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Monday, April 11, 2016

Illegal Alien Muslims Tear Gassed at Border

"How dare you defend your border."
Insane neighbor Greece condemns Macedonia 
for protecting their border from invaders.

(London Telegraph)  -  Greece has condemned the use of force against migrants as "dangerous and deplorable" after Macedonian  police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to deter hundreds of refugees from crossing the Greek side of the border.
The police fired tear gas, stun grenades, rubber bullets and a water cannon at around 500 migrants, including children, injuring more than 250, as they tried to scale a border fence at Idomeni in northern Greece in the latest violence to erupt in Europe's migrant crisis.
"The indiscriminate use of chemicals, rubber bullets and stun grenades against vulnerable populations, and particularly without reasons for such force, is a dangerous and deplorable act," George Kyritsis, a spokesman for migration coordination in the Greek government, said in an unusually strong statement.
Macedonian sources initially denied police took action but later said Macedonian police only fired tear gas after migrants stormed the border fence on Sunday.
Clashes continued into the afternoon at the makeshift camp which houses over 11,000 stranded migrants.
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Illegal Alien Muslims Tear Gassed

Illegal alien Muslims throw rocks at Police

A man calls to other illegal aliens to walk through the torn down wire
fencing along the border into Macedonia during the clashes

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