"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Obama Exposed - ISIS so weakened by Russian airstrikes it could be destroyed in HOURS

Putin Exposes Obama's Lies
  • The real reason Obama and his lackeys are angry at Russia is Putin's bombing exposes how little has been done against ISIS.
  • Dear Leader Obama has deliberately starved the Kurdish Peshmerga Forces of weapons in their fight against ISIS.
  • Also Islamist Turkey has been helping ISIS as a weapon against the Kurds, and the Saudis backing ISIS in their religious war against Iran.
  • Iraq has offered Moscow an air base for targeting the Islamic State now occupying large swathes of Iraqi territory.  The Russian air force will be using the Al Taqaddum Air Base at Habbaniyah, 74 km west of Baghdad, both as a way station for the Russian air corridor to Syria and as a launching-pad for bombing missions against ISIS forces.  (Read More)

(UK Express)  -  Islamic State (ISIS) is now so fragile that its so-called Caliphate could be wiped out in a matter of HOURS, a top terror expert said today.

Western and more recently Russian airstrikes, chaotic leadership and mass defections have weakened the jihadi group to such an extent that it would be unable to repel even a small invasion force. 
A terror analyst told Express.co.uk that the fanatics have vastly exaggerated their military strength and called on Western leaders to launch a co-ordinated fightback which would obliterate the hate group. 
Dr Afzal Ashraf said ISIS has become its own worst enemy with its campaign of terror against the West, which has prompted an international backlash. 

Many ISIS convoys and training camps have
"magically" avoided being bombed by the U.S.

A US-led coalition including Britain has launched airstrikes against the extremist group which have killed thousands of its fighters after being outraged by its barbarity. 
And Dr Ashraf said that another atrocity on the scale of this summer's Tunisia beach massacre could result in boots on the ground and an end to ISIS' evil grip on power. 
He said: "This mythical state will disappear in a matter of hours once the international community decides to act. 
"It won't take very long at all to drive them, if not out of all of Iraq or Syria, then certainly the majority of their territories. 
"They will hide in towns, but I would say do not to follow them as they would use innocent civilians as human shields. 
"Leave them in these isolated settlements and they will soon lose control."
 Dr Ashraf, a researcher at the respected Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) think tank, added that assessments of ISIS' military capabilities have been vastly overplayed. 
He said: "They have built up this superhero status because of the way the Iraqi army just fell apart when they confronted it. But that was not very much to do with their ability to fight, it was to do with the Iraqi army, which just doesn't have a leadership that inspires. Once you've got a General running off you don't expect the soldiers to stand and fight. 
"As a result, they have given the impression that they are far more capable than they are. If we had serious forces fighting in a coordinated battle against these people they wouldn't last very long at all." 
Read More . . . .

Russian Air Force Operations All Over Syria

Machine Guns and Barrel Bombs: The Battle for Syria's South

WAR - It's Trump, Huckabee, Sanders vs Obama & the GOP Congress

Obamatrade - Anything But Free Markets
  • Is it "free" trade when the foreign factory workers you are competing against make 48 cents an hour and forming unions is against the law?  
  • But the whore open borders Republicans and Democrats dropped their pants, bent over for Wall Street and rammed through a top secret trade bill that no one was allowed to read.
  • Now Obamatrade is back after having been passed by the GOP Congress.

The bought and paid for Establishment candidates in both parties are selling out the American people on the orders of their Masters on Wall Street.

