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Friday, April 29, 2016

Trump in an Oregon Landslide

(OPB.org)  -  A new poll of Republican voters in Oregon finds that Donald Trump has a double-digit lead in the state’s May 17 primary, while Ted Cruz is second despite pulling out of the state.
The poll by the Portland-based Hoffman Research Group shows 43 percent support Trump. Twenty-six percent favor Cruz and 17 percent back John Kasich. It is the first public poll of the Republican presidential race in Oregon this year.  
Cruz has agreed not to campaign in Oregon and New Mexico in exchange for Kasich pulling out of Indiana. The two are trying to prevent Trump from getting a majority of delegates in advance of the convention. Each hopes to win in a multi-ballot convention.
Pollster Tim Nashif said Trump appears to have gotten a boost from his recent sweep of six Northeast states. And he said the Cruz-Kasich deal could have backfired with voters.  
“I think that just got a lot of people fed up,” said Nashif, referring to the deal. He said voters tend not to like such gamesmanship. His poll was conducted Tuesday and Wednesday night, in the wake of Trump’s sweep of five Northeastern states on Wednesday.
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