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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

British arms companies ramp up bomb sales to Saudi Arabia by 100 times

Follow the Money
The Military-Industrial Complex is Very Real

  • For years Britain and NATO have been pouring weapons into Syria (a nation that has not attacked Britain) to arm violent Islamist groups. 
  • Now we see Britain arming the Islamist, head chopping Saudis in their war against other Muslims.

(UK Independent)  -  British arms companies have cashed-in on Saudi Arabia’s military campaign in Yemen by ramping up arms sales to the country’s autocratic government by over a hundred times, new figures show.

Sales of British bombs and missiles to the Saudi Arabia surged to over £1 billion just three months last year, according to an official record of arms export licences quietly released by the Government this week.
The sales, up from just £9m in the preceding three-month period, have occurred while the oil-rich autocracy conducts a military campaign in its neighbour’s territory, where the United Nations has said a “humanitarian catastrophe” is unfolding.

 Saudi Arabia is intervening in Yemen to fight Houthi rebels, who control the country’s capital but are not internationally recognised as its government. The Kingdom was asked to join the conflict by the country’s Government, which has been pushed out of much of the country’s heartland.
Criticism of the Saudi military operation have however included the bombing of multiple hospitals run by the charity Médecins Sans Frontières and the deaths of thousands of civilians, including 130 at a single wedding.
While international observers have recognised abuses on all sides, in late December UN human rights chief Zeid Raad al-Hussein said that a “disproportionate” number of attacks of civilians in Yemen had come from the Saudi-led invasion force.
“I have observed with extreme concern the continuation of heavy shelling from the ground and the air in areas with high a concentration of civilians as well as the perpetuation of the destruction of civilian infrastructure – in particular hospitals and schools – by all parties to the conflict, although a disproportionate amount appeared to be the result of airstrikes carried out by Coalition Forces,” Mr Zeid said.
The exact figure for British arms export licences from July to September 2015 was £1,066,216,510 in so-called “ML4” export licences, which relate to bombs, missiles, rockets, and components of those items.
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Communist China Bans Religion Among Party Members

Communist demolition team attempting to remove a cross
from Wenzhou’s Dongyang Church.

(UK Telegraph)

Communists are afraid, very afriad

(Radio Free Asia)  -  The ruling Chinese Communist Party has issued new guidelines banning its members from following any religion, even after they retire from official life, official media reported on Friday.

"Amid rapid economic and social development and an aging population, we have seen ... the numbers of retired officials grow every year," an "opinion" issued recently by the party's personnel arm said.

"We have seen a number of new issues and problems emerging to do with the outlook, actions and the management of services linked to retired officials," an explanation of the opinion posted on the website of party mouthpiece the People's Daily said. "We need to respond to and manage those problems."

It added: "There is an urgent need to grasp accurately the overall situation and trends among retired officials."

Retired military personnel have long been cited by officials and activists as a highly sensitive sector of the population, who might swing a tide of public opinion in their favor and against the party, because of their proven loyalty to their country.

President Xi Jinping has also launched an ideological campaign targeting any activity seen as "importing" values and cultural practices from overseas.

Xi has cited religion in particular as a means by which "hostile foreign forces" seek to exert a subversive influence in China.

Godless Communists attacking the faith of others.

‘Turning to religion’

Beijing-based democracy activist Zha Jianguo said the party is probably reinforcing its requirement that its members in particular remain atheists in the face of a growing number of religious believers within its own ranks.

"From the point of view of the Communist Party, it's traditional for the party to require that its members not follow any religion," Zha told RFA.

"But in the past couple of decades, more and more of them have been turning to religion," he said.

He said the party in particular fears religious believers as "the enemy within."

"There are more and more underground churches and house churches, which they see as a threat," Zha said. "If they are to control this threat outside the party, then they also have to control their own members and officials."

But a retired party member and former government official who asked to remain anonymous said the "opinion" reflects a crisis of faith at the heart of the party.

"If you are a party member, then it's reasonable to expect you to follow its leaders," he said. "But the party itself is having a crisis of faith [in its own ideology], so it can't afford to allow these people to go off and believe in other faiths."

