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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Liar Sununu trashes Trump, says GOP will lose all

No new taxes liars of a feather flock together
Sununu and Bush

From the Lying Sack of Shit Dept.

  • John Sununu is a great bullshitter. That is why he is on the payroll of Fox News as a "conservative" commentator.
  • Sununu, Chief of Staff to the "no new taxes" liar George HW Bush, trashes Trump but what does he offer?  Sununu wants the Elites to give us more of the same: more lies, more debt, bigger government, endless wars and wide open borders.

(Breitbart News)  -  Monday on NewsmaxTV’s  “The Steve Malzberg Show,” former White House chief of staff to President George H. W. Bush and former Gov. John H. Sununu (R-NH) said if Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wins the nomination Republicans will get swept in national elections in 2016.
Sununu said, “I assume that even the Trump supporters want this country to move in a different direction. If Trump is the nominee, we lose — as Republicans we lose the Senate, we lose most of the House and we lose the presidency. It is nice to go for somebody that has hot rhetoric that makes you feel good, but this is somebody that has turned off 80 percentof America. He may have the support of 25 percent of Republicans which is about 12 percent of America. But 80 percent of America really does not like this man.”
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Fuck the GOP Elites
It is all lies and bullshit from the Elites: No new taxes, we want small
government, we will "secure" the borders, there are WMDs in Iraq, we will
fight Obama's policies, we need to bomb Syria.
The lies go on and on.

Turkey is backing ISIS says Russian leader

Ramzan Kadyrov
The Muslim Governor of Chechnya

(RT News)  -  The head of the Chechen Republic has accused the Turkish authorities of aiding the Islamic State terrorist group and taking part clandestinely in Western nations’ plots to weaken and destroy Islam.
Ramzan Kadyrov shared his ideas through a post on Instagram. He said it was a reply to accusations by Turkish mass media that he was opposing Muslims and acting on the side of infidels. 
Also, the Chechen leader countered the statements of the same mass media that Turkey has always helped the Chechen people.
I prefer exact statements and I am asking you – when, where and with which has Turkey ever helped Chechnya and my people? Show me a single school, hospital, kindergarten or mosque presented to Chechnya,” Kadyrov wrote. You only helped terrorists, Wahhabis. You raised funds for them, you offered them medical treatment and rest and they committed terrorist attacks, and killed Chechen people. Was this your help?
He went on to accuse the Turkish authorities of helping terrorists from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and other terrorist groups. Turkey is not fighting ISIS! They are making business, they buy oil from them and finance the enemies of Islam who kill thousands of Muslims!” he wrote.
The aircraft that Turkey has shot down was our aircraft! You know that there are millions of Muslims in Russia, why did you act on the hint of the United States and other Western nations, downed our plane and killed our pilot, who fought ISIS and protected Muslims?” the Chechen leader asked his Turkish opponents.
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Syrian Rebels Destroy Alleged Russian Helicopter Searching For Downed Russian Pilots

The Dirty Little Secret of ISIS
If you need a few extra rocket launchers you can't go down to your local Walmart.  The Syrian civil war has been going on for years, but the controlled Media Machine never asks who is providing the endless flow of new weapons and ammo resupplies to ISIS and the other Islamist groups.
The fact of the matter is, ISIS is a creation of Islamist Turkey, Islamist Saudi Arabia and the CIA.  Turkey helps ISIS kill the Kurds and has even provided air support by bombing Kurdish forces. Turkey also ships weapons to al-Qaeda and other Islamist groups.
Saudi Arabia uses ISIS as a weapon against Iran and Syria's version of Islam. The CIA is there to support our Islamist "allies".

Christmas carols banned so Muslims will not be offended

Open Borders Comes Home to Roost

  • The stupid and corrupt open borders political hacks eagerly import millions of Muslims and then become frightened of their new "guests". After all we know what happens if Muslims feel offended.

