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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Monday, February 20, 2017

Our Best and Worst Presidents

My President's Day Review
The best, the worst and why did 
they even bother to run?

By Gary;

With this President's Day there have been the usual assorted annual reviews and rankings of our Presidents.

So I thought I would put out my own ranking of the five best and five worst Presidents.

Ranking is not that easy. Each President came from different times and faced completely different issues.

The Best Presidents

1) George Washington

This is almost a no brainer. In my mind Washington was the greatest man in all of recorded history. Period.

He lived in a world of savage dictators who all claimed to be anointed by God himself. Speak out against them and you would be tortured or executed.

Democracy, even Republics, did not exist. The closest thing out there was the oligarchical Republic of Venice. Our Founders had to go back to the ancient Republic of Rome for a guide to build a new nation.

Washington was there at every step fighting in the front lines against the corrupt Monarchists in battle, building a nation with a new Constitution and then serving as the first President.

General Washington could have followed in the footsteps of others and declared himself King or President-for-Life. The fact that he always refused ultimate power is what sets him up above all other leaders in history.

2) Abraham Lincoln

Mountains of books have been written about Lincoln and for good reason.  Once Washington established our Republic no other President has faced the tests Lincoln dealt with every day of his term.

There is little more that I could add to what so many have written.

3) Theodore Roosevelt

Where does one start?  The man was a whirlwind of actions and ideas.

Warrior, cowboy, police commissioner, Governor, author, reformer, trust buster, Nobel Peace Prize winner and President.

So much of modern America starts with TR from the park system to the Pure Food and Drug Act to breaking up corporations.

This last item is near to my heart these days as unelected huge multi-national corporations literally buy and sell members of Congress and candidates for President like loaves of bread.

4) James K. Polk

A close ally of Andrew Jackson, James "Young Hickory" Polk has to rank in any top five list of Presidents but is always ignored.

Polk came to the White House with strong background: member of the Tennessee Legislature, Congressman, Speaker of the House and Governor.

As President he pledged to serve only one term and looked to accomplish four main goals:

  • Reestablish the Independent Treasury System.
  • Reduce tariffs.
  • Acquire some or all of Oregon Country.
  • Acquire California and New Mexico from Mexico.

  • Polk accomplished his four major objectives in just four years. By linking acquisition of new lands in Oregon (with no slavery) and Texas (with slavery), he hoped to satisfy both North and South.

    Polk was a massive success by any possible measurement.

    5) Franklin D. Roosevelt

    FDR ended Prohibition. That is reason enough to be at #5. Bless him.

    I rank FDR lower than Polk because so much of his first two terms failed to end the Great Depression and his scheme to pack the Supreme Court smacked of Fascism. His rise to #5 ranking is based almost totally on the wars against Imperial Japan and the Axis Powers.

    Much of the New Deal's "radical" banking reforms are today viewed as common sense. Roosevelt signed the Glass–Steagall Act that created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to underwrite savings deposits. The Act also limited the ability of bankers to speculate in the stock market with their deposits. Banks were failing left and right. The Act helped provide banking and economic stability for decades to come.

    Other programs like Social Security, the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Rural Electrification Act set the stage for modern America. The nation never again looked back to laissez faire.

    His leadership in World War II is obvious. The total defeat of Imperial Japan, Germany and Italy were enormous accomplishments.

    Based on pre-1930s technology an argument could be made that these overseas wars were none of our business. But today we know about the Japanese nuclear weapon program and the German nuclear weapon project.  If either of those nations had built the atomic bomb first the entire course of history would have changed.

    FDR's victory came none too soon.

    Presidents 6 to 10

    Dwight Eisenhower, Andrew Jackson, Harry Truman, James Monroe and Ronald Reagan.

    President James Buchanan
    A former Federalist Party Congressman

    The Worst Presidents

    Because of the Civil War everyone wants to dump on President James Buchanan making him the worst President.

    To me Buchanan was helpless. In the wrong place at the wrong time. The rabid and hateful forces for and against slavery would not listen to anything resembling reason. Both sides wanted blood.

    As a "madman", general and a southerner Andrew Jackson held off the Civil War by threatening to march south and hang traitors. Buchanan was a northerner with no influence in the south and little influence in the rabid anti-slavery Republican north. So I give Buchanan a pass for being the worst President.

    5) Woodrow Wilson

    Wilson was a disaster on almost every front. He took power away from the U.S. Treasury and handed it over to the private Federal Reserve. Wilson cracked down on freedom of speech and even imprisoned Presidential candidate Eugene Debs. A new low for democracy. He also was openly racist and appointed segregationists to his cabinet.

    Foreign affairs were even worse. Without a declaration of war Wilson invaded Mexico and occupied Veracruz.

    U.S. involvement in World War I made matters worse. Instead of forcing the Europeans to solve their own problems U.S. intervention allowed France, Britain and Italy to destroy the German and Austrian Empires. The resulting power vacuum created economic and political anarchy and the rise of Fascism in nation after nation.

