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Monday, November 24, 2014

Musings during a perfect day in Oceanside

Oceanside, California

She said I can't go back to America soon
So goddamn cold it's going to snow until June
Yeah, they're freezin' up in Buffalo stuck in their cars
And I'm lyin' here 'neath the sun and the stars
Jimmy Buffett

By Gary;

It was been a bitch of a year, and my batteries badly needed re-charging.  So the wife and I were off to spend a weekend with friends and family in beautiful Oceanside.

I am a politics and public affairs junkie.  Can't help it.  It is in my blood.  But the time comes when you need to step back and get this insane crap out of your mind.

The highlight for me was Saturday afternoon.  It was a stunningly beautiful warmish 71 degrees, and I was people and pelican watching at the end of the Oceanside pier.

Warm weather, sea birds, surfers, hot dogs and hot women days before Thanksgiving.  I could only be in the People's Republic of California.

There is a lot politically to complain about in the People's Republic and nationally under King Obama.  But none of that crap really matters when you are in the moment of a perfect California day.

I don't want to insult you guys out there (yes I do really), but California is still the best place in the world to live.  Sure we will soon be annexed by Mexico as their newest state, but what the Hell.  On a day like that you just go with the flow and screw "Screw it, I live in the most beautiful place on earth."

So for the rest of you fools freezing your butts off in those "lesser" 49 states, good luck to you this winter.  I won't be thinking of you while I am baking in the California sun.

Jimmy Buffett: Manana

California Dreamin' on such a winter's day

Lindsey Graham: "Benghazi Report Full of Crap"

Lindsey Graham: 
"Benghazi Report Full of Crap"

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham on Sunday criticized a recently released House Republican report that concludes no intelligence lapses in connection with the fatal Benghazi attacks, saying congressional investigators did a “lousy job.”
“I think the report is full of crap,” Graham, a Republican, said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” 
The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence report released late Friday concluded the CIA and the military acted properly in responding to the 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya.
The report also found no wrongdoing by Obama administration officials, no delay in sending a CIA rescue team, no missed opportunity for a military rescue and no evidence the CIA was covertly shipping arms from Libya to Syria.
“This report puts all the blame on the State Department and absolves the intelligence community,” Graham said.

550 Germans are fighting with ISIS

German convert Jihadist in Syria.  The German convert said
"we love death and we will win here."


"Deutschland über alles
You know, it is always something about the Germans.

The number of Germans fighting alongside Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq has increased sharply to 550 and around 180 have returned, the head of Germany's domestic intelligence said in a newspaper interview published on Sunday.

"We are concerned about the high number of departures. Especially in the last six weeks, it has risen further," Hans-Georg Maassen told Welt am Sonntag.

"By now we are counting 550 people, that is how many have left Germany to go to Syria and Iraq," he added. The previous number was 450 people reports Reuters News.

Around 60 of them have been killed during fighting, with at least nine killing themselves in suicide attacks, Maassen said. "That is a sad success for the Islamist propaganda."

As with other Western European countries, Germany is struggling to stop the radicalization of young Muslims, some of whom want to become jihadists in Syria or Iraq. Officials also worry that they might return to plot attacks on home soil.

Since Germany is part of the alliance fighting Islamic State, the country is "naturally" a target for the militants as well as al Qaeda members, Maassen said.

Intelligence services estimate that around 180 jihadists have returned to Germany after having fought in Syria and Iraq, Maassen said.

In one of the largest sweeps against alleged Islamists in Germany yet, authorities last week arrested nine men suspected of supporting militant groups in Syria and raided numerous properties in several German states.

A German Islamist fighting for the Islamic State (Isis) in Syria has released a propaganda video threatening Germans and Chancellor Angela Merkel.
In a video released on Wednesday and shot in Aleppo, Syria, the Islamist, reportedly from North Rhine-Westphalia, attacks Merkel.
The German jihadist, who has the name Abu Dauoud al-Almani, first rants against the US and President Barack Obama, before turning his attention to his homeland.
“The same to you O Germans and to filthy Merkel who gave gifts to Israel”   (themuslimissue)

The following is the translation of a clip of German jihadi in Syria Saifullah Al-Almani; the clip was posted on the Internet on September 9, 2014..
Saifullah Al-Almani: “Peace be upon you, my beloved brothers and sisters. We greet you from the land of blessing and honor. Praise be to Allah who has blessed us with being in jihad. We have marched forth in order to raise the Religion of Allah. And we hope that we are of those who will be shaded on the Day of Judgment.”
(Pamela Geller.com)

'2,000 British Jihadis Fighting With ISIS'

Al Habashi appeared in at least two propaganda videos. He grew up in north London in a British-Eritrean family, and converted to Islam when he was 16.