(London Telegraph)  -  An Italian headmaster has been forced to resign after he scrapped his school’s Christmas carol concert following the Paris attacks in a move that sparked outrage across the country.

Marco Parma, 63, decided to ban traditional festivities at Garofani school in Rozano, near Milan, so as not to cause offence to non-Christian pupils.  (Translation - Muslims. Editor)
Instead he planned to organise an evening of song in January, transforming the event into a winter concert rather than a celebration of Christmas.
But the move provoked anger among parents of pupils at the school, riled politicians of all stripes and prompted calls for intervention by the education minister.

Matteo Renzi, Italy’s prime minister and leader of the Democratic Party, expressed indignation that political correctness had been allowed to get in the way of such an important part of Italian culture.
“Discussion and dialogue does not mean to say we can drown our identity for the sake of a vague and insipid form of political correctness,” he told Corriere della Sera. “Italians, both non-religious and Christians, will never give up Christmas."
Politicians from Silvio Berlusconi's centre-Right Forza Italia party urged Stefania Giannini, education minister, to step in and change the headmaster’s mind, while Northern League leader Matteo Salvini tried to phone Mr Parma on a radio show, warning that "cancelling traditions is a favour for terrorists".
"Just think how Isis is taking us for fools as they listen to us," said the head of the anti-immigrant party, using one of the acronyms for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).
Parents of all faiths were outraged at the ban at the school, which teaches 1,000 children, 20 per cent of whom were born to non-Italians. Several turned up at the gates last week demanding an explanation from Mr Parma. Others began preparing a petition after they learnt that the school's board had also decided to remove crucifixes from classrooms.
The headmaster later handed in his resignation.
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Cops Now Steal More Than Robbers

 "Corruptus in Extremis"

(Reason.com)  -  One of the most troubling recent scenes from Sacramento came as the California state legislature reached the end of its session. A simple bill that would rein in abuses of the civil-asset forfeiture processi.e., when police agencies take property from people, even if they've never been accused of a crimecame far short of passage after the law-enforcement lobby pulled out all the stops. The final vote was about money, not justice.

Police organizations argued they would lose a significant amount of funding if a law passed requiring that they secure a conviction before taking property. They often take homes, cars and cash from people after claiming the property was used in the commission of a crime. They need only prove the low standard of "probable cause." (For instance, one Anaheim couple almost lost a $1.5 million commercial building after an undercover cop bought $37 in marijuana from a tenant, but the feds dropped that case after bad publicity.)

Created in the early days of the nation's war on drugs, asset forfeiture was designed to grab the proceeds from drug kingpins. But most of the money now is grabbed from ordinary citizens. According to a study last year, about 80 percent of the time, seized property is taken from people who have never been charged with anything. That same study, by the Drug Policy Alliance, found wanton abuses in California cities. Police are not supposed to budget forfeiture proceeds, but they increasingly depend on the revenues to fund their operations.
The study also found "multiple instances of cash grabs by law enforcement being incentivized over deterring drug sales, wherein police wait until a drug sale concludes and then seize the cash proceeds of the sale rather than the drugs, as drugs must be destroyed and are of no monetary value to law enforcement." It also found that some Los Angeles County cities "were found to be prioritizing asset forfeiture over general public safety concerns … ." In other words, police skew their policing strategies around these lucrative takings.
California's law actually requires, in property seizures of more than $25,000, that the police agency gain a conviction and the legal standard requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt. California law-enforcement agencies don't like that higher standard, so they circumvent the state law. They participate in something called "equitable sharing"i.e., they invite the feds into their operation, take the property using the lower federal standard, and then split the loot.
An economic consulting firm reported on data last week showing that the approximately $4.5 billion in annual forfeitures now exceeds the $3.9 billion Americans lose in robberies each year. The clear point: Your local police or sheriff's department is more likely to take your stuff than a robber. The Institute for Justice report found the problem getting worse. "It's exploding, despite the fact that the issue is getting a lot of attention," said Dick Carpenter, one of the study's authors. According to the report, forfeiture revenues have more than doubled between 2002 to 2013. California agencies collected approximately $280 million over the 11-year study periodand an additional $696 million by partnering with federal agencies.
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Monday, November 30, 2015

WAR! - Putin Orders 150,000 Troops Deployed into Syria - Turkey Blockades Russia's Black Sea Fleet

Russia at war with Turkey & ISIS?