Donald Trump

“The only entities to benefit from this trade deal will be other countries, particularly China and Japan, and big corporations in America,” Trump tells Breitbart News.
The small business operators, farmers, manufacturers and others will again be burdened with unfair trade practices, currency manipulation, exploitation of cheap labor, an onerous tax code and no help coming from the very people charged with putting America first. If crony capitalism were not bad enough, then sticking it to unions, small businesses and everyday Americans seems to be the new blood sport inside the DC Beltway.
Trump said that the lack of transparency throughout the secret negotiations should prove that the deal is horrendous.
“If this was such a good deal, why was there not more transparency?” Trump said.
Why are we striking trade agreements with countries we already have agreements with? Why is there no effort to make sure we have fair trade instead of ‘free’ trade that isn’t free to Americans? Why do we not have accompanying legislation that will punish countries that manipulate their currencies to seek unfair advantage in trade arrangements? Why has the Congress not addressed prohibitive corporate tax rates and trade agreements that continue to drain dollars and jobs from America’s shores?
Trump concluded by saying now is the time for real leaders like him to stand up for Americans in Washington against these special interests.  (More)

Bernie Sanders
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) labeled a new trade deal finalized by the Obama administration on Monday as “disastrous,” and said he would work to defeat it.
Sanders, the Vermont senator leading Hillary Clinton in polls of the early-voting state New Hampshire, said the Trans-Pacific Partnership will lead to the loss of U.S. jobs, adding he was “disappointed but not surprised” by the decision to complete it.
“Wall Street and other big corporations have won again,” Sanders said. 
“It is time for the rest of us to stop letting multinational corporations rig the system to pad their profits at our expense.”
Sanders says the agreement follows other trade deals with “Mexico, China and other low-wage countries that have cost millions of jobs and shuttered tens of thousands of factories across the United States.”  (More)

Mike Huckabee

Gov. Mike Huckabee slammed President Barack Obama’s new campaign to win Hill approval for a Pacific-wide free-trade treaty with 11 other countries.
“Once again, American workers are getting punched in the gut by Washington because this deal is a handout to insiders, interest groups, Obama’s allies and Asia,” said Huckabee, a GOP presidential candidate and former Arkansas governor, shortly after the president announced the completed deal Oct. 5.
“When it comes to negotiating with foreign countries, the Obama Administration gets rolled like sushi, and this TPP deal is more of the same,” Huckabee warned. “I can’t understand why American workers would trust Obama on a trade deal that affects 40 percent of the world’s economy.”
“President Obama can’t be trusted to negotiate a camper off Craigslist, let alone a trade deal with eleven other Asian countries,” Huckabee continued.  (More)

Must See Video
Obamatrade = Piracy And Looting

The Twin Cities have an ISIS problem

Welcome to Open Borders America

  • Call your Democrat or GOP Congressman today and thank them for importing an endless stream of Muslims.
  • Backed by a bottomless pit of Wall Street cash, neither open borders party gives a flying fuck about the average American. They know with our "pretend" elections the voters have no other alternative on the ballot. 

(Business Insider)  -  Members of the Minneapolis Somali community wait Tuesday, May 12, 2015, to enter the United States Courthouse in Minneapolis where a federal judge ordered four Minnesota men accused of trying to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State group held pending trial. 

The US Department of Justice on Wednesday announced that a young man from Minneapolis, Minnesota, pleaded guilty to charges related to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL
But the man, who prosecutors identified as 19-year-old Hanad Musse, was hardly the only Twin Cities resident to face charges in recent months for allegedly supporting the extremist group.
There have been a string of Islamic State-related arrests over roughly the last year.
Why Minneapolis? Authorities say it's linked to Minneapolis-Saint Paul's large Somali community.
According to The New York Times, estimates peg the local Somali population, which Minneapolis touts as the largest in the US, at roughly 30,000 people.
Reports have described violent extremism a bubbling up within the local Somali community going back years, especially as a result of the 2006 conflict between Ethiopia and Somalia. At the time, much of the terrorism-recruitment issue centered on al-Shabab, the Somali-based group that would later become an Al Qaeda affiliate.
The office of Minnesota's US attorney, Andrew Luger, said Wednesday that groups "like the Islamic State" have since exclusively targeted the local Somali community. 
"Since Al Shabaab began recruiting Minnesota's youth in 2006, the Twin Cities have been a focus of overseas terror recruiting by organizations like the Islamic State for Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). This cycle of terror recruiting has exclusively targeted Minnesota’s Somali community," Luger's office said in a press release.
Indeed, Musse was one of six men from the region who were charged last April for their alleged ties to the extremist group. At the time, Luger directly said that Minnesota has a "problem" with terror recruiting, which he described as decentralized and widespread.
"To be clear: We have a terror recruiting problem in Minnesota. And this case demonstrates how difficult it is to put an end to recruiting here," he said at a FBI news conference. "Parents and loved ones should know that there is not one master recruiter organizing in the Somali community locally. What this case shows is that the person radicalizing your son, your brother, your friend, may not be a stranger. It may be their best friend right here in town. 
And the federal government announced in February that it had indicted another 19-year-old, Hamza Naj Ahmed, for trying to support the Islamic State. After Ahmed was detained, the Justice Department said Ahmed was "at least the fourth person from the Twin Cities charged as a result of an ongoing investigation into individuals who have traveled or are attempting to travel to Syria in order to join a foreign terrorist organization."
Read More . . . .

