"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Trump picks WWE's Linda McMahon to lead Small Business Administration

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Linda McMahon

Go Linda!
Wrestling and politics are the same: 
showmanship and dominating your enemy.

(CNBC)  -  Donald Trump has picked Linda McMahon, co-founder of pro wrestling company WWE, to lead his Small Business Administration, his transition team said Wednesday.

The 68-year-old McMahon was a major Trump backer during his campaign, giving $6 million to a pro-Trump super PAC.

The SBA has an office in every state and helps with financing and training for small businesses and entrepreneurs. President-elect Trump said in a statement that McMahon would aim to "bring back our jobs and roll back the burdensome regulations that are hurting our middle class."
"Our small businesses are the largest source of job creation in our country," McMahon said in a statement. "I am honored to join the incredibly impressive economic team that President-elect Trump has assembled to ensure that we promote our country's small businesses and help them grow and thrive."
McMahon ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate seats in Connecticut twice in 2010 and 2012. She spent nearly $100 million on the two campaigns.

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Linda McMahon Returns To WWE To Save 
Stephanie McMahon from Sting

WWE Wrestler Kane & Politics
A 7 foot tall, 323 pound libertarian supporter of Ron Paul (R - Texas).  Kane has won 18 total championships during his WWE career.
Kane is a member of the Free State Project, and spoke at the organization's 2009 New Hampshire Liberty Forum. He has also spoken at the Ludwig von Mises Institute.  Kane has said that Harry BrowneRon PaulJohn StosselPeter Schiff, and Murray Rothbard as his political influences, and stated he is "theoretically a Rothbardian", but does not believe that a stateless society will be achieved in his lifetime.

Mujahideen graduate from training camp

"Oceania was at war with Eurasia; therefore Oceania
had always been at war with Eurasia."

George Orwell


  • The insane Afghan War goes on and on and on. How many decades and how much treasure are we to spend on this rat hole?

(Long War Journal)  -  The Taliban said 100 “mujahideen” have graduated from its “Khalid bin Walid Camp” and 50 more from its “Abu Dujana Camp.” These two facilities are designed to indoctrinate and train fighters in basic combat techniques, and the Khalid bin Walid Camp “can train up to 2000 recruits at a single time,” according to the Taliban.
The training camps were promoted on Voice of Jihad, the Taliban’s official propaganda outlet. According to the group, the facilities were established and are currently run by the “Commission for Military Camps and Martyrdom Battalions.”

The location of the Khalid bin Walid Camp was not specifically disclosed, however the Taliban said that it “trains recruits in 8 provinces (Helmand, Kandahar, Ghazni, Ghor, Saripul, Faryab, Farah and Maidan Wardak) and “has around 300 military trainers and scholars.” The facility “can train up to 2000 recruits at a single time and trains them in the fields of Shariah, military, technical and intelligence.”
The Abu Dujana Camp is located in Sar-i-Pul province, and is one of “12 branches” of the Khalid bin Walid Camp, according to the Taliban.
According to the Taliban, the fighters at both camps were “given a basic 45 day training course in military, Islamic creed, Hanafi Fiqh [understanding of the Hanafi school of jurisprudence], Seerat (life of the noble Prophet SAW) and intelligence.”
During the military instruction, the fighters are “given training of most used weapons like rifles, machine guns, RPG 7, 75mm and 82mm artillery, mortars, Dshk, KPV and ZPU-2 AA guns as well as other arms and at the same time are given basic information about different explosives, APCs, tanks, aircrafts, lasers, recon planes and other modern gear.”
The statement promoting the two camps was accompanied by a series of photographs showing the Taliban recruits in various formations. The Taliban fighters are operating in the open in broad daylight.
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British Fortifications, Kabul in 1879
From 1839 to 1919 the British fought three wars in Afghanistan with near zero real results.  But politicians and soldiers love to play war and refuse to learn the lessons of history on the limits of military power.  Now these same moronic "leaders" want to jump back into Iraq and Syria.
(Battle of Kabul 1879)

Officers of the 10th Hussars at Jellalabad - 1879
South West of Jellalabad in North Eastern Afghanistan.
The Battle of Futtehabad.

Conservatives: Fine Facebook for not removing "Hate Speech"

Conservatives are not Conservative

  • I no longer have a clue what the Hell a "Conservative" is. In Europe we see Conservatives cracking down on Internet free speech in order to keep borders wide open. In America Conservatives viciously attacked Trump for daring to try and control illegal immigration and protect jobs. 
  • On both Continents we see Conservatives locking arms to imprison Julian Assange.
  • I no longer call myself a Conservative, but rather a Constitutional Federalist. Whatever the Hell Conservatism is it is not me.

(Reuters)  -  A senior German conservative has warned Facebook it could face fines if it fails to act faster to tackle online hate speech, and he said the government could propose legislative measures in the new year.