  • And the importation of Muslims into the UK goes on and on.

There may be as many as 2,000 Brits currently fighting with ISIS, a Muslim Labour MP has claimed. His estimate, based on his experience as a Member of Parliament for the predominantly Muslim constituency of Birmingham Perry Barr, is roughly four times as high as the official estimate released by the authorities before the summer. 

His comments come amid growing fears that the British borders are porous to terrorists leaving for, and returning from fighting in Syria and Iraq, fuelled by the Home Office’s refusal to reveal how many people have been arrested at British ports and airports in relation to terrorist offences in Syria, the Sunday Telegraph has reported.

Khalid Mahmood, Britain’s first Muslim MP and a former member of the Home Office select committee told that paper “The authorities say there are 500 British jihadists but the likely figure is at least three to four times that. I think 2,000 is a better estimate. My experience in Birmingham is it is a huge, huge problem.

“The Government does not have significant people at border control. The fact is these jihadists are coming in and going out without almost ever being arrested. We have had hardly any arrests. We have had people coming back in after six months in Syria and they are not being picked up.”

At least four Muslims are known to have travelled to Syria in recent months despite having had their passports confiscated by the authorities or concerned parents, but the likelihood is that many more have done the same. Meanwhile, around 250 British jihadis are known to have returned to the UK from Syria and Iraq, yet only 30 arrests have been made, leaving a number of hardened fighters walking the streets of Britain.

Over the weekend it emerged that two more men, Abu Abdullah al Habashi, 21, and Abu Dharda, 20, both London natives, had died fighting in Syria. It is thought they were both killed in Kobane, the Syrian border town being defended by Kurdish forces.

(Breitbart News)

The Rise of British Jihadists in Syria

British student Amer Deghayes speaks warmly of his education in East Sussex and of his love of films and swimming - then warns would-be fighters not to tell their “selfish” parents.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Concert - Dire Straits

Dire Straits were a British rock band, formed in 1977 by Mark Knopfler (lead vocals and lead guitar), his younger brother David Knopfler (rhythm guitar and backing vocals), John Illsley (bass guitar and backing vocals), and Pick Withers (drums and percussion). Dire Straits' sound drew from a variety of musical influences, including jazz, folk, and blues.
Dire Straits' biggest selling album, Brothers in Arms, has sold over 30 million copies, and was the first album to sell a million copies on Compact Disc.
They also became one of the world's most commercially successful bands, with worldwide album sales of over 120 million.

Sultans Of Swing  

Original Walk of Life Video 

Love it. Very British. Sorry, best video quality available.

Money For Nothing (Live At Knebworth) 

So Far Away (Live, Australia,1986)

Pat Condell: Choosing to be offended

Pat Condell is a writer, comedian and Internet personality. He performed alternative comedy shows during the 1980s and 1990s in the United Kingdom, and won a Time Out Comedy Award in 1991. He was also a regular panellist on BBC Radio 1's "Loose Talk".

From early 2007, he began posting short monologues denouncing religion to a number of video sharing websites. His videos have been featured on many websites, including YouTube and LiveLeak. They have also been published on DVD, and also as a book of video transcripts. As of July 2013, Condell's YouTube channel has over 189,689 subscribers and 46 million video views.

Choosing to be offended   

Pat Condell strikes again on everyone getting 
offended about everything.

A public apology

Britain's cultural problem - Islam

"In a nutshell, gay people, Islam wants your blood and if you're ever stupid enough to go to an Islamic country and let them know you're gay you'll find that out the hard way. It doesn't give a damn how tolerant or inclusive you are. It just wants you dead for being who and what you are and it's no more open to persuasion on the matter than you would be open to persuasion about letting sewer rats run around your house.
You've got more chance of celebrating Christmas in a pub in Saudi Arabia than you have of finding common ground between Islam and homosexuality and you've got absolutely no excuse for pretending otherwise, because there's nothing nuanced about the Islamic position. There is no ambiguity. There is no grey area. There is no common ground. There is no shared struggle. There are no bridges to be built and there won't be any until you stop being gay. Would that option be on the table at all? For the sake of, you know, community cohesion? After all, by being gay you're being culturally insensitive, disrespectful, divisive, provocative, offensive, Islamophobic and racist. What can I say, people?
The bottom line is, if you don't want to be a filthy racist, you're going to have to stop being gay. And when you think about it, it's really not that much to ask. After all, if you're not willing to compromise on your sick and sinful gayness, how can you reasonably expect Islam to compromise on wanting you dead?"
Pat Condell

Islamists butcher 28 people riding a bus

Islamist Murderers Strike Again

  • Another savage Islamic attack where Muslims are released and non-Muslims are murdered in cold blood. 

