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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Now snow in the Arctic means global warming

Bullshit Alert
The Left thinks you are an idiot.
If it does NOT snow it is Global Warming
But if it DOES snow then it is also Global Warming

KIRUNA, Sweden – Thick reindeer fur boots and a fur hat covering most of his face shield Niila Inga from freezing winds as he races his snowmobile up to a mountaintop overlooking his reindeer in the Swedish arctic.
His community herds about 8,000 reindeer year-round, moving them between traditional grazing grounds in the high mountains bordering Norway in the summer and the forests farther east in the winter, just as his forebears in the Sami indigenous community have for generations.
Inga is troubled: His reindeer are hungry, and he can do little about it. Climate change is altering weather patterns and affecting the herd’s food supply.
Slipping his hand from a massive reindeer skin mitten, Inga illustrates the problem, plunging his hand into the crusted snow and pulling out a hard piece of ice close to the soil.
Unusually early snowfall in autumn was followed by rain that froze, trapping food under a thick layer of ice. Unable to eat, the hungry animals scattered from their traditional migration routes in search of new grazing grounds.
Half the herd carried on east as planned, while the rest retreated to the mountains where predators abound, and the risk of avalanches is great.
The arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the globe. Measurements by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute show the country has warmed 2.95 degrees Fahrenheit compared with preindustrial times.
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Openly Gay Federal Judge Appointed by Trump

The Genius of The Donald
Only Trump could force the Left to oppose a Gay Filipino minority for a Federal Judgeship.

In a counter-intuitive development, the U.S. Senate approved on Tuesday an openly gay federal prosecutor named by President Trump for a seat on the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, making him the highest-ranking openly gay federal judge in the country.
The Republican-majority chamber approved Patrick Bumatay, who previously worked as a U.S. attorney in Southern California, to a lifetime seat on the federal appeals court. The vote was 53-40.
With Republicans voting in his favor and Democrats voting against him, the traditionally party roles on LGBTQ rights were shifted on the confirmation vote.
Democrats cited Bumatay’s lack of appellate experience as a reason to vote against him. Trump chose Bumatay for the seat after ignoring the recommendations of Sens. Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein of California for the seat on the Ninth Circuit.

Sens. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), the only out lesbian in the Senate, and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), the only open bisexual, were among the Democrats voting against Bumatay. Also voting against was Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), the chief sponsor of the Equality Act in the Senate.
No senator — either for or against Bumatay — took to the floor to speak out on the nominee days before his confirmation or the cloture vote to end the filibuster to end his nomination.
Now that he’s confirmed, Bumatay, who’s both gay and Filipino, is not only the highest-ranking openly gay person on the federal bench, but also the highest-ranking Filipino.
Previously, the only other openly gay federal appeals judge is U.S. Circuit Judge Todd Hughes of the Federal Circuit, whom the Senate confirmed in 2013 after he was nominated by President Obama. But the Federal Circuit isn’t considered as prestigious or high-ranking as the Ninth Circuit.
It’s the second openly gay person Trump has confirmed to the federal bench. The first one was Mary Rowland, who was approved in August and is now a federal judge in Illinois.
Bumatay was confirmed to the seat despite opposition from his two home state senators — Harris and Feinstein — civil rights organizations and one anti-LGBT group. Log Cabin Republicans were among Bumatay’s supporters.
“Log Cabin Republicans is heartened by the long-awaited confirmation of Patrick Bumatay as a judge on the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, making him the highest-ranking LGBT jurist in the nation,” said Charles Moran, managing director of the Log Cabin Republicans in a statement. “He is an accomplished prosecutor with solid experience, and we’re thankful to President Trump for pushing forward with Patrick’s nomination and the Senate confirming him, knowing he would never get a fair shake from his home-state senators. I know all Americans will welcome Patrick’s arrival on the Ninth Circuit, bringing some sanity back to the circuit most known for being out of the mainstream.
Washington Blade.com

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Parents Lose Custody of 15-Year-Old Daughter For Refusing to Allow Sex Change

Madness Everywhere
Now the All Powerful State will take your minor child and chop off body parts.