Lesbian Bishop Wants Christian Crosses Removed From Church to Please Muslims

Christians Who Hate Christianity

  • The first openly lesbian bishop of a mainstream church in the world, wants the church to be treated more like a public airport, where prayer rooms are made available to Muslims, by removing Christian symbols and “marking the direction of Mecca.”
  • The Death of the West  -  Europeans and Americans are birth controlling and aborting their cultures out of existence while importing a replacement foreign population.

(SVT News)  -  Swedish Bishop Eva Brune has proposed to remove the Christian symbols of the Seamen's Church in Freeport to make it more inviting for visiting sailors from other religions.

The bishop wants to temporarily make the Seamen's Church available to all, for example by marking the direction of Mecca and move Christian symbols, as is already done in common prayer rooms at airports and in some hospital chapel.
The new flag of Sweden
"Leasing a room for people of other faiths, does not mean that we are defenders of our own faith. Priests are called to proclaim Christ. We do that every day and in every meeting with people. But that does not mean that we are stingy toward people of other faiths, "writes Bishop Eva Brune at Stockholm pin homepage.

Has aroused protests

The proposal has triggered protests, Patrik Pettersson, priest of the Oscars parish in Stockholm, thinks that the proposal is noteworthy and writes on his  blog:
"The church chapel can not reasonably be equated with prayer rooms at airports and hospitals chapel anyway. The Christian church churches and chapels are not the public areas at any time. "
And the Seamen's Mission Director Kiki Wetterberg does not agree with the bishop.
- I have no problem with Muslim or Hindu sailors come here and pray. But I believe that we are a Christian church, so we keep the symbols. If I visit a mosque I did not ask them to take down their symbols. It's my choice to go in there, she tells the magazine Dagen.
Read More . . . .   and  More . . . .

Sweden - Ship of fools

Monday, October 5, 2015

Billions From U.S. Fail to Sustain Foreign Forces

The Fall of Saigon
Evacuation of CIA station personnel by Air America on the rooftop
of 22 Gia Long Street in Saigon on April 29, 1975.

American "Training" Really Sucks
Since the 1930s the U.S. arms and train armies only to see them collapse in the face of an enemy.

(New York Times)  -  With alarming frequency in recent years, thousands of American-trained security forces in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia have collapsed, stalled or defected, calling into question the effectiveness of the tens of billions of dollars spent by the United States on foreign military training programs, as well as a central tenet of the Obama administration’s approach to combating insurgencies.

The setbacks have been most pronounced in three countries that present the administration with some of its biggest challenges. The Pentagon-trained army and police in Iraq’s Anbar Province, the heartland of the Islamic State militant group, have barely engaged its forces, while several thousand American-backed government forces and militiamen in Afghanistan’s Kunduz Province were forced to retreat last week when attacked by several hundred Taliban fighters. And in Syria, a $500 million Defense Department program to train local rebels to fight the Islamic State has produced only a handful of soldiers.

