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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The GOP is losing the middle class

You have to love those California Girls.
But the California middle class is leaving the Republican Party.

The Middle Class is telling the GOP to take a hike
  • In district after district after district, well-off middle class California voters are rejecting the Republicans and sending Democrats to Congress. 
  • The Republican Party is sinking fast in the state.  In time that will make GOP control of the House of Representatives almost impossible.

By Gary;

My family came to California during the Gold Rush and never looked back at those grimy eastern states they came from.  There have been many changes over the years, but I cannot imagine living anywhere else.

But in the last 20 years there has been a earthquake of change in the voters of California. 
Those were the days.
Former California Congressman
Barry Goldwater Jr.

The Super-Rich and the Poor:  The super rich in places like San Francisco, Beverly Hills and Malibu have been sending Leftists to Congress for some time now.  The same with the poor neighborhoods that want wealth re-distribution for "fairness".

That left the California middle class as the base of the right of center GOP.  But now we are seeing the middle class abandon the Republicans.

In SoCal the revolution started in 1998 when previously solidly Republican Santa Barbara voters defeated their Congressman and sent a Leftist pro-labor union Democrat to Congress.

Slowly, in middle class district after district the Republicans have lost seats.  Gone are the golden days of conservative Congressmen like Barry Goldwater Jr., Robert K. Dornan and John Rousselt.

The 2012 elections saw a downright slaughter of the California GOP.  Solid middle class GOP districts went Democrat in San Diego, Ventura County, Palm Springs, the San Gabriel Valley and Sacramento.

Republican Palm Springs just went Democrat.
Not that long ago you could drive from Santa Barbara on the California coast to Los Angeles to Palm Springs and the Arizona border and virtually never leave a Republican Congressional District.  Now every single seat is held by Leftist Democrats.
Republicans are losing solid middle class seats.  If the GOP cannot win over the middle class then it will become extinct.

The Golden State Olden Days
President Ronald Reagan (R-California) with Santa Barbara GOP
Congressman Bob Lagomarsino in the center and some pussy no new
taxes liar on the right.  Now Santa Barbara is represented by Democrats.

This rejection of the GOP by the middle class is not just a California issue.  In all of middle class New England the Republicans hold zero seats in the House of Representatives.  ZERO out of 21 New England seats.

In California the GOP is down to only 15 out of 53 seats.  If California goes the way of New England that almost wipes out the Republican majority in the House.  The GOP would have to rack up super-majority wins in the rest of the nation to make up for losses in California and New England.
California's Future
Dr, Matthew Lin (Republican)
Dr. Lin ran in California's first Asian
majority State Assembly District in L.A.
He came to the US with only $300
in his pocket. 

Immigration  -  Yes, I know what you are thinking.  Immigration is a major issue in California.  Some 38% of the state is Latino and another 14% is Asian. 

Asians are now coming to the US faster than Latinos.  Many California cities such as Monterey Park, Cupertino and San Gabriel are over 60% Asian in population.

Chinese-American vs Chinese-American

California's State Assembly Districts are huge with nearly 500,000 people.  In Los Angeles County the state's first Asian-American majority district was created.

The direction of California is clear.  The campaign was between two Chinese-American candidates.

Mitt Romney lost Los Angeles County in a landslide with only 28% of the vote.  Dr. Matthew Lin, the GOP candidate, was better able to relate to voters and in an underfunded effort still managed to win 44% of the vote running far ahead of Romney.  Proof that when properly marketed to, minority voters will consider Conservatism.

But this goes way beyond just immigration.

These California districts that have rejected the GOP are solid middle class areas.

In these middle class districts you have voters with good educations, good jobs or business owners.

This solid new middle class instead of having a last name like Smith now has the last names of Chen or Lopez.  But they are middle class through and through with the same aspirations as any other middle class anywhere on earth.

In theory they are natural Republicans, but they are mostly voting Democrat.

Unless we want to live in a one-party Marxist state, the challenge for Republicans is to get out of their country clubs and meet real people in the real world.  The GOP needs to find the issues that are important to entirely new sets of cultures who are now voting in massive numbers.

There is a brand new middle class out there waiting to be shown some attention.  Conservatives need to work these communities so new Asian and Hispanic Republicans can be sent to Congress.

Former Orange County GOP Assemblyman Van Tran
The anti-Communist Vietnamese community in California has given the Republicans a much larger share of the vote than most other immigrant groups.  To win Republicans need to recruit candidates who can speak the language of immigrant groups and relate to their issues.

California Republican registration is only 29%. 
Vietnamese-Americans register Republican more than the state as a whole.

California Girls Sexy Labor Day Bikini Contest - Venice Beach
Conservatives should volunteer to help these fine young California ladies to see the  political light.

California is still the best.
You losers stuck living in Ohio, New York, Arkansas, Wisconsin and Montana can only dream about what Californians enjoy every day.

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