(Newswars)  -  The parents of a 15-year-old Finnish girl lost custody of their daughter after refusing to allow her to undergo a sex change.

According to a report by Svenska Yle, the parents prevented the girl from starting hormone treatments to “correct her gender.”

The names of the individuals involved were changed and the EU country in which the events happened were removed from the article to protect the identity of the family.

However, what we do know is that two summers ago after the family moved abroad, their daughter Nea met a new friend group.

She went from acting and dressing very feminine to dressing like a boy and claiming she was born into the wrong body.

Nea then demanded that her parents Kari and Niina allow her to begin hormone therapy and eventually breast removal surgery.

The request was denied and Nea became increasingly angry before one of her friends contacted the police and filed a criminal report against the parents.

Documents show that Nea’s friends were encouraging her to “break contact with her parents” from the beginning.

Nea was taken by authorities and spent a few months in an orphanage before being allowed to return home to her parents, who then planned to move back to Finland.

Nea later returned to the police station with a local transgender activist and a decision to allow her to begin hormone treatment was made without the parents even being consulted.

Nea’s parents eventually gave up on trying to regain full custody of her and now say that she hardly speaks to them.

Her parents watched a video of the girl talking into a camera and saying, “This is how I sound six months after I started taking testosterone.”

She has apparently developed a deeper voice, put on weight and grown more hair, changes that are “irreversible.”

“Without over-dramatizing, you can say that as the voice, appearance and personality change, it is as if they had killed our child,” said the girl’s mother.

As we previously highlighted, the number of children wanting to undergo sex change treatment has exploded since the media and the culture began hyping transgender identity politics.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that five people working at Britain’s only NHS transgender clinic had quit after children as young as three were being through unnecessary gender reassignment treatment.

“Referrals to the clinic risen in recent years, with 94 in 2010, rising to 2,519 by last year, with the youngest patient aged just three,” reported the Daily Mail.


A World Gone Mad
Read More:
Feds - $200K study on Transgender Women using Facebook

‘It’s Okay to Be White’ sign gets student expelled

Thought Criminal Punished
Know your place. Only think and speak thoughts that are approved by your "betters".

(Gateway Pundit)  -  An Oklahoma City University School of Law student has been expelled for posting a flyer that said simply, “it’s okay to be white.”

OCU Police Director Bill Citty said that the student poses no threat to the campus, despite being expelled.

The student, who has not been publicly named, was already suspended when he posted the flyers on Halloween night, according to a report from the Oklahoman. After the flyers were posted, school officials watched security footage and quickly identified the student. They claim he violated terms of his suspension by being on campus.
“The reason you look into those types of things is you want to make sure the individual is not a threat to other students,” Citty told the Oklahoman. “You have to look into those issues in this date and time. People worry, students worry, staff worry, parents worry. You have to make sure.”
“It’s okay to be white” flyers have popped up at campuses all over the nation in the last few years, as white men are constantly being put down by the media. The statement is frequently referred to as a “hate message,” though “Black Lives Matter” and other slogans are not only smiled upon, but encouraged.
The flyer did not say “it is better to be white” or disparage any other races.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Put Anti-Vaxxers in “Re-Education Camps” says Never Trumper

Japanese Americans in a U.S. Concentration Camp

Concentration Camps
They are not just for Japanese Americans any more

  • There is a madness ripping through society. The insane want independent thought to be crushed at all costs.
  • Authoritarian Big Brother Government never changes - be it the British concentration camps for Boers, American camps for Japanese Americans or Communist camps for Muslims.

(Summit News)  -  Neo-Con Republican strategist and Never Trumper Rick Wilson has suggested that anti-vaxxers should be put in re-education camps and have their children taken away.
Yes, really.
Wilson was responding to an NBC News story about how people who question the safety of vaccines are now taking their fight “offline” due to mass censorship by the likes of Facebook and are “harassing doctors and private citizens.”
“Anti-vaxxers are a scourge and a strong argument for re-education camps, the immediate seizure of their property, and putting their children into protective custody,” responded Wilson.