  • Islamist Turkey pushes the world closer to war by blockading Russia's Black Sea Fleet from traveling to Syria.
  • Now Putin is preparing to send 150,000 Russian troops to Syria. (UK Express)

(Superstation 95.1)  -  Turkey has begun a defacto blockade of Russian naval vessels,  preventing transit through the Dardanelles and the Strait of Bosporus, between the Black Sea and Mediterranean.   
According to the AIS tracking system for the movement of maritime vessels, only Turkish vessels are moving along the Bosphorus, and in the Dardanelles there is no movement of any shipping at all.
At the same time, both from the Black Sea, and from the Mediterranean Sea, there is a small cluster of ships under the Russian flag, just sitting and waiting. The image below shows the situation with the ships using the GPS transponder onboard each vessel:
In addition, shipping inside the Black Sea from Novorossiisk and Sevastopol in the direction of the Bosphorus, no Russian vessels are moving. This indirectly confirms the a CNN statement that Turkey may have blocked the movement of Russian ships on the Dardanelles and the Strait of Bosporus.

Playing with Fire
Islamist Turkey, which has been funding and arming ISIS and other
Islamist groups, now appears to be blockading Russia's Black Sea fleet.

There is a Treaty specifically covering the use of these waterways by nations of the world.  That Treaty is the Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits. 
It is a 1936 agreement that gives Turkey control over the Bosporus Straits and the Dardanelles and regulates the transit of naval warships. The Convention gives Turkey full control over the Straits and guarantees the free passage of civilian vessels in peacetime. It restricts the passage of naval ships not belonging to Black Sea states. The terms of the convention have been the source of controversy over the years, most notably concerning the Soviet Union's military access to the Mediterranean Sea.
The International Straits Commission was abolished, authorizing the full resumption of Turkish military control over the Straits and the refortification of the Dardanelles. Turkey was authorized to close the Straits to all foreign warships in wartime or when it was threatened by aggression; additionally, it was authorized to refuse transit from merchant ships belonging to countries at war with Turkey.
Turkey has now invoked its power, but has not publicly stated whether they are blocking Russian Naval Vessels because Turkey is "threatened with aggression" or whether Turkey considers itself to be "at war."  Last week, Turkey shot down a Russian military jet over Syria and this has caused a major rift between the two nations. 
This latest development of blockading Russian naval vessels is a massive and terrifyingly dangerous development.  Blockading Russia and preventing its Black Sea fleet from traveling to the rest of the world, or back to its home port,  is something that will not sit well with the Russians. 
Earlier today, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the deployment of 150,000 Russian troops and equipment into Syria, but then ALSO ordered the deployment of 7,000 additional Russian Troops, tanks, rocket launchers and artillery, to the Russian Border of Turkey at Armenia, with orders to be "fully combat ready."
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Putin with the Russian Navy

A redcoat solution to government surveillance - The 3rd Amendment

A California Democrat says:
'Use the 3rd Amendment to defeat the Police State.'

