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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Democrats set up the Hispanic Trap for the GOP

Democrats set the Hispanic trap for the GOP

Leftist Democrats will use driver's licenses for illegals in state after state to showcase the evil "racism" of the GOP
  • If Republicans want to remain a viable political party they must not step on the race trap being set for them.
  • Democrats want to use the race card to take the 40% Hispanic vote for Bush down to the 5% level Blacks give the GOP and thus create a one-party Marxist state.

By Gary;

To lock down votes for the Socialist policies, Democrats have successfully used the race card in the Black community.

Illinois’ top leaders said that they will now push to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants pursuing a softer line on immigration.

Surrounded by forward looking Republicans and pandering race card using Democrats at a news conference, state Senate President John Cullerton said he will try to pass legislation in the coming weeks.  Leftist Governor Pat Quinn said he will sign it if it reaches his desk reports The Washington Times.

“This is a safety issue that impacts every driver in Illinois, and we should join together to take swift action to save lives,” said Leftist Quinn.  His lies continued when he claimed he was “Making sure all motorists, regardless of their background, are licensed and insured will drive economic growth and ease the financial burden on all Illinois motorists.”


But things are what they are.  To keep the US from becoming a one-party Marxist state the GOP needs to walk carefully in both language and deed in the racial minefield.  Aggressively building alliances among Conservative minded people in all minority groups is a number one priority.

Blinded by Liberalism
Stage 1  -  Socialist Democrats have blinded the Black community to the failures of insane liberal economic policies by throwing out the stupid race card at every opportunity followed by the giveaway of subsistence level "free" crap to the poor. 
This has netted Democrats some 95% of the Black vote . . . never mind that Socialist policies have created massive Black unemployment, a monster school drop out rate and destroyed the Black family.
Stage 2  -  Now Socialists want to lock down the Hispanic vote with the same one-two punch of the endless use of the Race Card and free giveaways. 

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