"If this wasn't the case, then they would just let people believe what they want to believe,” the former official said. “They are only trying to hold onto [their atheism] because it's in crisis."

Shocking Video Shows Chinese Christians' Attempts to Halt Destruction of Church Cross

Communists remove crosses from churches in China
(UK Telegraph)

Demolishing crosses

The "opinion" comes on the heels of a months-long campaign by religious affairs officials in the eastern province of Zhejiang to tear down publicly visible crosses from churches in the region, which is known as "China's Jerusalem" for its high concentration of Protestant believers.

Associate professor Ying Fuk Tsang of the Chinese University of Hong Kong divinity school said the party carried out an extensive survey of religious practices around the country, which yielded some worrying results.

"They found the numbers of party members holding religious beliefs or taking part in religious activities to be of great concern," Ying told RFA on Friday. "At the same time that they were demolishing crosses, they also did a lot of atheist ideological work among party members and retired officials."

"They also held inquisition-style meetings, so they have a record of who the believers are," he said. "Then, they told them that they wouldn't be punished if they renounced their faith."

"[If they refused], they forced them to resign from the party,” Ying said. “They were demolishing external crosses, but also demolishing symbolic crosses from within party ranks." 

Ying said that many of the Communist Party's 80 million members have no faith in its political ideology.

"They didn't join the party because they believed in communism; they did it to be part of a privileged group," he said, saying the campaign is similar to the purges of the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement carried out by former president Jiang Zemin.

"That's why so many of them have wavered and started to get religion, and it's that process that the party sees as a threat, because it has created a situation where you have conflicted loyalties," Ying said.

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Putin Worshipping in Church
Meanwhile in Russia
The corrupt Media Machine tells us we must "hate" Putin and the Russians. But the Machine forgets to tell you that Putin is a Christian, supports the freedom of religion and the Orthodox Church.

Business wants to limit Internet free speech

Frightened of Free Speech

  • This is why I hate knee-jerk party line propaganda. In this case we see Democrat run legislatures in Maryland and California standing up for your right to free Internet speech against business owners who want to silence you.

(Electronic Frontier Foundation)  -  Should a company be allowed to use its own contractual fine print to take away its customers’ free speech? What fundamental rights should not be waivable?
We’ve written in the past about companies putting clauses in their form contracts that ostensibly forbid customers from posting online reviews of those companies’ products and services. Members of the Maryland House of Delegates have introduced a bill (MD H.B. 131) seeking to end the practice in Maryland. The bill’s sponsors are Dels. Jeff Waldstreicher, David Moon, Benjamin Kramer, and C.T. Wilson.
Under H.B. 131, vendors would not be allowed to use “gag clauses” in their contracts with customers—for example, an auto repair shop in Maryland wouldn’t be allowed to use a contract that tries to restrict its customers from complaining online about its services. HB 131 is closely modeled after a law that California passed in 2014
EFF submitted a written testimony to the Maryland House of Delegates Economic Matters Committee in support of this timely bill:
H.B. 131 addresses one component of a larger issue that has troubled us for years: companies hiding terms in form contracts designed to rob customers of their rights. Whether it’s a restrictive terms-of-service agreement waiving a customer’s right to modify the software on her phone or a dentist’s contract forbidding his patient from leaving a negative review, the principle is the same: contracts should not be used to waive consumers’ rights. This is especially true when consumers don’t have a meaningful opportunity to negotiate contract terms.
We’ve been following the disturbing trend of vendors burying clauses in their contracts that bar customers from leaving reviews of their products and services. When these cases have gone to trial, courts have reliably sided with the customer; unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped the practice. For every high-profile story of a customer fighting back against this unfair business practice, there are many more stories we’ll never hear: stories of customers who simply gave up under a company’s pressure to pay a fine or delete a review. Because legal gray areas are fertile ground for legal bullying, the law should make it clear that customers have every right to speak their mind, even if a company’s form contract says otherwise.
We recommended two possible improvements to the bill. We noted that the bill only applies to “goods or services that are primarily for personal, household, or family purposes”—we’re not sure why the drafters chose to limit its scope that way.
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Trump to Savage: Maybe Obama does not want to defeat ISIS