(ARS Technica)  -  The Third Amendment to the United States Constitution is just 32 words: "No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law."
Amongst very nerdy constitutional law circles, the Third Amendment is practically a joke. It’s never been the primary basis of a Supreme Court decision, and it only turns up rarely in legal cases. The reality is that the federal government isn’t going to be sending American soldiers to individual homes anytime soon. Even The Onion tackled the issue in 2007: "Third Amendment Rights Group Celebrates Another Successful Year."
But in a recent op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, one California state lawmaker, Assemblyman Mike Gatto, has proposed a novel legal theory that could allow this amendment to fuel a major legal challenge to the American surveillance state:
Let's examine whether a case may be made. The National Security Agency is part of the Department of Defense and therefore of our nation's military. By law, the NSA director must be a commissioned military officer, and per its mission statement, the NSA gathers information for military purposes. That's strong evidence that NSA personnel would qualify as soldiers under the 3rd Amendment.
And why did the framers prohibit the government lodging soldiers in private homes? Besides a general distaste for standing armies, quartering was costly for homeowners; it was also an annoyance that completely extinguished a family's sense of privacy and made them feel violated. Sound familiar?

As Gatto acknowledges, the Third Amendment has hardly been litigated in the history of the republic. And he figures that civil liberties groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union have yet to strike a crippling blow to the government in their myriad of legal challenges under the First and Fourth Amendments. Plus, he realizes that a plaintiff and his or her creative lawyers would need to get around the thorny issue of standing, which has been a particular tough hurdle to overcome.
"I think they need to start taking other tools from the toolbox," Gatto told Ars. "It's definitely a long shot argument and is definitely one that has certain deficiencies, but what got me going on that line of reasoning is that when it has been cited in privacy cases it's been big landmark privacy cases—you get a sense that our Founding Fathers valued privacy. There’s a clear message that privacy is something."
As Gatto pointed out, one of the most recent citations for the Third Amendment in a Supreme Court decision (Griswold v. Connecticut) is from a big case. The Third Amendment is mentioned in one single sentence in this 1965 decision concerning the constitutionality of a Connecticut state law banning contraception, which the court overturned.
"The Third Amendment, in its prohibition against the quartering of soldiers ‘in any house’ in time of peace without the consent of the owner, is another facet of that privacy," the Supreme Court wrote in its 7-2 majority opinion.
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Stealth Halal: Nordic Choice hotel group bans pork at breakfasts

Is it just a coincidence?

  • As Muslim immigration to Sweden massively increases we see excuses made to ban pork products from the menu.

Fox News: 

Scandinavian hotel chain bans bacon and sausage

A hotel group from Norway has banned sausages and bacon from its breakfast menu to encourage healthier and more sustainable eating practices.

Nordic Choice hotel group–  which operates over 170 properties including Comfort hotels, Quality hotels, Clarion hotels, and others throughout Scandinavia and the Baltics— will replace the meaty breakfast items with plant-based options at locations of its Comfort Hotel chain.

Petter Stordalen, Nordic Choice’s owner, cited sustainability—rather than the WHO’s October report that named processed meats as carcinogens—as the driving force behind the change.

“The focus on sustainability permeates what we do in Nordic Choice,” Stordalen told Hegnar.no. He added that he believes guests “will appreciate a good, healthy start to the day.”

But not everyone at his hotel group agrees.

“There are mixed reactions,”  Ebba Kohl, who runs the restaurant at one of Comfort’s properties, told Sweden’s Västerbottens Kuriren newspaper (via The Local). “Some are upset and some understanding.”

Thanks to 1389 Blog - Counter jihad!

McCain - Trump is turning Muslims against America

Retard Alert
  • Pardon me for believing Muslim hate pre-dates Donald Trump.
  • A retarded John McCain ignores 1,400 years of Muslim hate of non-Muslims and says Trump is turning Muslims against Christians.
  • McCain naturally ignored the Muslim genocide against Christians in the Sudan's Darfur region, the Muslim persecution against Egyptian Christians, the Muslim genocide against the Greek peoples of Anatolia, the Muslim genocide against the Christian Assyrians and the Armenian Genocide.