The tweet received nearly 8,000 likes.
One could make the argument that anti-vaxxers are pushing harmful misinformation, but to suggest they should have their kids seized and put in gulags is clearly demented.
Respondents to the tweet were not impressed.
“Like China is doing to the Uyghur?” asked one.
“You should definitely visit the @AuschwitzMuseum because a place like that was only possible thanks to people who think like you,” remarked another.
While Wilson purports to be a conservative, he is in reality a deep state neo-con who has trashed President Trump for 3 years solid.

Big Brother Concentration Camps
Camps for Enemies of the State, the confiscation of private property and racial identity cards.  The only thing missing was a final solution plan.

Camp Algiers in Louisiana
American Concentration Camps
It did happen here and it can happen again.
FDR Put Jews in U.S. Concentration Camps
American Concentration Camps

Illegal alien Africans flood the Mexico border

The Mexican National Guard block a road during an operation to halt a caravan of illegal aliens from Africa.

Open Borders America

  • Trump and his Nationalist supporters are the only ones in America who want to control the border.
  • The bought off GOP and Dem whores in Congress do everything in their power to prevent reform of asylum laws, to increase legal imported cheap labor and drag their feet on building a wall.

(Los Angeles Times)  -  The number of African migrants heading to the U.S. through Mexico has more than doubled this year — from roughly 2,700 in 2018 to 5,800 today, according to data from the federal government.
That figure has been steadily rising since 2007 — the year the Mexican government began including migrants from African countries who have contact with immigration officials in their annual migration reports — when the number was 460.
And that dramatic increase has been mostly left out of U.S. immigration conversations, activists say.
“Even within the immigration movement, you see a lack of visibility of black narratives with what is happening at the border,” said Guerline Jozef, director and co-founder of the Haitian Bridge Alliance, an organization that helps black migrants from all over the world.
Jozef was initially caught off-guard by the number of black migrants south of the border.
In 2016 she didn’t know how to respond to a call she got about a group of Haitian migrants in Tijuana. She couldn’t understand why they were in Tijuana instead of Florida, the more traditional migration route for Caribbean migrants.
“At the time, honestly, I did not believe it,” she said.
But she went anyway and met with 12 Haitian migrants. She stayed a month and counted more than 400 black migrants from not just Haiti but Congo, Cameroon and Sierra Leone as well.

Read More . . . . .

African migrants traveling north clash with Mexican military police


Monday, December 9, 2019

A Little Monday Music - Jim Croce - Photographs And Memories

Photographs And Memories

I just lost my wife. We were together for 45 years. This is the first holiday season in forever without her. Judging by the comments below many others have faced this nightmare. So sad during such a happy time.

35 years ago my wife and I fell in love listening to Jim Croce, his music got us threw some rough times. Nov 11 2015, I sat in a hospice house holding my wife for the last time.. Listening to him Croce on u tube,, she passed away while photographs and memories was playing. I love and miss her so much

Anyone that doesn't like this song is not human.

The older we get, the more we can relate to this song.

This song is so painfully bittersweet that I can't listen to it more than twice a week without having to eat ten gallons of ice cream in order to comfort the subsequent emotional trauma

The lyrics are especially somber when you realize that these songs are all we have to remember him by. This man died way too young.

when I hear this song, it makes me sit back and stare out the window, taking in every word and melody

I was at the concert at NSU in Natchitoches, LA> the night he was killed. What a show! He was great! Then 3 hours later we learn the plane had crashed. Heartbreaking to say the least!

Bittersweet, Missing My Family> Loving & Missing my husband whom was taken in Nov.2014… My dad in Dec 2014

Twitter Now Explicitly and Self-Admittedly Shadowbans Users

Fuck Silicon Valley Censorship
Where is Trump as Conservatives are being openly raped by multi-national internet corporations?

Fight Censorship. Subscribe to Styx and your other favorite commentators on the free speech video platform Bitchute.com

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Saturday Sultress - Helly Von Valentine

Helly von Valentine

Helly Von Valentine (aka Disharmonica) - "I'm cosplayer, erocosplayer and photo model from Russia."