The Truth Hurts

(WND.com)  -  In another wide-ranging interview with talk-radio host Michael Savage, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump suggested President Obama might not have a desire to defeat the Islamic jihadist group ISIS, and the real-estate billionaire shied away from declaring he would win the New Hampshire primary Tuesday.
Trump repeated his observation that President Obama refuses to identify the enemy as “radical Islamic terrorism,” insisting ISIS and other groups have nothing to do with Islam.
“It’s radical Islamic terrorism, and we have a president who won’t even use the words,” he said. “If you don’t use the words, you’re never going to get rid of the problem.
“Maybe he doesn’t want to get rid of the problem,” Trump said. “I don’t know exactly what’s going on.”
Turning to the New Hampshire primary, Savage noted Trump, who leads by as many as 21 points in the latest polls, is “way ahead of the pack.”
Trump replied: “Yeah, so far.”
A surprised Savage asked, “You’re not even saying you’re going to win?”
“I don’t want to really say it, because I don’t want to bring any bad luck,” Trump said. “I’m doing well. The polls look good. The enthusiasm’s incredible.
“Tonight we’re going to have a crowd of 4 or 5,000 people out – although it’s snowing, so, I don’t know, maybe that will be a little smaller.”
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Monday, February 8, 2016

RACIST INSULT - Black actor insults Stacey Dash for not being Black enough

More Attacks on Black Conservatives
Stacey Dash has obvious Conservative credentials 
that should be respected by any red blooded man.

(The Hollywood Reporter)  -  Fox News contributor Stacey Dash had some choice words for NAACP Image Awards host Anthony Anderson after the awards show. 
Dash called him out on Twitter, saying “Well it’s funny how woman who weighs 105 wet! Can get grown ass men to act like little girls!”
Earlier on Friday night at the awards ceremony, Anderson took a jab at Dash in his monologue. 
He joked that she was the first awards presenter of the evening, saying “Everybody give a round of applause for Stacey Dash! What the hell is she doing here?” He continued, “Doesn’t she know that the Fox network is using her? She’s just an Ann Coulter dipped in butterscotch. That’s all she is. Baby, don’t let them use you!”
Asshole Alert
Anthony Anderson says Blacks are only allowed to be Liberal.
Obey the Leftist Thought Police. Thinking for yourself is not allowed.

Anderson asked her to “Come back to the black people,” saying that she has recently only been in C-list movies. “I promise I will see them!”
Last month in response to the #OscarsSoWhite debate, Dash told Steve Doocy on Fox & Friends that she believes that awards shows in general present a “double standard.“ She also questioned the existence of channels like BET and why anyone celebrates Black History Month.
“We’re Americans, period,” Dash said. "And if we don’t want segregation, then we have to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the Image Awards, where you’re only awarded if you’re black. If it were the other way around, we would be up in arms. It’s a double standard.”
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Dash on her 2012 endorsement of Mitt Romney

Foreign Legion General arrested for protesting Islam

"Beau Geste" (1939)

Arrested for Opposing Islam

  • Open borders political hacks on both the Right and the Left fall all over themselves to import millions of Muslims into the West.  Dare to speak out and you are arrested.

(RT News)  -  General Christian Piquemal, a respected former French Legion commander, is among the dozens arrested during Europe-wide protests against the ongoing migrant influx.
The arrest at the PEGIDA rally in Calais on Saturday was one of 20, and came as clashes erupted between the ‘anti-Islamization’ group and the police in the French port city. The troubles kicked off after the authorities canceled the planned rally.
Arrested for the crime of free speech
The crowd booed the police, as they tried to get Piquemal and drag him away.
The former commander led the Legion from 1994 to 1999.
A crowd of 150 protesters gathered downtown with banners and slogans, among them: “This is our home.” They waved the French flag and sang the national anthem, only several days after the government had banned protests.
Piquemal, 75, tried to rally the group in support of PEGIDA’s right-wing cause.
He spoke to the crowd and was quoted by Le Monde as saying: “There are things that have to be respected, including the national anthem - the Marseillaise - when it is sung.”
He slammed the police for not respecting the song and lamented how “France is in decline. I regret that you received these orders. You are forced to obey your orders, but you don’t have to behave this way in the field.”
Far-right French politicians were also in attendance in support of Piequemal.
Piquemal was charged with “participation in an unlawful assembly which did not dissolve after warning.” Four people in his entourage were also charged with possession of weapons, including a knuckle-duster and a Taser gun.
All five will face up to a year in prison, and are due to appear in court on Monday.
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Police Crack down on Marseillaise 
singing Anti-Islam patriots

We live in a world gone mad. 