Gunmen from the Islamist Somali militant group al-Shabab say they have attacked a bus in northern Kenya, killing 28 people.
The bus was travelling to the capital, Nairobi, when it was stopped in Mandera county, not far from the Somali border.
Gunmen separated out non-Muslims by asking passengers to read from the Koran, officials and witnesses said. Those who failed were then shot in the head.
Al-Shabab has carried out a series of attacks in Kenya since 2011 reports BBC News.
A statement on a website linked to the Islamist group carried a statement saying the attack was carried out in retaliation for security raids on mosques in the coastal city of Mombasa earlier this week.
Kenya's interior ministry said on its Twitter feed that a camp belonging to the attackers had been destroyed by Kenyan military helicopters and jets, with "many killed".

'Point blank'
One of the passengers on the bus, Ahmed Mahat, told the BBC that there were more than 60 passengers on board when it was attacked, before dawn on Saturday, about 30km (19 miles) from Mandera town.
The driver tried to accelerate away, but the vehicle became stuck in mud caused by recent heavy rains, he said.
About 10 heavily armed men talking Somali ordered the passengers off the bus.
"When we got down, passengers were separated according to Somali and non-Somalis," Mr Mahat said.
"The non-Somalis were ordered to read some verses of the holy Koran, and those who failed to read were ordered to lie down. One by one they were shot in the head at point blank range."
A local official quoted by Kenyan media said the government had failed to answer their pleas for extra security.
"This place has been prone to attacks," county official Abdullahi Abdirahman told The Daily Nation.
"This is not the first time the government has totally ignored us, and you can now see the how many innocent precious lives have been lost."
Mr Mahat, a teacher from Mandera, said police never came to rescue people from attacks for fear of being ambushed themselves.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The 'Caliphate's' Colonies: ISIS's Expansion into North Africa

ISIS Colonies in Africa

  • The West has been fighting wars with aggressive militaristic Islam for 1,400 years.  Politicians are living in a fantasy world if they promise the voters they are going to "win" some swift victory.

(Der Spiegel)  -  The caliphate has a beach. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea around 300 kilometers (186 miles) south of Crete in Darna. The eastern Libya city has a population of around 80,000, a beautiful old town and an 18th century mosque, from which the black flag of the Islamic State flies. 

The port city is equipped with Sharia courts and an "Islamic Police" force which patrols the streets in all-terrain vehicles. A wall has been built in the university to separate female students from their male counterparts and the disciplines of law, natural sciences and languages have all been abolished. Those who would question the city's new societal order risk death.

Darna has become a colony of terror, and it is the first Islamic State enclave in North Africa. The conditions in Libya are perfect for the radical Islamists: a disintegrating state, a location that is strategically well situated and home to the largest oil reserves on the continent. Should Islamic State (IS) manage to establish control over a significant portion of Libya, it could trigger the destabilization of the entire Arab world.

ISIS Colonies
Click to enlarge

The IS puts down roots wherever chaos reigns, where governments are weakest and where disillusionment over the Arab Spring is deepest. In recent weeks, terror groups that had thus far operated locally have quickly begun siding with the extremists from IS.

In September, it was the Algerian group Soldiers of the Caliphate that threw in its lot with Islamic State. As though following a script, the group immediately beheaded a French mountaineer and uploaded the video to the Internet. In October, the "caliphate" was proclaimed in Darna. And last week, the strongest Egyptian terrorist group likewise announced its affiliation with IS.

LIBYA: Where The State Has Disappeared

Darna has long been a radical stronghold, having produced the greatest number of foreign suicide attackers from one single city in Iraq after 2004. Oppression by Gadhafi's security forces made it easy for Islamists to sell the jihad as an alternative to living under a dictatorship and the regime was happy to let them go. Every Islamist who left to fight the Russians or the Americans was one less danger back home.

After Gadhafi was toppled in 2011, many rebels headed for Syria to fight against Bashar Assad. At the same time, the revolution gave birth to several militia groups, not all of which were radical but some leaned Islamist. Extremists subsequently found a foothold in eastern Libya and perpetrated a series of bloody attacks against the police and the army, leading the state to pull back. 

A radical group in control of the city of Darna in eastern Libya
recently proclaimed its allegiance with Islamic State. At the end of
October, hundreds of citizens did so too in this public ceremony.