(The Hill)  -  Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric is only serving to turn the international Muslim community against the U.S.
“Oh, I think it has an interesting effect of turning Muslims all over the world against the United States of America, which is 99.44 percent people who practice an honorable religion,” the Arizona senator said of Trump on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday.
McCain, a former GOP presidential nominee, also accused 2016 hopefuls of harping on the Syrian refugee crisis, while the U.S. faces much more substantial threats.
“As all of our candidates bloviate about the refugees, [Syrian President] Bashar Assad is a major cause of the refugees which are now flooding Europe and causing such consternation in the United States,” he said. 
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The Muslim genocide of
Armenian Christians

A line of naked, crucified Armenian girls.
See more at Genocide Museum.am

"When the Turkish authorities gave the orders for these deportations, they were merely giving the death warrant to a whole race; they understood this well, and, in their conversations with me, they made no particular attempt to conceal the fact…"
U.S. Ambassador 
Henry Morgenthau, Sr. in 1918.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Concert - The Great Race

The Greatest of all Comedies
The comedy that is almost a musical

By Gary;

They are all gone now.

Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Peter Falk, Keenan Wynn and Blake Edwards have all left us. Only a 92 year old Larry Storch ("give a man some fightin room") remains.

But in their wake they left us the musical-comedy jewel of The Great Race.  In my mind it ranks as the greatest comedy of all time.

But in this case we celebrate the music of the great Henry Mancini who did the beautiful music for the film.

Often cited as one of the greatest composers in the history of film, Mancini won four Academy Awards, a Golden Globe, and twenty Grammy Awards, plus a posthumous Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1995.

Mancini brought us The Pink Panther, Breakfast at Tiffany's (Moon River), Peter Gunn and so many more.  Enjoy.

The Great Race (Opening Credits)
Henry Mancini

The Sweetheart Tree - Natalie Wood

Professor Fate's theme

The Great Race - Lily Olay

The Royal Waltz

The Great Pie Fight

Even in the Great Pie Fight the music of 
Henry Mancini carries the scene

Hannibal 8 from The Great Race

Russian Governor: Take no prisoners in war against terror

Russia's Muslim Governors
Chechnya's Ramzan Kadyrov (right) with Ingushetia's Yunus-Bek Yevkurov.

The Russians are not Pussies

(RT News)  -  The head of the Russian republic of Ingushetia told reporters a public debate would be unnecessary if special services were simply allowed to kill terrorists on the spot.
Upper house MPs propose canceling the moratorium on the death penalty for terrorists. I think we won’t have to do this once we give special services the right to search and neutralize terrorists, who threaten the lives and safety of our citizens, the property and infrastructure of our country, wherever these terrorists are found,” Yunus-Bek Yevkurov wrote on his Instagram page. All terrorists must fall under the ‘take no prisoners’ rule,” he added.
The comment came after deputy chairman of Russia’s Federation Council, Frants Klintsevich, proposed that senators bring back the death penalty in Russia because of the increased terrorism threat. New challenges have arisen since Russia started its operation against Islamic State in Syria.
Earlier this month, lower house MPs said Russia should cancel the moratorium on the death penalty after the Federal Security Service confirmed the deadliest air crash in modern Russian history – the downing of the A231 jet in Sinai – was caused by a bomb blast.
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The states of southern Russia

Muslim Russian Governor Yunus-bek Yevkurov in his days as a soldier. 
Yevkurov has had various positions of command within the Russian Airborne Troops and has participated in counterterrorist operations in the North Caucasus. During the course of the Second Chechen War in 2000, he was in command of the 217th Guards Airborne Regiment. 

While on a reconnaissance mission, Yevkurov's team discovered a house where a group of captured Russian soldiers was held. Having neutralized the guards and infiltrated the building, the team was surrounded by Chechen reinforcements, resulting in armed combat. The Russian troops were able to break through the encirclement while Yevkurov was providing cover for the evacuation of the wounded. He personally carried a soldier to safety despite sustaining an injury himself.
 Twelve imprisoned soldiers were rescued. On 13 April 2000, Yevkurov, for his courage, was presented with the Hero of Russia award, the country's highest title of honor.  Read More . . .