Speaking at a party conference of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) in Essen, western Germany, Volker Kauder suggested politicians were running out of patience with efforts by social media providers to crack down on hate speech.

"I expect from big companies like Facebook that they adhere to laws. If they are not respected than we must think about new possibilities, fines for example," he said.

Facebook declined immediate comment on his remarks.

Germany is seen as a forerunner when it comes to forcing Facebook to step up efforts to police online hate speech, which has risen here following an influx of almost one million migrants, mainly from the Middle East, last year.

Politicians are also worried about how hate speech and fake news could sway public opinion ahead of elections next year in which Merkel will be running for a fourth term and facing an increasingly popular far right.

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Clinic offers to measure your penis

Retard Alert
  • First, what kind of retard visits a clinic to get measured and what sicko volunteers to do the measuring?
  • But it gets worse. Pervert clinic workers will now visit the homes of "vulnerable young men" to do the measuring.

(The Local)  -  A clinic in southern Sweden hopes that its new penis measuring tape will convince more young men to stop by for appointments.

The tape, which measures diameter rather than length, is designed to help young men find the appropriate size of condom. It is part of a new project in collaboration with the Blekinge county council which aims to get more young men to visit youth clinics.
“When you get guys to visit you can move on to mental health, so we want to get them here one way or another,” Emelie Svensson, a district nurse at the clinic told radio station P4 Blekinge.

Since October the clinic has been visiting male-dominated upper secondary school courses to inform them about their work and sexual health, and will now also begin to visit homes for vulnerable young people.
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Correct Penis Size Equation

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

GOP screws Trump before even taking office

GOP To Voters:
"Screw you all. We are going to export every damn job in this country to slave labor 3rd world shit-holes."

By Gary;

That was quick. What honeymoon?

The votes are still being counted but the bought and paid for open borders GOP has already acted to screw over The Donald and the millions of voters he brought to the election.

The worthless scum House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Asshole, Calif.) pulled the rug right out from under Trump by coming out against a tariff on goods exported by nations using near slave labor and manipulating their currency to destroy our industry.

Anyone with a brain knows Trump would use the threat of a tariff as a tool to get better trade deals and protect jobs. But open borders Republicans are trying to cut Trump off at the knees before he even takes office.

It is sad that the party I devoted years of my life to supporting has told the voters to go fuck themselves.

Open Borders GOP

Jobs and immigration. Just look to the Republican Party. The GOP is bought and paid for by open borders multinational corporations. The party licks the boots of the businesses that fund them. Paying attention to average people is an optional extra.  That is why the Trump Revolution happened.

The GOP has controlled Congress for 17 out of the last 21 years. Job exported, no wall and endless illegal and legal immigration.

The GOP support for economic open borders goes right back to NAFTA. Fire American citizen workers and ship those jobs to Mexico. No thought at all is given by Republicans to the average American trying to feed his children.

The main reason the modern GOP exists is to drive down wages for their Wall Street Masters. No more. No less.

Donald Trump brought in Rust Belt state like Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania that were screwed over by the open borders GOP. Now "Conservatives" in Congress like Kevin McCarthy show they just don't give a damn.

The new GOP motto:  "Screw the voters. All hail the Wall Street Oligarchs."

From me to the open borders GOP
Fuck you......and the horse you rode in on

The Horse You Rode In On

The open borders Oligarchs who fund both political parties don't give a damn about American citizen workers. 

Democrats to fund lawyers for illegal aliens

Americans citizens are now the enemy to the Democrat Party

The People's Republic of California
of, by and for illegal aliens

(San Diego Union Tribune)  -  State Sen. Ben Hueso, D-San Diego, introduced a bill Monday in the state legislature that would fund legal representation for noncitizens facing deportation.

Because immigration proceedings are considered a civil matter, those facing deportation do not have a right to a lawyer in the way that those facing criminal charges do. Hueso’s bill, called the Due Process For All Act, would broaden state funding for immigration legal counsel.

According to a fact sheet from Hueso’s office, 68 percent of noncitizens held in detention facilities do not have legal representation, and detained people who have lawyers are more than five times more likely to succeed in challenging their deportation.

The fact sheet also alludes to President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promises to ramp up deportation efforts.

The Due Process For All Act, SB 6, is one of two immigration bills expected the first day of the new session. Hueso will join Senate President pro tem Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Paramount, and Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Oakland, to discuss the bills at a news conference.

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Green Party demands vote counting machines have a paper trail

Green Party supporters gathered in the Capitol rotunda to make
the case for a recount. (Photo by Katie Meyer/WITF)

Where are the GOP and Democrats???

  • Sure the Greens are pushing the recount for the Hildabeast, but I like taking issues on a case by case basis. 
  • I have to ask why both major parties are happy with paperless electronic voting machines that are impossible to audit.