The extremists remained. Today, Darna is ruled by several militia groups, the most important of which is the Islamic Youth Shura Council, an organization founded in the spring after splintering off from the Libyan terror group Ansar al-Sharia. In Darna, the leaders of Ansar al-Sharia have joined forces with Islamic State while in Benghazi they have not.

Initially, IS emerged in Libya in the form of a group of fighters returning from Syria. The so-called al-Battar Brigade brought Darna under its control by murdering politicians, judges and attorneys -- but also by killing commanders of other militias. Then, in September, an "emir" sent by Islamic State arrived in Darna, a previously little-known Yemenite named Mohammed Abdullah. 

On Oct. 5, the first meeting was held between the men from the Islamic State and Shura Council leaders, during which they announced their alliance and the founding of Islamic State's "Barka Province." At the end of October, hundreds of citizens publically proclaimed their loyalty to the "caliph."

Afterwards, an activist named Mohamed Batoha asked the predominantly foreign extremists what business they had being in Darna. Two days later, he was shot to death by gunmen in a passing vehicle, just as dozens of other critics had been before him.

Read the full article . . . .

Syria rebels warn of backlash over US air strikes

On the frontlines with ISIS

Cody Lundin "terminated" by Discovery Channel for being safe?

Cody Lundin of Dual Survival

Reality TV is Dangerous

  • Lundin says. "They asked me many, many times to do stupid shit that I refused to do. 'Fall into cold water so you can get hypothermic.' 'Scale that cliff.'

Editor:  Like many of you I enjoy the different survival programs out there.  These shows reach into our inner caveman core.   But in watching Dual Survival I noticed that Cody Lundin has suddenly vanished. Thank God for Google. Google knows all and sees all.  Enjoy the article.

(TV Guide)  -  On the wall of a tiny wood cabin outside Prescott, Arizona, hangs a large poster of Cody Lundin staring intensely with a thin half-smile. Below him is a quote: "Learn survival skills from an expert." Lundin was one of the stars of the Discovery Channel series Dual Survival for three and a half of the show's first four seasons, until he departed abruptly late last year. He has been a survival instructor, running his Aboriginal Living Skills School, since the early '90s. This cabin is ostensibly the school's store, though there's little for sale beyond some knives, a few magnesium fire-starters, and small tubes of AfterBite.
Outside, it's storming and surprisingly chilly for late August. "It's actually monsoon season," says Lundin over the din of rain and hail pelting the cabin's roof. The flesh-and-blood version of Lundin doesn't look much different from the poster. He's a big dude with broad shoulders, steely blue eyes, and — almost always — bare feet. He wears his sandy-brown hair in two long braids that are tied off with ribbons and held back by a red bandanna. Dressed in a green T-shirt and jean shorts, he looks like a cross between Willie Nelson, Sitting Bull, and Pippi Longstocking.
Dual Survival's premise is to drop two survival experts with opposing philosophies — one, like Lundin, trying to adapt to nature; the other, a military vet, trying to conquer it — into an inhospitable location and watch how they cope for three days while extricating themselves from the situation. When the show debuted in 2010, Lundin was paired with Dave Canterbury, who was billed as an "army-trained sniper." The show was a hit, but after Season 2, reports emerged that Canterbury had exaggerated his military credentials. He was replaced by Joe Teti, a former Special Forces operative. 
The ratings stayed strong, so it came as something of a shock when Lundin was replaced halfway through Season 4 by Matt Graham, another outdoor-skills expert, who had appeared on the Discovery survival show Dude, You're Screwed.
Cody Lundin's energy efficient home in Arizona.
No heating or air conditioning, and yet Cody’s house stays around
72 degrees Fahrenheit. Cody’s website and book explain how he built
his ferrocement house. You could build a house like this with
earthbags on the sides and ferrocement on the roof.


“It’s winter in the high desert as I write this, and last night the thermometer 
outside read 9 degrees F (minus 13 degrees C), a bit colder than typical 
and, ironically, part of the same storm system that left 500,000 people 
without power in the Midwest. Regardless of single-digit temperatures, 
my home remained a cozy 72 degrees F (22 degrees C), and it did so 
without using any conventional energy resources.

