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Monday, November 26, 2012

GOP leader ready to violate no new taxes pledge

Senator Lindsey Graham  -  “I will violate the pledge for the good of the country."

Let the backstabbing begin.

So many Republicans are eager to be "statesmen" and raise taxes for the good of the country.  In return for more taxes to feed the Socialist and unionized Federal welfare state the GOP will get a promise from Democrats to not spend as much money in the future.  That should work.  What could possibly go wrong?

The bullshit will start flowing deep and heavy very soon.

Senator Lindsey Graham says he is willing to violate Grover Norquist’s “no taxes” pledge if Democrats will agree to entitlement program cuts.

Graham says he’s still opposed to increasing tax rates but that he supports capping deductions to help the federal government balance its books and avoid a fiscal disaster.

“I agree with Grover we shouldn’t raise rates, but I think Grover is wrong when it comes to [not capping] deductions,” Graham said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, the group behind the anti-tax pledge that has been signed by most Republicans on Capitol Hill, has warned that lawmakers who have talked of the need for higher tax rates will have to answer to their constituents.

But Graham said that with the federal government facing a debt of more than $16 trillion, increasing tax revenues is a reasonable and logical option.

“When you’re $16 trillion in debt, the only pledge we should be making each other is to avoid becoming Greece,” the senator said. “I will violate the pledge, long story short, for the good of the country — only if Democrats will do entitlement reform.”

(Washington Times)

Sen. Lindsey Graham on jailing Americans without a trial
Here is another gift from Graham to the people.  The Feds can jail you without a trial.

Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act to give the President the power to have the military arrest American citizens and hold them forever without a trial.  This video is Graham's stand and lack of support for the Bill of Rights before the vote. 


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