    4) Warren Harding

    At the time of his death, Harding was one of the most popular presidents, but the subsequent exposure of scandals that took place under his administration, such as Teapot Dome, eroded his popular regard, as did revelations of an affair by Nan Britton, one of his mistresses.

    3) George W. Bush

    God, to think I voted for this dumb bastard. By 2003 he had driven me out of the "small government" GOP.

    Where do you start?  The fake weapons of mass destruction. The creation of a 1984 Police Surveillance State.  The endless and useless wars.  Torture.  The massive expansion of government in all areas including "No Child Left Behind". Jobs shipped to Asia.  Wide open borders for legals and illegals alike.  Racking up trillions in new debt.

    But worst of all the total incompetence of the GOP causing a second Great Depression that we are still trying to climb out of.

    There was no oversight in any way, shape or form of the criminals on Wall Street who collapsed the entire economy with fake "investments" and real estate loans backed by NOTHING. Millions of home foreclosure, business failures everywhere and the rise of middle class poverty.

    Bush should have been run out of town on a rail.

    2) Herbert Hoover

    Hoovervilles. That really says it all.

    Hoover and laissez faire GOP policies stood by while banks failed, businesses failed, people lost their homes and the entire nation entered the pure Hell of the Great Depression.

    1)  Worst President Ever  -  Jimmy Carter

    Carter is the best ex-President ever by building homes for the poor. Meanwhile Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have lined their pockets with millions in corporate "speaking fees" which are better known as retroactive bribes.

    A plus is the peace Carter brokered between Egypt and Israel still holds to this day.

    The steaming pile of crap smell comes from ultra weak policies making him out to be nearly clueless.

    Carter's tenure was a time of continuing inflation and recession, as well as an energy crisisCarter delivered a televised speech declaring that the U.S. energy crisis during the 1970s was the moral equivalent of war and wore sweaters to offset turning down the heat in the White House.

    The Soviets invaded Afghanistan (they can have it in my opinion), but Carter's brave stand was to pull out of the Olympics ruining the careers of athletes.  Carter initiated a program to arm the mujahideen through Pakistan's ISI and secured a pledge from Saudi Arabia to match U.S. funding for this purpose.  

    Carter arming Islamists. We know how well that turned out in the end.

    Then came the Iranian hostage crisis with the government held up to the world as helpless.

    Sorry Jimmy.  But you are still the best at being the worst.

    Glenn Greenwald: Obama started war with media, not Trump

    Comrade Obama Targeted The Press

    (Red Alert Politics)  -  While Trump’s critics are decrying that the President’s attitudes towards the media, The Intercept‘s Editor-in-Chief Glenn Greenwald put the notion that this purported war with the media didn’t start with Trump. It started with Barack Obama.

    On CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday, Greenwald told host Brian Stelter that the irony is rich considering the fact that Democrats are suddenly in love with government leaks now that a Republican is in the White House. Under Obama, those same Democrats wanted them jailed and prosecuted.

    “If you look at the last eight years,” Greenwald explained. “There has been a very concerted war on not just sources and whistleblowers, but also journalists, implemented by not Donald Trump but by the Obama administration.”

    He continued. “More sources prosecuted under the 1917 Espionage Act than in all previous administrations combined. Journalists such as James Rosen at Fox News and Jim Risen at The New York Times and those of us who worked on the Snowden reporting constantly threatened with prosecution or having our phone records subpoenaed and the like. And Democratic officeholders in D.C. were virtually unanimous in the idea that people who leak information that’s classified are villains, they’re traitors, they oughta go to prison.”

    Greenwald was one of the few journalists who was in contact with Edward Snowden from late 2012 who leaked classified information from the NSA that exposed many of the tactics used by the federal government to obtain intelligence.

    Read More . . . .

    Obama's ATF Targeted Whistleblowers
    A 2013 report

    Read More
    John Kiriakou

    Muslim London Mayor, deny ‘cruel’ Trump state visit

    Muslim immigration has Britain circling the drain 

    (RT News)  -  The UK should not be “rolling out the red carpet” for the US President due to his “cruel and shameful” policies targeting Muslims and migrants, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said ahead of Parliament’s debate on Donald Trump’s planned trip this summer.

    “I love America, I love Americans and I believe the special relationship is a good one and one that’s here to stay. But when you’re mates with somebody, when you’ve got a special relationship, of course you are side-by-side with them in times of adversity but when they are wrong you call them out,” said Khan, who is the first ethnic minority and Muslim mayor of London, on ITV’s political discussion program Peston on Sunday.
    “I think this ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries, ending the refugee program is cruel and it’s shameful. In those circumstances we shouldn’t be rolling out the red carpet,” he continued.
    Khan’s statement comes a day before British lawmakers debate an online petition urging a downgrade of Trump’s UK visit. The appeal states that Trump should be allowed to “enter the UK,” but “should not be invited to make an official State Visit because it would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen.” 
    Anti-Trump protesters are expected to gather outside Parliament during the debate on Monday.
    Read More . . . .

