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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Two states provided all of Obama's margin of victory

California  -  It was a Golden State for Comrade Obama.

Landslide margins in California and New York provided all of Obama's margin of victory in the popular vote.

By Gary;

The nation is more Conservative than it looks.  The people of the 48 United States of America just elected Governor Mitt Romney as President. 

The problem comes when you tally the votes of the People's Republics of California and New York.  Those two states alone racked up all of Obama's margin of victory nationwide.

National vote
62,884,000    -    Comrade Obama
59,329,000    -    Mitt Romney
3,555,000           popular vote margin of victory

3,927,000 votes was the margin for Obama in California and New York combined.

The People's Republic of California
6,414,000    -    Comrade Obama
4,136,000    -    Mitt Romney
2,278,000          popular vote margin of victory

California alone provided 64% of Obama's winning margin nationally.

The People's Republic of New York
3,875,000    -    Comrade Obama
2,226,000    -    Mitt Romney
1,649,000          popular vote margin of victory.

Mitt Romney Won!

If you remove the two far Left People's Republics from the national vote, then Mitt Romney won the US popular vote by 372,000.

Remove a couple more landslide Democrat states like Illinois, New Jersey and Massachusetts and Romney's margin of popular vote victory shoots up to 2,498,000 votes.

Escaping from New York taxes while
being chased by a mob of Socialist Looters and Moochers.

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