Discovery never made an official statement on Lundin's exit, but in an interview, Eileen O'Neill, global group president at Discovery Studios, said, "From time to time we've changed talent on a couple of different shows. It was a matter of freshening the show. Matt brings a different skill set to the more naturalistic approach to survival, so I think it worked out well for everybody in the end."
Well, maybe not everybody. Lundin says he was fired and that his termination was the culmination of several long-running arguments with the network, production company Original Media, and his costars regarding the show's credibility, its commitment to the health and safety of the cast, crew, and viewers, and what he calls an "appalling lack of leadership." (When asked to respond to these and other allegations, Original Media, through its parent company, Endemol, declined to comment on the record.)
"You're dealing with people who have no experience in my profession who are making a show on survival skills," Lundin says. "They asked me many, many times to do stupid s--t that I refused to do. 'Fall into cold water so you can get hypothermic.' 'Scale that cliff.' 'Can you climb that coconut tree?' I try not to put out dangerous s--t that's going to be replicated by someone to their detriment. They hated me for it."
O'Neill says that "Cody's entitled to his opinion," but "health and safety are first and foremost" on all Discovery shows.
What may seem to be simply an argument between an aggrieved ex-reality show star and his former employer is actually much more troubling. The issues at the heart of the Dual Survival dispute, it turns out, are hardly unique. Over the past few years, as the survival-TV genre has exploded, newer shows like Naked and AfraidSurvive the Tribe, and Ultimate Survival Alaska have joined already established franchises like Dual Survival and Survivorman, with many more in the pipeline.
"There's a pioneer spirit that exists in these types of shows, a sense of being the master of your own destiny when you're in a survival situation, that people really find appealing," says Brian Catalina, an executive producer of Ultimate Survival Alaska. "That's a part of our cultural DNA that we're not that far removed from."

Increased competition, though, has created an atmosphere in which each new series seems compelled to prove it's the roughest, toughest, most perilous one. This, in turn, tends to push the casts and crews toward taking more risks or at least appearing as if they're taking more risks. Either way, says Lundin, is a problem. "Reality TV is dangerous," he says, "when it involves professions that can kill people."

Lundin believes survival programming's influence on viewers shouldn't be underestimated. "In a real emergency situation, when people are scared for their lives," he says, "the stuff that starts coming back is what they see off television." Discovery Channel seems inclined to agree. Its 2010 special Discovery Saved My Life featured stories of real people who'd survived harrowing brushes with death thanks to tips they remembered from Man vs. Wild and other shows on the network. But if Discovery claims this kind of credit, shouldn't it also have to accept a measure of responsibility when things go bad? "The problem is dead people don't talk," Lundin says. "If this TV craze was about the medical profession, people would be in jail."

Read the full article . . . .

Dual Survival - Season 1 - Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury

U.S. Marshals disguised as Mexican Marines combat drug cartels

Turning Mexico into a War Zone

  • Now we have U.S. Marshals dressing up as Mexican Marines.
  • Somehow ending the insane war on drugs never enters the minds of our elected political hacks.  Simply there is way too much money being made by law enforcement community and prison industry community.

An investigation by the Wall Street Journal has revealed that United States Marshals are secretly disguising themselves as Mexican Marines to take part in armed raids against drug suspects in Mexico — a move that not only puts the lives of U.S. personnel at risk but also shows the country’s growing presence in combating Mexico’s drug cartels on its southern neighbor’s turf.
In the past both countries have described the U.S. role in the drug war as a supporting one only, but people familiar with the work have told the newspaper that the U.S. Marshals service sends a handful of specialists into Mexico, who then put on local uniforms and weapons to hide their role hunting suspects — some of whom are not even wanted in the U.S.
These missions are approved only by senior U.S. Marshals executives and Mexican Marines leaders and it is not clear, according to the Journal story, who else in either government may have given authorization for the Marshall Service visit reports Fox News Latino.
When questioned about the incidents, the Marshals Service referred the newspaper to the Justice Department, who issued this response through a spokesperson: “The U.S. Marshals have an important—and sometimes dangerous—mission of capturing fugitives and facilitating extraditions in the United States and around the world.”
The Mexican embassy in Washington D.C. also denied that any U.S. military or law enforcement personnel were operating within the country’s military ranks to combat drug traffickers.
"Members of foreign law enforcement agencies or foreign military, including those from the U.S., are not authorized to carry weapons within the Mexican territory, and none of them are authorized either to participate in any raids or other armed law enforcement operations," said an embassy spokesman, Ariel Moutsatsos-Morales.
These new missions signify a new hazard for U.S. personnel operating in the country. In July, Mexican Marines and a number of U.S. Marshals in Mexican Marine garb were fired upon by drug traffickers while walking through a field in Sinaloa state – home to captured drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s Sinaloa cartel.
In the ensuing melee, one American was shot and wounded and more than a half-dozen suspected cartel soldiers were killed. It is unclear if the U.S. Marshals shot anyone.

Fighting Mexico's Knights Templar Cartel  

. .