    Trump fires employee after he attacks administration

    Drain the Swamp
    It is time for mass firings of the losers that have 
    run America into the ground.

    (AP) -- A senior Trump administration official was fired following criticism in a private speech of President Donald Trump's policies and his inner circle of advisers.

    Craig Deare, whom Trump appointed a month ago to head the National Security Council's Western Hemisphere division, was on Friday escorted out of the Executive Office Building, where he worked in Washington.

    A senior White House official confirmed that Deare is no longer working at the NSC and has returned to the position he previously held at the National Defense University. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss an incident not otherwise made public, and provided no further details.

    White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Sunday that Deare "was sent back to his original position." Asked if government employees should be concerned that they could be fired for criticizing the president, she said: "I don't think any person that is there in order to carry out the president's agenda should be against the president's agenda."

    Current and former administration officials say Deare's termination was linked to remarks he made Thursday at a private talk at the Wilson Center, a Washington think tank. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter.

    According to one person who attended the discussion, Deare slammed the Trump administration for its policies on Latin America, specifically its rocky start to relations with Mexico. That person spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a private event.

    The person who attended the Wilson Center discussion also said that Deare openly expressed frustration over being cut out of most of the policy discussions about Mexico, saying that members of Trump's inner circle, including chief strategist Steve Bannon and Trump's son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, have not consulted with NSC directorates as the White House formulates policy.

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    Sunday, February 19, 2017

    Sunday Comics

    New Wearable Computer Also Sucks Your Dick


    Screw the Worthless Critics
    This is a Damn Good Movie
    Another candle is added to the Jennifer Lawrence
    Shrine in my extra bedroom

    By Gary;

    Passengers never made it to my small Central California mountain town till now.

    I caught the usual rain of shit coming down from the chattering class of so-called "professional critics" who could not make a movie if they wanted to. They hated the film. Screw 'em.

    From what I gather many movie goers did like the movie.  No doubt they were looking for the latest invasion action flick with two-headed aliens blowing up New York. It is their loss.

    Simply, Passengers is a science fiction love story that just happens to be set in the future.

    I am a sucker for most love stories at any point in history from Cleopatra to Pride and Prejudice to You've Got Mail.  A Sci Fi love story is no problem for me.

    Not every movie has to include Death Rays and Zombie beheadings.

    As usual Jennifer Lawrence is in top form and as stunningly beautiful as ever.  I confess that I drool on the theater seats when Jen comes on the screen.

    Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) was wonderful.

    Basically Jen and Chris take up 90% of the screen time. This is a two person movie. Very, very hard to pull off, but they did it.

    The required Sci Fi special effects are top quality.

    Passengers is still out in 230 theaters. If you have not seen it make the effort. A good solid Hollywood popcorn flick.

    Rating - 8 out of 10

    PASSENGERS - Official Trailer (HD)

    Milo Yiannopoulos will deliver the keynote speech this year at CPAC!

    The New Face of Conservatism

    Breitbart.com reported:
    Breitbart senior editor MILO, also known as the “Dangerous Faggot,” will deliver a keynote speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this year.
    It will be a wide-ranging speech covering MILO’s experience battling third-wave feminism, the media, left-wing college professors, Black Lives Matter, violent “black bloc” activists, and progressive elites in the entertainment industry.
    MILO is also expected to address the state of American conservatism, free speech, the Trump administration, and how young conservatives and libertarians in America should focus their energies over the next ten years.
    MILO has become one of the most visible faces in American conservatism over the past two years. His “Dangerous Faggot” tour has made headlines on a regular basis, most recently at U.C. Berkeley, where violent left-wing protesters forced the cancellation of the event by staging a riot, destroying property, and attacking attendees.
    The Breitbart senior editor’s speech will take place a few months before the release of DANGEROUS, his upcoming book. Published by Simon & Schuster, the book has advanced to the top of Amazon’s bestseller rankings on multiple occasions.

    Read More . . . .

    Saturday, February 18, 2017

    Saturday Sultress - Kate Upton

    (Yahoo News)  -  Sports Illustrated gave fans quite the Valentine’s Day treat when it revealed the 2017 swimsuit issue cover girl, Kate Upton, on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
    Shot by photographer Yu Tsai in Fiji, fans will have three cover shots of the gorgeous Upton to choose from: One of her in a barely there macramé number (where she uses her hand as a top), one in a pair of white bottoms with a sparkly silver jacket, and a final shot of Upton in gold chains, once again using her hand to cover up. Apparently, bikini tops are in scarce supply in Fiji.
    “This is the biggest deal in all of modeling, right?” Kimmel asked Upton when she took a seat on the couch next to him. “Is there anything bigger than the Sports Illustrated  swimsuit issue?”
    “Not for me!” exclaimed the model.
    Sports Illustrated is equally pleased to be featuring Upton on its cover for the third time.
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    Blast from the Past Kate