American-trained forces face different problems in each place, some of which are out of the United States’ control. But what many of them have in common, American military and counterterrorism officials say, is poor leadership, a lack of will and the need to function in the face of intractable political problems with little support. Without their American advisers, many local forces have repeatedly shown an inability to fight.

“Our track record at building security forces over the past 15 years is miserable,” said Karl W. Eikenberry, a former military commander and United States ambassador in Afghanistan.

The American military has trained soldiers in scores of countries for decades. But after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, that mission jumped in ambition and scale, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq, where the ultimate goal was to replace the large American armies deployed there.

The push to rebuild the Iraqi Army that the United States disbanded after the 2003 invasion had largely succeeded by the time American troops withdrew eight years later. But that $25 billion effort quickly crumbled after the Americans left, when the politicization of the army leadership under Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki eroded the military’s effectiveness at all levels, American officials said.

In Afghanistan, basic training typically included marksmanship, ambush drills and other counterterrorism skills. Before they could begin that, most new Afghan recruits also needed time-consuming literacy training so they could read the serial numbers on their weapons, or lessons on proper hygiene to prevent illnesses that would reduce their effectiveness in combat. Still, there were notable successes: Afghan special forces trained and advised by their American counterparts proved to be especially capable fighters.

  • In northwest Africa, the United States has spent more than $600 million to combat Islamist militancy, with training programs stretching from Morocco to Chad. American officials once heralded Mali’s military as an exemplary partner. But in 2012, battle-hardened Islamist fighters returned from combat in Libya to rout the military, including units trained by United States Special Forces. That defeat, followed by a coup led by an American-trained officer, Capt. Amadou Haya Sanogo, astounded and embarrassed American commanders. French, United Nations and European Union forces now carry out training and security missions in Mali.

  • In Yemen, American-trained troops and counterterrorism forces largely disbanded when Houthi rebels overran the capital last year and forced the government into exile. The United States is now relying largely on a Saudi-led air campaign that has caused more than 1,000 civilian casualties.

  • More recently in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, the military campaigns against the Taliban and the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, have made little headway. After acknowledging that only four or five American-trained Syrian rebels were actually in the fight there, Pentagon officials said last week that they were suspending the movement of new recruits from Syria to Turkey and Jordan for training. The program suffered from a shortage of recruits willing to fight the Islamic State instead of the army of President Bashar al-Assad, a problem Mr. Obama noted at a news conference on Friday.

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The American "trained" Filipino army lasted a just a few weeks when Imperial Japanese troops attacked.
American Training and other Failures
Any honest historian has to wonder about the quality of American military training.

World War II  -  “Give me ten thousand Filipino soldiers and I will conquer the world,” said General Douglas MacArthur in typical American bravado.  The problem is the U.S. "trained" and armed Filipino Army collapsed in a matter of weeks.

Korean War  -  The U.S. "trained" and armed South Korean Army also collapsed in a matter of weeks running for the coast at the far southern tip of the nation.

Vietnam War  -  The U.S. "trained" and armed South Vietnamese Army also collapsed in the face of renewed Communist attacks.  In this case Gerald Ford and the Democrat Congress helped the Communists along be refusing to resupply the South Vietnamese.

ISIS - Iraq War  -  Years and years of U.S. "training" and billions in spending saw an almost instant collapse of the Iraqi Army once it faced a real enemy.

NEXT: Afghanistan  -  Coming soon, yet another U.S. "trained" and armed army will face an enemy with resolve.  Will the Afghans stand against committed Islamists or will there be wholesale desertion to the the Taliban?  

Time will tell on Afghanistan, but history says we may have to welcome the coming Taliban rulers of Afghanistan. 

American Terrorism - When in doubt shoot the lawful soldiers representing
your king in the back from behind trees.

Guerrilla Warfare
It fascinates me to watch the endless parade of nearly useless U.S. generals. In war after war these "leaders" never grasp the sheer military power of people's revolutions, insurgencies and guerrilla warfare.
Since it is their profession one would think that the generals might vaguely be aware of the American Revolution, the Mexican war against France, the Algerian war or Vietnam but noooo . . . We just keep repeating the mistakes of the past.  The only "winners" of these wars are the coffin makers and arms manufacturers.

