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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Is the GOP playing NOT to win?

Jerome Corsi says Republicans are comfortable with Democrats' agenda

  • The reason the GOP keeps passing the Democrat's budgets is because there is no GOP. There is only one political party. The party of Big Government, the Republicrats.

(World Net Daily)  -  At last a Republican presidential candidate has emerged who has captured the hearts of the party’s base. At last a candidate is speaking to the deepest concerns of blue-collar Americans, including many independents and Democrats. At last working-class Republicans have someone they can enthusiastically support.
Does this mean the Republican Party is uniting around Donald Trump in hopes of securing a big victory this November?
To the contrary, the party establishment is talking about pulling out all the stops to prevent Trump from capturing the nomination, including supporting Ted Cruz, who they believe will lose the general election.
Jerome Corsi, a WND senior staff writer and longtime political observer, claims the GOP establishment does not always play to win.
“The establishment of the GOP is happy to have a Democratic Party president because they can do the social agenda they want without being responsible for it,” Corsi said in an interview.
“They are globalist in nature,” Corsi revealed. “They believe in this global free trade. They don’t really believe in U.S. boundaries, and they’re very much in agreement with the Democratic Party’s socialist agenda; they just don’t want to lead it. They don’t want to be responsible for it. They’re not conservative, and they’re not in agreement with the fundamental base of the Republican Party, which is much more conservative than they are.”
“They just want it to be a Democrat budget, and they want to argue that they don’t have any control over changing anything, which is not true but they want to argue that because they’re basically in accordance with the new agenda of the Democratic Party,” the author said. “They don’t want to have a strong Republican Party.”
So it is that GOP establishment figures recoil in horror at Donald Trump, who threatens to seize control from the Democrats while ending the lobbyist/consultant gravy train.
“They try to defeat Donald Trump because they’re very concerned that if Donald Trump gets a hold of the leadership of the party, he’s going to make dramatic changes in their privileges that they’re going to try to gain and continue to gain – all the money they make in Congress, lobbying, consulting, jobs after they’re finished with Congress,” Corsi said. “They don’t want to give up any of those privileges, and they don’t want to give up any of those basic goodies they have, and they don’t intend to give them up.”
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