of the corrupt Elites began.

With modern communications today we are seeing the rigging of elections going on before our eyes. A candidate wins the popular vote in a state, but the party leaders make sure the losing candidate has more delegates. Or better yet, the Elites appoint as delegates the enemies of the winner to fill his delegate positions.

This corrupt insanity may finally kill off the obsolete convention system where bought and paid for "party leaders" meet in back rooms to select our leaders for us.

The primary system created in the era of Theodore Roosevelt has come to full adulthood. The convention system must get a total and complete makeover to reflect the will of the people.

A top down system that does not reform itself will face a violent People's Revolution such as happened in France (1789), China (1911), Russia (1917), Germany (1918) or America (1776).

Must See Video
Tucker Carlson: GOP Elites and Donors Cannot 
Pick Nominee - It's Up to the Voters

The Open Borders Billionaire Cartels who own our politicians will not
allow the average citizen to have a voice in his own government.

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