Welcome to Open Borders Europe

Tunisia builds anti-Jihadi fence on Libyan border

If fences do not work then why is there a fence around the White House?

An Anti-Jihadi Border Fence
The Tunisians have listened to Donald 
Trump on wall building

(Gulf News)  -  Tunisia has completed a 200-km barrier along its frontier with Libya to try to keep out Islamist militants, and will soon install electronic monitoring systems, Defence Minister Farhat Hachani said on Saturday.
Libya’s chaos since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 has allowed Daesh (ISIS) to gain a foothold there, and officials say militants who carried out two major attacks in Tunisia last year had trained in militant camps in Libya.
Troops have raised a wall and dug trenches 2 km from the Libyan border, and European and American military trainers will soon train Tunisian forces to improve electronic surveillance with cameras and radar, Hachani told reporters on a visit to the border.
“Today we finished closing it off, and this will help us protect our border, and stop the threat,” he said.
Security forces said the defences had already helped to reduce smuggling.
Daesh controls the Libyan city of Sirte and has attacked key oil installations as it expands beyond its heartland in Iraq and Syria.
More than 3,000 Tunisians have left to fight for Daesh (ISIS) and other militant groups in Syria and Iraq, but Hachani said many had now returned to North Africa to join the group in Libya.
Since its own democratic revolution in 2011, Tunisia has been praised as a model of democratic transition, with free elections, a new constitution and a politics of compromise between secular and Islamist parties.
But last year’s two major attacks, on a museum in Tunis and a beach hotel in Sousse, dealt heavy blows to its tourist industry, a mainstay of the economy.
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ISIS Special Force Rambo

Tunisian soldiers participating in an exercise climb out of a trench, that forms part of a barrier along the frontier with Libya in Sabkeht Alyun,Tunisia February 6, 2016. Tunisia has completed a 200-km (125 mile) barrier along its frontier with Libya to try to keep out Islamist militants, and will soon install electronic monitoring systems.

Devastating Marco Rubio Montage - Rubio Repeats Same Rehearsed Line 5 Times

This was devastating.

FOX News put together a montage of Marco Rubio’s rehearsed Obama line at tonight’s GOP Debate.  Marco used the same rehearsed line about 8 times at the debate.
Even after Governor Christie called him out on it he couldn’t stop repeating it.  It was like listening to a scratched record.
Marco the robot:
“Lets dispel this fiction that Barack Obama does not know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing…”

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Comics

Little Boy Heroically Shoots, Mutilates Burglar

POLLS - Trump in a New Hampshire landslde

The Real Choice
More business as usual or The Donald

By Gary;

The real primary hits next week in New Hampshire.

To bottom line it, except for The Donald, I don't see any of the other GOP candidates doing anything.  It will be business as usual if any of the others are elected.

These Senators and Governors have all been in office while the country has gone to Hell.  For incumbents to claim they will magically fix the mess that happened on their watch is just not believable.

To me The Donald is the only logical choice if you want real change.

Two New Polls of New Hampshire

University of Massaschuesttes / Channel 7  (Taken 2-3 to 2-5)

  • 35%  -  Trump
  • 14%  -  Rubio
  • 13%  -  Cruz
  • 10%  -  Kasich
  • 10%  -  Bush

 American Research Group  (Taken 2-4 to 2-5)

  • 34%  -  Trump
  • 17%  -  Kasich
  • 16%  -  Rubio
  • 9%    -  Cruz
  • 8%    -  Bush

The corrupt open borders Republican Party is happy to manage the decline of the United States. To them it is all about power and raiding the Treasury to pay off their campaign supporters.

The Donald is the only hope of pulling the U.S. from the edge of disaster.

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The Real Clear Politics average of New Hampshire polls