Jason Chaffetz - An Open Borders Tool of Wall Street

Sneaky Bastard Alert
  • People who claim to be "Conservate" are wetting their pants over the phony Jason Chaffetz entering the race for House Speaker.
  • Phony "Conservative" Jason Chaffetz has allied himself with Dear Leader Obama and his Sith Lord John Boehner and rammed through Obamatrade without the American people being allowed to read it.
  • I have God Damn fucking had it with these Republicans who whore themselves for a taste of power while screwing the American people.

(Editor  -  This is a re-print of a June 21, 2015 article where the great "Conservative" Chaffetz sides with John Boehner and open borders free trade to ship millions of American jobs to Asia.)

(Politico)  -  The House Republican crackdown has reached a new level of severity.

House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz has strippedNorth Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows of his subcommittee chairmanship, just days after he defied leadership on the House floor by voting against a party-line procedural motion.

Losing a subcommittee chairmanship midway through a congressional session is among the most serious punishments thus far in Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) majority. Boehner and his leadership team have grown frustrated with Republicans who vote against the procedural “rule” motion. Those votes — which allow the Republican leadership to bring a bill up for debate and a vote — typically fall along party lines. 

But a group of conservatives has voted against the measures, mostly in protest of Boehner’s leadership. Republican leadership sees the move as unacceptable —akin to ceding power to Democrats.

On June 11, 34 Republicans voted against the rule that allowed for consideration of President Barack Obama’s request for fast-track authority to negotiate the largest trade deal in history.

Meadows was one of the 34 lawmakers who voted against the motion.

“I’m just going to leave it at that,” Chaffetz said, when asked about the other factors. “There were a variety of factors, but I did what I felt was in the best interest of the oversight committee.”

Chaffetz said he this was his decision, not the Republican leadership’s.

GOP Agrees with Obama on Secret Globalist Trade Agreement

Jason Chaffetz' 30 Pieces of Silver
Chaffetz is yet another political whore who pretends to be "Conservative" while selling out the American people and the Constitution of the United States.
Chaffetz has bowed down to subserviently lick the boots of his Master, John Boehner.  Rather than be a man and stand up against Boehner and for the Constitution, Chaffetz sold his soul and the nation for his own 30 pieces of silver and power. 

Labor unions giving serious thought to endorsing Trump

Oreos have been for years made in Chicago, Illinois. Oreo announced
that American citizens in Chicago would be fired and a plant opened
 in Mexico.

Standing up for workers, not Wall Street
  • The Donald is campaigning for Fair Trade to protect American jobs. 
  • Meanwhile most Republicans and Democrats demand so-called "Free Trade" where millions of jobs are shipped overseas to pad the profits of the multi-national corporations that finance the campaigns of both parties.

(Washington Examiner)  -  Billionaire developer Donald Trump has thrown yet another monkey wrench into the political status quo: Some major labor unions are now mulling endorsing the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination.
It's a move that would have been unthinkable in previous election cycles, but Trump has fans among the union rank and file and deviates enough from the GOP platform that labor leaders are giving him a serious look.
On Tuesday, the 1.4 million-member International Brotherhood of Teamsters announced its executive council would put off a decision on a presidential endorsement due a lack of consensus. Fox News reported that the delay was caused partly by members' support for Trump and that the union was seeking a meeting with the candidate.
The following day, Chris Shelton, president of the 600,000-member Communication Workers of America, told Politico that his union was putting off a presidential endorsement for the same reason. "If our members come out with Donald Trump, then we're going to endorse Donald Trump," he said.
Getting either unions' support would be a major coup for Trump and a serious problem for the Democratic candidates. The eventual Democratic nominee will need strong support from organized labor in both fundraising and voter mobilization to prevail in the election.
Teamsters spokesman Galen Munroe referred to a statement Tuesday by union President James P. Hoffa, which did not mention Trump but did say, "The Teamsters will work with and support any candidate who puts the needs of America's working families above the deep pockets of their corporate donors." Munroe said the union did not have any meetings scheduled with any presidential candidates.
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Fucking American Workers
The open borders Republicans and Democrats not only want to import millions of foreigners to drive down wages for their Wall Street Masters.  But they also want open borders "free trade" agreements where American middle class jobs are lost to workers in places like Communist Vietnam where they make $150 a month.
See our article:
Americans Fired and Mexicans Hired - Oreo moves to Mexico

