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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More nanny state taxes on liquor

Conservatives want to tax you for having a good time.

New Conservative Nanny State Liquor Taxes
  • Conservatives no longer exist in either the UK or the US.  What passes for "Conservatism" is simply moderate Socialism. 
  • More taxes on everyone to fund the unionized cradle-to-grave all powerful welfare state. 

Conservative UK Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to press ahead with controversial plans for a crackdown on cheap booze – despite claims that most of his Cabinet oppose it.

He is due to authorise a Home Office consultation on forcing retailers in England and Wales to sell alcohol at a fixed minimum price in an attempt to curb problem drinking.
It's not just for breakfast any more.

Sources last night said the minimum price could be 45p per unit of alcohol – up from the 40p per unit proposed in the Government’s Alcohol Strategy earlier this year reports the UK Daily Mail.

But the crackdown, which has already been postponed once, is being fiercely opposed by many of Mr Cameron’s Cabinet colleagues, who fear it will hit those on low incomes without making any real difference to problem drinking.

Chancellor George Osborne is also understood to be worried that setting the minimum price too high will drive down sales sharply and deprive the Treasury – which raises £9.5 billion a year from alcohol duty – of much-needed revenue.

The Scottish government has already introduced legislation to set a minimum drink price. However, at 50p per unit it is likely to be more expensive than the limit south of the border.

Despite warnings that minimum pricing is illegal under EU law, Mr Cameron is keen to introduce it. Whitehall sources said the Prime Minister believed making alcohol more expensive would reduce alcohol abuse.

Last week, the British Medical Association and the Royal College of General Practitioners were among a group of leading medical bodies that called on the Government to set the limit at the Scottish level of 50p, which could double the cost of a bottle of vodka or cider.

After all, big government knows what is best for you at all times.  People should not be allowed to make their own decisions in life.

Some Tory backbenchers have also branded the idea as ‘unConservative’ and ‘a nanny state’ intrusion into the lives of sensible drinkers.

Nick Clegg and fellow Lib Dem Cabinet Ministers are understood to have reservations about the plan, with one party source saying: ‘We think this is illiberal.’

UKIP Nigel Farage
The dishonesty of David Cameron and the Conservatives on Big Government.  UK Independence Party MEP talks about the dishonest position of the conservative party and their pledge for small government

Conservatism  -  The New Socialism.
British and American "Conservatives" have adopted the very Socialism, nanny state government and higher taxes that they once opposed. 
Conservative David Cameron thinks too much cheap liquor might make your life
enjoyable.  So taxes must be increased to prevent you having a good time. 
Now that tax should get his party lots of votes next election.

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