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Friday, April 1, 2016

Terminator Hunter Killers To Be Built, Pentagon

We are ruled over by madmen

  • The morons in the Military-Industrial Complex are spending billions on artificial intelligence and Terminators.
  • Best of all these fools use ISIS as the excuse to create Terminators.  Typical BS. We fund and arm ISIS and then our "leaders" cry out for more funding to stop ISIS.

(Agence France‑Presse)  -  A top Pentagon official on Wednesday gave a tantalizing peek into several projects that not long ago were the stuff of science fiction, including missile-dodging satellites, self-flying F-16 fighters and robot naval fleets.
Though the Pentagon is not planning to build devices that can kill without human input, Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work hinted that could change if enemies with fewer qualms create such machines.
"We might be going up against a competitor that is more willing to delegate authority to machines than we are, and as that competition unfolds we will have to make decisions on how we best can compete," he said.
Work, who helps lead Pentagon efforts to ensure the US military keeps its technological edge, described several initiatives, including one dubbed "Loyal Wingman" that would see the Air Force convert an F-16 warplane into a semi-autonomous and unmanned fighter that flies alongside a manned F-35 jet.
"It is going to happen," Work said of this and other unmanned systems.
"I would expect to see unmanned wingmen in the air first, I would expect to see unmanned systems undersea all over the place, I would expect to see unmanned systems on the surface of the sea," Work told an audience at a discussion in the capital hosted by The Washington Post.

Other projects include robot boats and a hyper-velocity gun -- known as the electromagnetic rail-gun -- that can blast a projectile out at an astonishing 4,500 miles (7,250 kilometers) per hour.

"Learning machines are going to allow us to get after ISIS as a network and deal them a lasting defeat," Work said.

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