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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Laura Ingraham leaves talk radio

Laura Ingraham leaves talk radio . . . for now.

Ingraham said:

After more than 9 years with the distributor Talk Radio Network, I decided it was time to move on. After much thought and reflection, I have decided to pursue my first loves--modern dance and the xylophone. In the highly unlikely event that these efforts do not prove fruitful, I intend to return to radio.

Seriously--to the more than 300 stations that carry the Laura Ingraham Show and to all my loyal listeners, I feel the time is right to expand and retool my radio program and to explore other syndication options, which I am now actively pursuing. During this brief hiatus, my team and I will continue to deliver thought-provoking and entertaining analysis via my website lauraingraham.com and twitter @IngrahamAngle. And of course, I'll be doing my regular appearances on Fox News. I anticipate making an announcement concerning the show in the near future. Stay tuned!

Ingraham is the second major host to leave Talk Radio Network this year. Earlier this year, Michael Savage parted ways with the syndicator. According to trade magazines, Ingraham has approximately 5.75 million weekly listeners. She told Politico that she wouldn’t be leaving radio.


Dr. Michael Savage recently returned to talk radio.
Michael Savage’s talk radio show is at a new time, 9 pm to midnight Eastern, rather than his previous 6 pm to 9 pm time slot.
In late September, Savage won a lawsuit against Talk Radio Network, his previous syndicator, which in effect canceled out his contract. Other than a few Ustream appearances, he has been away from the media during this hiatus.
According to World Net Daily, “The arbitration panel awarded Savage more than $900,000 and ordered TRN to turn over to him all archived tapes and other recordings of his show.”
In the third quarter of 2012 (before he left the air), Savage was the number one most-listened-to talk radio show on the Internet according to Talk Stream Live.

These numbers must be phony!
In no rational, sane world would 3.25 million people listen on purpose to Alan Colmes.

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