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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The GOP is becoming a regional party

New England  -  Once the heartland of the GOP, now the wasteland of the GOP
  • The GOP is becoming a regional party of the South and Mid West.
  • Republicans have ceded entire sections of the nation to the Socialist-Democrats.  
  • Not being competitive will over time make it almost impossible to win the Electoral College or Congress.

By Gary;

That window of victory in the Electoral College gets more narrow every election for the right-of-center Republicans.  In the Presidential race the GOP has lost all of New England and the Mid-Atlantic states down to Virginia, lost the Great Lakes states, lost Florida again and lost the entire West Coast.

To be a winning party you need to be a true nationwide party.

New England is a good example.  In the next Congress, there won’t be a single Republican House member from the entire region of New England and just two Senators: Susan Collins of Maine and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire.  The only two GOP House members from all of New England were defeated in New Hampshire.

The New England Region

  • 12 US Senators    -    2 are Republican (down from 4)
  • 21 Congressmen  -    0 are Republican

Even with a Massachusetts Governor as the Republican nominee the election was a disaster.  Mitt Romney did not even bother to try and carry his home state and failed to carry any New England state.

Some in the party said the trouble this year was mechanical in nature and blame presidential turnout and polling for their losses. Others are of the thought that until the GOP changes its tone about social issues, any Republican will have a difficult time winning federal office in New England.

New England voters gather around to see
a rare site  -  the nearly extinct Republican elephant.

Rep. LaTourette (R-OH): GOP Has To Be a National Party
La Tourette is both right and wrong in this video.  He is stupid to kiss-up to CNN and trash the Tea Party.  Without the Tea Party the GOP would not control the House.  But he is correct that to be a national political party you cannot cede to the opposition party huge parts of the nation.

The last time congressional Republicans were practically decimated in the region was 2006 and 2008, banner years for Democrats. Then, the problem was Iraq. Now it is social issues.

Many thoughtful Republicans blame stupid candidates like Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock and Missouri Senate hopeful Todd Akin for exacerbating the problem with remarks about rape.

Many also blame the lengthy GOP presidential primary they said lasted too long and brought up issues in endless live debate after debate on TV that do play well in many areas of the country.  True believers love to have that red meat thrown at them, but not all issues need to be shoved in people's faces with glee.  Tact is important.
Defeated Massachusetts
Senator Scott Brown.

Race and Politics  -  The Republicans cannot blame minorities for their poor showing like they do in many other parts of the nation.  New England is still Anglo to the core.

94% White   -   Maine 
94% White   -   New Hampshire
94% White   -   Vermont
84% White   -   Massachusetts
77% White   -   Connecticut
76% White   -   Rhode Island

Compare those numbers to Texas where Hispanics, Blacks and Asians together make up 52% of the population.

State Legislatures  -  The state elections are also a disaster for Republicans.  In New Hampshire the GOP lost the lower house while in Maine Republicans lost both the House and Senate. 

The only legislative chamber Republicans control in the entire region is the New Hampshire state Senate.

The GOP needs to get out of people's lives and bedrooms
  • Campaign on jobs, privacy, property rights and the Bill of Rights. 
  • Freedom.  What a novel concept.  Leaving people alone might even win votes.

Bread and Butter  -  The GOP needs to win the hearts and minds of a huge mass of voters.  People always vote their pocketbooks.  That is why Socialist Democrats are popular.  They love to steal other people's money and give it away to buy votes. 

Giveaways are fun for all, but employment is #1 to the folks.  Republicans need to stick to bread and butter issues at the Federal level like jobs and the taxes and debt that crushes job creation.  Always structure your position around helping voters to have a job to feed their kids.

Embrace the Bill of Rights.
The GOP needs to stop paying lip service and
enthusiastically embrace all 10 Amendments, not just
the first and second.

The Bill of Rights  -  Republicans need to read the Bill of Rights.  Really read it and really understand it.  Add in the Federalist Papers for some bedside reading. 

I know that reading and understanding these documents is a major step for the Big Government loving GOP. 

If Republicans follow the Bill of Rights they can deflect 90% of hot button fucking insane social issues to the states as per the 10th Amendment. 

If the GOP understood the Bill of Rights they could campaign against the Big Brother surveillance society instead of voting with Democrats to create it. 

You cannot be an "opposition" party to the Democrats when you work with them to grow a massive, centralized unconstitutional Orwellian State.

But what do I know?  I am just a "lunatic" fringe Constitutional Federalist.

The map of party control of state legislatures looks somewhat better for Republicans than the Electoral College map which is a disaster.  But the real action is with spending and Big Brother government in Washington, not at the state level.

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