(WITF) Harrisburg, PA  --  Green Party supporters were in Harrisburg on Monday to vocally back Jill Stein's quest for a presidential vote recount in the commonwealth.
Stein, the Green Party candidate, has now filed suit in both federal and Philadelphia city courts.
One of the complaints the Greens have brought up time and again is the difficulty of auditing the vote in Pennsylvania. 
Many of the machines the commonwealth uses are paperless and don't create physical records of the votes cast.
Candice Hoke, a director of the Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection at Cleveland State University, said the machines have too many vulnerabilities.
"If we're going to use computers, we should use the same procedures that businesses routinely use," she said. "We require not only internal quality control measures, but external independent quality controls."
Stein and the rest of her party have said they don't have specific evidence of fraud, but contend that the only real way to know if it occurred is to audit the vote.
Pat LaMarche, the Green Party's 2004 vice presidential nominee, said it shouldn't be such a difficult process.
"To act like it's not possible, to act like we don't need to worry our pretty little heads about it, is absolutely childish," she said.
LaMarche and many of her allies concede that a recount probably won't change results.
But she said in her eyes, that's not the point.
"People care about the truth," she said. "People care about justice. There comes a point when it's not about the outcome anymore."
Election officials from both major parties maintain the vote is accurate.
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Church fined $12,000 for helping the homeless

Just in time for Christmas

  • Why should the Christmas season be any different from the rest of the year?  We spend trillion to level cities in the Middle East and make people homeless, but we spend next to nothing to help homeless Americans.

DUNDALK, Md. (WMAR)  -  A Dundalk church faces a fine of $12,000 for helping the homeless. 
“I showed up Wednesday morning to find a citation on the door that said we're going to be fined $12,000 and have a court date because we have unhoused homeless people sleeping outside the church at night,” said Reverend Katie Grover with the Patapsco United Methodist Church.
Grover added that the men and women who sleep outside their doors do so because they have nowhere else to go and because they feel safe there.

“We feel we here as a church that it's scriptural mandate that's it an imperative to care for the least, the last, the lost, the poor, the hungry,” she said.
While it may be the business of the church to serve the homeless, Chester Bartko, the owner of a produce stand next door, said it’s hurting his business.
“We can't be here all night patrolling the area. We can't control whether someone comes and sleeps outside of our doors, so I don't know how we're cited for people who find refuge here,” Grover said.
Grover is now struggling with doing what's right and what's legal.
“The church should live up to the community standards, not be a magnet for these people,” said Bartko.
“They are children of God just as well, they're our neighbor just as well and I just try to explain we're doing the best we can,” said Grover.
The church is scheduled to appear in court on December 21. 
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"At this festive season of the year, Mr Scrooge, ... it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for the Poor and destitute, who suffer greatly at the present time. Many thousands are in want of common necessaries; hundreds of thousands are in want of common comforts, sir."

"Are there no prisons?"

"Plenty of prisons..."

"And the Union workhouses." demanded Scrooge. "Are they still in operation?"

"Both very busy, sir..."

"Those who are badly off must go there."

"Many can't go there; and many would rather die."

"If they would rather die," said Scrooge, "they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population."

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Should Hollywood Select Our Presidents? - Popular vote vs Electoral College

Fact of the Week
Los Angeles (Hollywood) and New York City 
gave Hillary Clinton her entire margin 
of victory in the popular vote. 

By Gary;

We have NEVER been a democracy. Sometimes I wonder if we are even a republic . . . but I digress.

As we know an Electoral College of Sovereign States, not the people, elect the President.

The debate rages on abolishing the Electoral College in favor of a popular vote of all the people.

Don't feel left out if your vote does not count. Looking around the world many democratic nations do not have voters elect their leaders.  Parliaments elect the leaders of nations like Canada, Britain, Japan, Israel, Australia and India.

On the other hand, the direct election of Presidents exists in France, Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines, Kenya, South Korea, Taiwan, Argentina, Colombia and more.

The U.S. does indeed stand alone with a system that no one these days would deliberately choose.

Democracy vs. Federalism

Our system is a relic of a very brief moment in time. When the Constitution was written Monarchy was the standard of government. The mass voting of a population simple did not exist. Thus came the Electoral College to fill that gap.

If the Constitution has been written just 20 years later I doubt the College would have even been bothered with.

So what to do today?    Is every citizen equal? Do states have rights? Why should states have rights?

For many, many elections the country has been divided nearly 50/50. But voting patterns are not equal. The ultra landslide numbers in just Los Angeles and New York City can literally elect a President.

Is it right for two cities alone to decide the direction of a nation that is otherwise equally divided?

The debate goes on.

Los Angeles County Election Results
Nationwide the Hildabeast got 2.6 million more popular votes 
that Trump.  Los Angeles County and New York City alone 
gave Hillary 3.18 million votes.

New York City Election Results
Ultra mega landslides in just two urban areas gave Clinton 
her entire popular vote victory.
Should just two American cities dictate
who is President of an entire nation?

The Brexit Betrayal

Paul Joseph Watson
The political class is doing everything to 
sabotage Brexit. Will we let them?