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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Will Obama attack Colorado and Washington?

DEA supported raids on legal local businesses.
Photo of 20 legal local marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles being raided.

Drug War  -  Will Obama go after Colorado and Washington for legalizing pot?
  • The Bill of Rights has no meaning to modern politicians of either party.
  • Comrade Obama is using the DEA and Federal Prosecutors to confiscate the private property of businesses legally operating under state laws.

Colorado and Washington dared to defy the Federal Big Brother Government.  They became the first states to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use, setting up a showdown with federal authorities over the enforcement of national drug laws.

The question of the day is will Comrade Obama obey the Constitution and leave Colorado and Washington alone?

With 63 percent of the vote counted, Colorado’s Amendment 64 was leading by a margin of 54 to 46 percent. Washington’s Initiative 502 was declared victorious shortly after the polls closed, while a third legalization measure in Oregon appeared poised to go down to defeat.

Supporters of marijuana legalization were jubilant over the vote, declaring that Colorado and Washington voters had taken the first steps toward ending the criminalization of a product they describe as less harmful than alcohol reports The Washington Times.

“Colorado will no longer have laws that steer people toward using alcohol, and adults will be free to use marijuana instead, if that is what they prefer. And we will be better off as a society because of it,” said Mason Tvert, co-director of the Yes on 64 campaign.
Voters in another three states — Arkansas, Massachusetts and Montana — were considering whether to authorize marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The Massachusetts measure, Question 3, appeared on the verge of winning passage, which would make the state the 18th to approve medical marijuana.

Marijuana laws and states rights
The federal government is in the midst of a crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries across the state of California.

The three legalization propositions would allow adults 21 and older to use marijuana for nonmedical purposes. The measures also would establish a taxation and regulatory system similar to that now governing the sale and distribution of alcohol.

Of the three, the Washington measure had the most support in the polls going into Tuesday’s election, with some surveys showing a double-digit lead. Voters in Colorado were leaning toward approval, with polls showing the proposed amendment registering just above 50 percent in favor.

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The power limits in Constitution have no meaning to the Federal Government.

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