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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Rush Limbaugh Backs The GOP Establishment - A Liar or Idiot?

Rush Defends Corrupt GOP Convention
Rush defends the Establishment as they pack 
the GOP convention with their lackeys

By Gary;

Let me say that I have been a loyal Rush listener since he first appeared on KFI Los Angeles in 1988 or 89.

But more and more I find myself turning Rush off because he has put his brain in neutral and refuses to see facts.

For example.

On Rigging Elections:

RUSH:  "That's true.  That's true about Crazy Bernie.  They have rigged it over to the Democrat side.  They're using their superdelegates.  It's not rigged on the Republican side."

At that point I was so pissed I turned off the show . . . again.

Is Rush a fucking idiot or a liar?

It is all over the media about local GOP voter fraud in state after state. Trump will win a primary but the corrupt GOP Elites appoint anti-Trump delegates to "represent" Trump at the convention.

In what insane world do your enemies select your delegates for you?

Also some 1,000,000 Colorado Republican voters were just denied the right to vote for President by a tiny group of Elite GOP insiders.  The people were not asked, "Hey is it alright if we take away your vote?"

Rush just repeats the same old Bullshit that these are the rules. Never mind that the voters had no say in any way about these "rules".

Maybe this is a pure business decision for Rush. There is a lot of cold hard cash on the table for talk hosts willing to be mindless cheerleaders for either party.

So we have two choices:

  • Option #1. Rush is a Liar  -  If Rush knows about the convention delegate fraud by the Establishment Elites but refuses to attack it then he is lying to his listeners for ratings gold. "Rah, rah. Vote GOP in November" is the standard line by cheerleader Rush.

  • Option #2. Rush is an Idiot  -  The other option is Rush looks at the voter fraud and is just not smart enough to see what is right in front of his face.  Rush repeats over and over: "GOP is good.  Dems are bad." Never does it enter his head that BOTH open borders parties are bad.

This primary season has proven the Emperor has no clothes. The illusion of us being a democracy has been shattered.

Rush wake up and smell the shit the Elites are shoveling.

Public Outraged by Trump
Screw Job In Colorado

The open borders GOP Elites are rigging the delegate selection process in order to crown Paul Ryan or another compliant lackey.

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