Al Nusrah Front (al Qaeda) tweets photos of Russian airstrikes

You Connect The Dots

  • Obama complains when Russia bombs Islamists.  Now why would anyone do that unless the Islamists were being armed by Obama?

(Long War Journal)  -  Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda’s official branch in Syria, has posted photos purportedly showing Russian warplanes bombing locations in the Idlib and Hama provinces. Al Nusrah has also posted images of leaflets that were supposedly dropped in the Homs province. The leaflets, according to Al Nusrah, were authored by the Assad regime and intended to “discourage” Muslims during the bombing campaign.
According to published reports, Russia has bombed locations occupied by various insurgency groups, including US-backed rebels, as well as the Islamic State. Russia’s air campaign has hit those organizations that have taken territory from the Assad regime since the beginning of the year. 
The Jaysh al Fateh (“Army of Conquest”) coalition, which is led by Al Nusrah and its close ally, Ahrar al Sham,overran much of the Idlib province beginning in March. The alliance then pushed its way into the strategic Al Ghab plain, threatening Assad’s stronghold in the coastal province of Latakia, where the Russians are stationed.
The images posted by Al Nusrah on one of its official Twitter feeds can be seen below.
The two photos below allegedly show Russian warplanes mid-flight:

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Comics

Scientists Find Strong Link Between Male Virility, Wearing Mötley Crüe Denim Jacket

Study: Technology Making It Easier For Mankind To Get More Annoyed Than Ever

Syria - A Prelude to World War III?

World War I soldiers were eager to die for their Masters in
government and the vital "cause" of  Imperialism.

A World Gone Mad
Politicians have always been egomaniacal, chest beating maniacs eager to send other people's children to war. 

By Gary;

Let's bottom line this.  Human civilization has existed in Syria for 10,000 years plus and the area has never been an ally or remotely involved with the United States.

So, who the fuck cares if Russia is bombing Islamist terrorists?

Oh that's right, we "care" because the CIA, Islamist Turkey and Islamist Saudi Arabia have been arming those Islamist terrorists for years in their war against Syria.

Add in that Dear Leader Obama, without a declaration of war, has been conducting an unconstitutional war to overthrow the government of Syria . . . a nation that has never attacked the U.S.

Putin is bombing because we have been trying for years to overthrow Russia's decades long ally Syria.

Instead of addressing vital issues like the economy and open borders we see our liar hack politicians beating their chests over Syria to distract voters.

War, war and more war chant the politicians.

Our politicians have flooded the Middle East with weapons and fueled Islamist monsters to commit genocide.  Now the politicians want our troops to die to "stop" the Islamist they armed, protect "Western influence" and the "save" the artificially created nations of the Middle East from the World War I era.

Screw that.

Let's stop shipping arms and help the Russians crush the Islamists instead of fanning the flames of World War III.  With peace restored we can back off from this region that breeds insanity.

The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

And now every April I sit on my porch
And I watch the parade pass before me
And I watch my old comrades, how proudly they march
Reliving old dreams of past glory
And the old men march slowly, all bent, stiff and sore
The forgotten heroes from a forgotten war
And the young people ask, "What are they marching for?"
And I ask myself the same question
And the band plays Waltzing Matilda
And the old men answer to the call
But year after year their numbers get fewer
Some day no one will march there at all