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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Nuclear plant infected with malware, logins compromised

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  • Call me a "crazy blogger", which I am, but what kind of moron connects the controls of nuclear power plants to the internet for any pimple faced 14 year old to hack?

(RT News)  -  Several computer viruses have been detected in a German nuclear power plant in Bavaria, the station operator said. The malware can steal login credentials and allow a remote attacker to access the cracked computer.
The incident took place at Gundremmingen plant about 100km from Munich.
“In Gundremmingen nuclear power plant so-called office-malware has been found during … testing work in Unit B,” a statement released by the power plant said.
Germany's Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) was immediately informed.
Workers in protective suits and masks wait to enter the emergency operation center at the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power station Photo: AFP

The statement initially didn’t mention what kind of malware was involved, only saying this software has been “known for a few years” and is designed to make “an unwanted connection to the internet.”
Later, RWE, a German electric utilities company that runs the plant, confirmed to Reuters the viruses include “W32.Ramnit” and “Conficker”. They were found in a computer system retrofitted in 2008 with data visualization software.
The worms were also found in at least 18 removable data drives, mainly in USB sticks and office computers maintained separately from the plant system, the company added.
According to data from Symantec, an American technology company, W32.Ramnit is a worm that spreads through removable drives and can steal login credentials. “The worm also functions as a back door allowing a remote attacker to access the compromised computer,” the firm said.
Conficker can disable several important Windows services and security products, according to information from Microsoft.
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Nothing to see here

Politicians the world over say the same Bullshit, 
"Nothing to see here, move along."

Move Along, Nothing to See Here

3 Mile Island, Pennsylvania—INES Level 5, 1979

According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the worst nuclear accident in U.S. history occurred when a stuck relief valve, caused by control flaws and human error, allowed tons of reactor coolant to escape, thereby resulting in a partial meltdown. Forty thousand gallons of contaminated waste spilled into the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  

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